Thursday, November 9, 2023

Transcript of Cameron Ortis' testimony still not available

Update: They just coughed up the first redacted transcript from November 2nd 2023.

Evidently both his initial lawyers were promoted to the bench. Not one but two. That's a pattern showing this whole charade is a farce. Promoting both lawyers made it obvious. They took both his lawyers away from him and made him restart with a new lawyer. If we start a GoFundMe for Cameron Otris' legal fees will Justin Trudeau freeze our bank accounts? Please advise.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada who appointed Ian M. Carter to the bench is Arif Virani. He works for Justin Trudeau. Just like how Justin Trudeau advised the Crown to charge Tamara Lich for exercising her charter right. That's how high up this fraud goes.

2nd Update: This is the rest of Cameron Ortis' redacted testimony

CBC is reporting that "It's almost been a week since Cameron Ortis, the former high-ranking RCMP intelligence official accused of leaking classified information to police targets, began to testify in his own defence. But what he's said remains a mystery."

"Ortis's testimony has been held in-camera, meaning members of the public - including journalists - have not been able to listen to his version of events. Ortis has not spoken publicly since his arrest in 2019. Journalists were promised a transcript of his testimony. On Wednesday, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada said it's dealing with a 'technical issue' that has prevented the release of the transcript. 'Due to an unforeseen and serious technical issue at the Department of Justice, the transcripts are not yet ready for release. They are being reviewed for national security reasons and will be provided as soon as possible,' said spokesperson Nathalie Houle."

The crown is frantically redacting as much as they can in the erroneous name of national security to censor as much as physically possible. The judge will then review it and say yes or no. They'll say you censored too much or they'll say good enough and then we can see it. The whole thing is a farce regardless as demonstrated by this recent Global news article revealing their real motive.

Global is reporting that "Canada’s national police force cannot effectively counter serious extremist and criminal threats and urgently needs a major overhaul according to a new report from an all-party national security committee." First of all, they want to completely remove civilian oversight and any public accountability whatsoever. That is what this is really about.

The other flaming concern is their obsession with terrorism. We've been down that road before. In Bob Paulson's exit interview he said organized crime is the biggest threat facing Canadians and admitted that he himself almost depleted the supply of federal detectives specializing in Mafia and biker-gang investigations during his tenure to focus on finding and creating terrorists like in the Surrey Pressure cooker bomb plot. That whole case was obscene.

In that case the RMP were found guilty of entrapment. Without the influence of the RCMP's agent, the suspects did not have the means or the motive to commit the crime they were accused of. They didn't even have a motive. The police agent befriended them then threatened them.

Then Bill Tieleman posted an article about RCMP terrorist quotas. They had quotas to meet so they created terrorists to meet the quotas. Bribing someone to commit a terrorist act is not saving the world from terrorism. So let's do the math. Bob Paulson admitted that during his tenure he took everyone off of organized crime and put them on the terrorist quota task forces bribing and threatening addicts to perform terrorist acts. We can see what really happened here.

They used false flag attacks and entrapment to justify stopping everyone from investigating organized crime. The motive for the entrapment becomes clear. Now they say they want to remove civilian oversight and any public accountability whatsoever so they can investigate organized crime. We've heard that before too in Operation Phoenix.

In Operation Phoenix the newly created Regional task force on organized crime called OCA started investigating the Hells Angels in BC. The RCMP were jealous and intentionally sabotaged that investigation because they wanted the jurisdiction back. As a result one of the disgruntled members of that Regional Task force told Julian Sher in his book The Road to Hell "when it came to organized-crime investigations, the RCMP had done “f--- all here for 25 years”.

So once again, let's do the math. The RCMP had done f*ck all about organized crime for 25 years. Then when a Regional task force in BC started they sabotage that investigation to get the jurisdiction back. Then Bob Paulson takes everyone off organized crime so they can bribe drug addicts to commit acts of terrorism. So when the RCMP now say they need to remove civilian oversight and public accountability to more effectively investigate organized crime I cry Bullsh*t!

To reinforce that fact, let's take the math one step further. Here we have not one but three stalwart soldiers investigating organized crime and because of their success all three face ridiculous charges that don't even make sense. Not one but three. That becomes a pattern.

Bill Majcher is known around the world for his competence in investigating money laundering and organized crime as is Kim Marsh. China hires them to find out who is stealing from them and the people who are stealing from China charge them with foreign interference. Helping China find out who is stealing from them is not treason. Falsely accusing someone is.

Likewise Cameron Ortis, a stalwart civilian not tied to the old boys club starts investigating who is stealing from Russia. Now all of a sudden he too is faced with three sets of changing allegations that not only don't make sense but are inherently untrue. The moral of the story is this. The RCMP needs MORE civilian oversight and MORE public accountability not less. That's what the RCMP needs and that is what these THREE crazy capers really tell us.

William Majcher exposed Canadian Corruption

Insp. Majcher said Mr. Rosenfeld told him it was "twenty times" easier to launder money from Canada than the United States. He was also told during the investigation that five lawyers in Vancouver regularly laundered $200,000 a month through trust accounts in return for a 7-per-cent commission. Other lawyers used offshore accounts, stock market scams and foundations to hide illicit cash, Insp. Majcher testified. Who do you think they were laundering that money for?

BTW I don't think organized crime is the biggest threat to Canadians. Dirty politicians and corrupt intelligence agencies are. They all need more civilian oversight and public accountability not less.


  1. "Due to an unforeseen and serious technical issue at the Department of Justice, the transcripts are not yet ready for release. They are being reviewed for national security reasons and will be provided as soon as possible," said spokesperson Nathalie Houle."

    That's hilarious, a lie and then the truth in one sentence after the next.

  2. At the higher levels the RCMP has always served first "the powers that be" not the public. They have needed more civilian oversight for years.

  3. I’m sorry to thread jack but I don’t know how to get your attention. It would be very interesting to hear your perspective on Edmonton crime. Who’s doing all of the shootings and who’s lighting cars up?

    1. Wow, someone just sent me a link. Do you have any others?

  4. "I don't think organized crime is the biggest threat to Canadians. Dirty politicians and corrupt intelligence agencies are."

    Completely agree. Without those two things, organized crime would find it a lot harder to operate.


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