Sunday, November 5, 2023

Cameron Ortis' innocence begins to be revealed

Update: More fake charges that flopped. They sure can't get their story straight. "Cameron Ortis, was on the trail of international corruption and money laundering. His investigation involved massive international financial frauds, money looted from Russia, through western banks, some laundered through real estate in Canada." That sounds an awful lot like Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh. Ortis was investigating who was stealing from Russia. I wonder who that was....
CBC is reporting that "Crown prosecutors have spent the past five weeks laying out their case against Cameron Ortis in an unprecedented trial. They allege he used his position as director of a highly-sensitive unit within the RCMP to attempt to sell intelligence gathered by Canada and its Five Eyes allies to police targets. Ortis, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him, has also started to tell the jury his side of the story."

"In one of the biggest bombshells to land in the case so far, defence lawyer Mark Ertel told the jury earlier this week that Ortis protected Canada from serious and imminent threats and was acting on information sent by a foreign agency. Ertel said Ortis not only acted with authority, but did so to protect Canada." That makes sense and is believable. He was set up by the CIA.

"Ertel also said Ortis will be limited in what he can share with the court due to security concerns. He also said his client doesn't have access to his old work emails. 'He has one hand tied behind his back,' said Ertel." They set him up and are preventing him from being able to defend himself.

"Ortis is also accused of approaching Vincent Ramos with information detailing the RCMP's interest in his company Phanom Secure, which was selling encrypted phones to organized crime." Vincent Ramos was a police agent for f*ck's sakes.

Ortis is accused of working with a police agent. Ramos made encrypted blackberries for local gang members. He made one for Larry Amero. Ramos got busted and the police forced him to work with them. The police found incriminating evidence on Larry Amero's encrypted Blackberry that implicated him in several local murders. Only that foreign intelligence agency pulled the plug on that bust just like they pulled the plug on the Blandon bust down in LA.

Instead of charging Larry Amero for those murders they charged their own police agent for giving him the encrypted blackberry. It wasn't until Larry was busted in Montreal and the Quebec police seized his phone did the CFSEU provide them with the info to hack his phone and charge him with conspiracy to murder Sandip Duhre and Sukh Dhak here in Vancouver.

They added Ortis' fake charge about Ramos to the list because they knew the charges involving Altaf Khanani wouldn't stick. Pakistan intelligence is tied to the CIA. Altaf Khanani was laundering money for the CIA just like Adnan Khashoggi was. They added these fake charges because they knew their original claim was a lie. They changed their story and filled it with more lies.

The original accusation was that he was trying to sell information to China which was absurd. That's why they set up Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh on those charges instead. Bill Macher and Kim Marsh were expert investigators into money laundering. China hired them to find out who was stealing from them. When they found out it was the CIA, the CIA set them up just like Ortis.

CTV is reporting that "An RCMP examination of Ortis's finances did not turn up unknown sources of income or evidence that he received money linked to the offers of information." Exactly.

Cameron Ortis is the son of a Mennonite minister. After high School he did volunteer work in Africa because he liked to serve. He doesn't fit your profile. His coworkers said he was meticulous with detail and very hard working. He caught you doing dirty sh*t just like Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh did and you set them all up to hide your own criminal activity. God damn you.


  1. If he did volunteer work in Africa, he's serious about doing right. That place is a dumpster fire. I stayed a month and was happy to leave.

    1. It's a big continent with lots of countries. Most of the big cities in the US are dumpster fires now too.

  2. This is pretty complex. I'm wondering if a chart would help show the connections between different players in this.

    1. That's kind of hard to do because their story keeps changing. The accusations against Cameron keep changing. The common thread between Cameron Ortis, Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh is that all three were investigating money laundering at the highest level. Now all of a sudden all three are facing unrelated charges that don't make sense. The only thing that makes sense is that they discovered something they weren't supposed to and the powers that be are determined to destroy them.

  3. "When things don't add up, the numbers are wrong".


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