Saturday, February 24, 2024

Street gangs and the Hells Angels in Quebec city

CBC is reporitng that "Quebec provincial police is sending several of its officers specializing in organized crime to help Quebec City's police service, which has been dealing with a growing number of incidents involving street gangs and the Hells Angels."

That's what The Dirty Newz has been reporting on. The rise of the BMF.


  1. Crazy stuff gonna be interesting to see what comes out of this

    1. I personally don't think that white guy will last long but who knows. Time will tell.

    2. Me either can’t believe it went on this long

  2. Well the HA have made alot of enemies over the past 30 years I'm sure there a few willing to stand together to be stronger and be able to say 🖕 the bikers.

    1. Perhaps but I still don't see it. All roads lead to Rome. The HAs are very political and very determined. The race goes not to the swift nor the battle to the strong but to he who endures.

    2. the thing youre not considering is that frederic silva, who was a hitman for italians and ha in montreal and quebec, turned his vest, and has knowledge of over 50-60 murders
      the HA are shaking
      they dont want to go to jail for the rest of their life
      they managed to escape jail due to the long time it took to prosecute them (arret jordan)
      they have become fat, the youngsters took over
      theyre not ready to die for their monopoly of drugs
      theyre forcing you to pay 10% on each deal + force you to buy from them, their cut cocaine, at super high mark up
      thats called greed
      live by the gun die by the gun
      and we know HA spilled a lot of blood during the RM war, over 160 people
      plus that daniel desrocher kid who got blown up cause he was next to that jeep that was bombed

      trust me
      HA got FAT and lazy
      and as for the next generation
      its like everywhere
      youngsters dont want to work as hard

      its a known fact that even in montreal, its hard to get black gang members to pay up the enveloppe of 10%
      theyre ready to die
      and as it has been shown, HA cant even protect their dealers from harm so...

      Dennis, you know as well as anyone, that HA have not contributed positively to society
      if they want to hold on to that humongous amount of money
      they must be ready to die
      and I dont think theyre ready for that

    3. Trust me? LOL There's a guy at work that always say that. That's when I say why is it when someone says trust me I don't : ) The whole Quebec biker war was a farce. Mom Boucher had his friend in the RM kill political rivals. Then they all crossed over and took leadership positions within the club. They don't have to be willing to die. They just have to keep paying for others who are. It's a dirty life. There is no happily ever after for anyone who gets caught up in it. Rivals are always short lived.

      What makes Dave Turmel any better than the HAs? He isn't connected. He's nobody. All these guys are going to keep killing each other. The ones who have the connections last. The ones who don't have the connections don't.

  3. Is it true the street gangs are more violent and aggressive than the bikers in qubec?

    1. Not in my opinion. The street gangs work for the Hells Angels. Greg Wooley was a Hells Angels associate. I don't think it was the BMF that killed him. The Edmonton Angels hired the Brothers' Keepers and the Driftwood Crips in Surrey.

  4. This kid reminds me of Slick Jay, except Slick did not run away and personally murked an HA before they got him. The classic story of when Slick spit on Hal (HA rapper lol) and took his cut in the club is also a hood classic.

  5. "Slick Jay" aka John Rodgers? The guy who capped Donald Roming outside that club in Yaletown?

  6. Crips In montreal work for the hells angels but the bloods have always been Independent there has been bad blood between Ha and bloods in montreal for a while.


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