Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Hamas Gang Rape and the Test of Truth

The fake news is desperate. The ridiculous headlines are becoming more and more absurd in a brazen attempt to distract the world from their own misdeeds and rationalize their Agenda.

The New York Times is reporting that "An Israeli organization that supports survivors of sexual abuse released a report on Wednesday concluding that acts of sexual violence against Israelis during and after the Hamas-led attack on Oct. 7 were systematic and widespread.”

We're not done executing little children and we're not done blowing up hospitals and ambulances so we need to bring back the October 7th attack. I want to talk about honesty and believably.

Rape is horrific. Terrorism is horrific. False flag attacks are horrific. We remeber the USS Liberty. Israel attack the USS Liberty on June 8th 1967. They lied and said it was a mistake. They lied and said it was an unmarked vessel. Years later an IDF whistle blower said he was ordered to fire on the vessel and he refused. He said it is a marked US Naval vessel. That is an ally.

Notwithstanding that fact he was ordered to fire on the vessel and was threatened with court marshal if he refused. President Johnston ordered the attack. He recalled the air support a nearby US Aircraft Carrier sent. He wanted the vessel sunk. When a Russian spy ship entered the waters and started recording the attack they finally called it off. We need to remember that historical fact because history tends to repeat itself until we learn from it.

With the recent news of the IDF executing a family of civilians in a car and blowing up the ambulances sent in to rescue one of the little girls, they have once again brought up the October 7rh attack to rationalize their own misdeeds. Before we examine the believability of the sexual assault allegations, let's examine the undeniable fact. Israel knew about the attack a year before it happened. The attack as planned was not possible given the constant surveillance of the Gaza border. Benjamin Netanyahu facilitated the attack by moving all the soldiers guarding the border and by giving the IDF a stand down order so they could get in and out with hostages.

So we all know this whole hostage taking was a complete farce. If Benjamin Netanyahu didn't let them take hostages, there would have been no hostages. Likewise if there really was any sexual assaults, Benjamin Netanyahu made that possible to justify his Gaza Agenda.

As I've previously said, the timing of the Hamas attack is highly suspicious. Why would they start a war they knew they could not win right after they signed an agreement about drilling for natural gas? Sharing the profit from Natural gas would have greatly raised the standard of living for Palestinians in Gaza. Throwing that all away would have been unwise and is consequently highly suspicious. As we reflect on the believability of the sexual assault allegations, let's compare it to other allegations that didn't make sense in Syria and the Ukraine.

The CIA accused Assad of using chemical weapons on rebels. Why would he do that when he was winning the war? Why would someone who was winning a war do something that would infuriate the rest of the world and inspire them to unite against him? He wouldn't and he didn't. The CIA set him up. The CIA created ISIS to justify bringing the US into that pipeline dispute.

ISIS were raping civilians in Syria and the CIA created ISIS. Likewise there are many suspicious things about the October 7th attack. It clearly looked like Blackwater blew up the fence for them. We now know that Mossad created Hamas. Now let's look at the Ukraine.

Remember that viral video of a Russian tank running over a civilian car in the Ukraine? Turned out it wasn't a Russian tank. It was a Ukrainian tank that lost control. Let's examine that.

What do you mean it lost control? Did the accelerator get stuck? You could still steer. It swerved towards the car and intentionally drove over it. Then they somehow magically regained control of the tank and drove off. Their claim doesn't make sense. It wasn't a Russian tank but they were trying to make it look like it was a Russian tank.

Now let's talk about the WEF Circus in Davos right after the Invasion. The WEF and the UN's New World Order launched a dramatic defamation campaign against Russia at that event. They hijacked Russia house and turned it into a ridiculous house of horrors war crime house accusing Russia of a whole lot of ridiculous things.

They accused Russia of torturing prisoners when in reality Zelensky's Nazis were torturing Russian prisoners. Then when Russia took some Ukrainian prisoners who were starting to confess, Zelensky blew them up and tried to blame Russia.

The lies about the Ukrainian conflict are too many to list. I'm simply illustrating a pattern of disinformation in the fake news. I'll tell you why this matters. Candace Owens interviewed a Jewish man who opposed the war in Gaza and raised a very concerning point.

Norman Finkelstein said Benjamin Netanyahu was trying to ivoke the law of the Amorites. Well it wasn't really a law. It was simply a slaughter. The Amorites were so evil God said destroy every one of them - man, woman and child. That was a very exceptional circumstance. We are told some of the former inhabitants of Israel were very, very bad. That is why they were told to slaughter them. Kind of like back in the flood. This is why Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the IDF to kill children in Gaza.

We can argue about the slaughter of the Amorites until the cows come home. The Palestinians in Gaza are NOT the Amorites. God has NOT commanded Israel to slaughter them. God commanded Joshua NOT to go into certain lands. God commanded Israel to vex not the stranger that soujourneth with thee. Benjamin Netanyahu has used lies and deception to justify his evil deeds for his evil purposes. Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to wipe out the Palestinians and turn Israelis into slaves just like Gorge Soros. Rebel News' defiant embracement of that cause is a shocking disappointment. If Klaus Schwab is bad so is Benjamin Netanyahu.

Notice how all the fake news misrepresents anyone who opposes carpet bombing civilians in Gaza. They don't call them pro Palestinians or Pro Mercy. They call them pro Hamas. I don't support Hamas and I do not support murdering Palestinian children. So mote it be.

Update: This first red fag in the October 7th attack was the claim that Oct 7 was Israel's 9/11. What do you mean? 9/11 was a false flag. Does that mean Oct 7th was a false flag as well? The second red flag was the claim that Hamas is ISIS. What do you mean? The CIA created ISIS. Does that mean Mossad created Hamas? Evidently they did.

This leaves us with the third obvious inconsistency with Oct 7th. Someone sent me a link to some video clips alleged to be Hamas in Gaza man handling some female hostages with obvious stains on the pants. It looked totally orchestrated to me. Just like the high altitude drone footage.

That high altitude drone footage wasn't taken by Hamas that was taken by Mossad. The precision aerial strikes were trained Mossad operatives. This white guy leading that squad on an Israeli armoured vehicle was Blackwater just like the guys who blew up the border fence. The operatives with the staged hostages worked for Mossad just like ISIS worked for the CIA.
Think about it. Both sides are desperate to win over public opinion. Hamas would not film themselves man handling female hostages with stained pants. That would not win over public opinion. ISIS were beheading people. The CIA paid them to do that to create a powerful public reaction. Hamas were showing videos of the hostages being treated nicely and waving goodbye happily. Hamas wouldn't film themselves mistreating women. As my daughter said, if there was a group of terrorists in Nova Scotia killing cats, you wouldn't kill everyone in Nova Scotia.

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