Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dr Phil's World Tour: Lock downs and child trafficking

Everyone knows the View is ridiculous. It is partisan trash. That's why we call it the Spew. Dr Phil went on and set the record straight about kids and lock downs. Whoopi Goldberg has lost her mind. They all have. These are bad people promoting bad things.

Dr Phil went to the border and interviewed some guards. He asked about kids coming across with people who aren't their parents. The guard said when Trump was president they would do rapid DNA testing of the kids to make sure the adults with them were in fact their parents. The guard said the Biden administration did away with the DNA testing.

Now they have no way of knowing if the kids are with their parents or if they are being trafficked. Why in God's name would you stop DNA testing kids? The only possible reason was to condone child trafficking. That is mentally deranged. Dr Phil even weighed in on transitioning kids.

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  1. Call it what it is, EVIL. Jesus says so.

    Luke 17:2


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