Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Tucker Carlson visits Russia


  1. Any idea why gangsterism out went down?

  2. Hey Dennis, not sure if you noticed this (or if you care). That other website that reports on similar news that you report on (gangsterismout.com) has been taken down. That website wasn't shy about reporting on all the DiPopolo news lately. Any thoughts as to why gangsterismout.com has been removed?

  3. Ace Ventura has two different parties filing legal take downs against him. One of those parties has two court orders that he's been violating. You can't keep violating court orders for ever. There's a simply solution but right now he's too proud to accept it.

  4. You two are both my daily reads for a long time, glad to know that your still up and running. I’d be lost without your blog

    1. That's nice to hear. All the troll sh*t gets pretty irritating after a while. I'm still here because I obey court orders. I have no restraining orders and wouldn't break one. We're all very different so we are.


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