Saturday, November 4, 2023

More Israeli soldiers confirm Stand Down Order

I reposted important exerts from the full video on Rumble. The full video got off on some pretty obscure tangents. The Rothchild's didn't create Israel, they simply highjacked it just like they have hijacked America. Israel isn't bad, the Rothchild's and the WEF are bad. Just like America isn't bad just because Joe Biden and Bill Gates are. The US Constitution is the landmark document that protects us from the WEF's insane agenda. That's why they are trying to destroy it from within. Israel is using electronic voting just like Arizona is. We need to face that.

When anti semites use the term Zionists they really mean Expansionists The Oasis of Peace is Zionism. Evicting people out of their homes is not Zionism. England created Israel not the Rothchilds. The Ottoman Empire were Turkish not Palestinian.

The Hamas drone footge was obviously not Hamas filiming it. It's way too advanced.
If this is from a paraglider he's way too high to have base jumped off a tower. He was dropped from an airplane which would have been easily detected by the Israeli defense system. Gaza doesn't even have an airport any more. It was bombed and abandoned over 20 years ago.
These sure look like white guys to me - Blackwater aka XE or Academi. It's called a false flag.
They set the explosives and blew up the fence so the Hamas guys could drive right through.
First Israeli soldier to speak out claiming the Hamas attack was an inside job.


  1. Wow. This is just plain scary. I admit it was too complicated for me to follow little own understanding what was really going on, but this film explains it very well. I have always been a believer in order to solve crime, any crime, follow the money. Certainly holds true in this case also. Now I see that Israel “setup” the attack in order to justify their retaliation (war) on Gaza. Hence the world support of the Jews. We have drank the koolaid yet again!

    1. The only problem is that the world isn't supporting the Jews. They're supporting Benjamin Netanyahu's ties to the World Economic Forum striving to turn Jews and Gentiles into slaves by hijacking Israel just like they hijacked America.

  2. It sure looks like more of the world is supporting the Palestinians.

    1. It's not one or the other. Both have a right to exist. The orchestrated attack is the concern. It was allowed to justify an agenda that involves enslaving both sides.


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