Thursday, November 16, 2023

Brenda Locke suspended as chair of Surrey police board

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has suspended the entire Surrey police board and removed Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke as chair. It’s the latest salvo in the battle between the province and the City of Surrey which has resisted the government’s efforts to force through the transition from the Surrey RCMP to the Surrey Police Service."

LOL She deserved that. Next we need to have a judicial recount of the actual paper ballots in Surrey's last election. The RCMP didn't just flip the vote 49 /51. They reversed it. There were several high profile candidates in that election and Brenda Locke wasn't one of them.


  1. Good. F**k these little tin-pot wannabe dictators whose sole interest is power and money, with people listening to them so they can be somebody. Worthless little control freaks. They and every other politician or authority figure like them needs to go, and most importantly, not just be replaced by more of the same. Term limits would be a good idea too, in and out before the psychosis sets in, be cause the truth is, human nature is a big part of it. We need people who care more about right, wrong, and justice than they do about people liking them or being re-elected.

    1. Exactly
      Time to face the facts of human nature and how temptation leads us astray.
      Somehow we think politicians are to be above that?
      They are the worst offenders.


  3. "we need people who care more abut right, wrong, and justice.."
    How very true, A., first comment. Agreed some politicians need to go. However, regardless of whether a person is good or bad at being a politician, there is nothing which can be done when voters give them the most votes. We are a democracy and they who have the most votes are elected and run with the prize. Even if better candidates were recuited, it may not help.
    It might help if the MSM started doing some journalism and investigative reporting. Most of us are not interested in looking at all those ads in the newspapers or watching anchors reporing on how many car accidents, back ups on bridges, or some minor thing. it might be a much better idea if the media did a decent job so people could make informed decisions. Things happen here and all over the world which are either neither reported or even acknowledged. When I look back, how long were people talking about money laundering via casinos before the news started reporting on it.
    It is us the voters who have a responsibility to make informed decisions and that may take some effort on our part.
    Removing Mayor Locke and the board was the right decision. Now things can move ahead. I don't know if Ms. Locke's lack of actions was due to a political decision she made or she just didn't know how to do her job.

    1. If someone gets the most votes we do have to support the democratic decision of the people but voter fraud with electronic voting and mail in ballots is so prevalent we need to take our heads out of the sand and recognize that. We can't fix a problem we refuse to recognize. There is no way Brenda Locke got more votes than Jinny Sims or Dough McCallum in the last election. No way. The mainstream media isn't just lost in space, it is completely compromised.

  4. Agreed.
    The msm is purely fed talking points from the PTB.
    It's why you can flip through a half dozen news channels and the script is the same.
    Voting, well I have said here and elsewhere that there is a direct correlation between electronic voting and the mess of the western world's governments.
    Paper ballots are a whole lot harder to cheat with.
    I it all just circles back to the "establishment " who pull the strings of power, they must be pleased with the mess they have created otherwise it wouldn't be so.
    It's called zero accountability for the rest of us.
    A PM who lies and cheats with impunity, a media complicit with impunity and a populace that's so complacent that it's a wonder they remember to feed themselves.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    Society is suffering from multiple personalities disorder. There is no longer a social cohesion that kept most things held together.
    These days even the most outrageous behavior is lauded with praise.
    The stench of the social rot is palpable.


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