Saturday, November 11, 2023

Zelensky Cancels the Presidential Election


  1. Yeah Zelensky is no hero. The people of the Ukraine will realize that someday.

  2. Well, when you elect a supposedly closeted, drug consuming actor you get a b rate production.
    Interesting how this narcissist dresses in his Fidel Castro greens when meeting Western leaders but was all suit and tie for Xi.
    People need to stop treating elections like high school popularity contests.
    Look into the policies of the individuals, if it's all show and no go, move on to another candidate.
    In know in Canada I have heard at least a dozen times in my life "well he seems like a nice guy" could you be any less intelligent in using that point as the threshold for your vote?
    It's equal parts embarrassing and disgusting.
    Freedom is earned, not inherited so treat it with respect and regard.

  3. Justa Truedope is another great example.

  4. He can't go to dinner in public without needing 100 cops to protect him, so we could say we are making progress....Is he dating again since his wife dumped him?

  5. Him and Macron are having a long distance affair.


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