Sunday, July 23, 2023

The arrest of former RCMP Money laundering investigator

Second ex-Mountie named as co-conspirator in Chinese interference case

How the Fake News is Portraying China and Wild Bill Majcher

As soon as I saw the charges against William Majcher I said bullsh*t. Now the Globe and Mail is presenting some of the Neocon fake facts leading to his arrest which only confirm my suspicions.

OK so let's do the math but first, let's set the stage. The Globe and Mail article claims that "Mr. Majcher’s arrest follows half a year of national debate and reporting on rising foreign interference in Canada and how to address it. It comes as the RCMP and Canadian intelligence (CSIS) are facing pressure to show they are taking the issue seriously, amid complaints they ignored or failed to act on tips for years." Things that make ya go hmm...

I had always wondered why the fake news was all of a sudden pushing the China Interference story. Especially since everything they obsess over is spin. Look at the way Hunter Biden extorted China in the recently revealed texts. It appears that the current campaign against China isn't just smoke and mirrors for the WEF, it's a CIA push back just like the War in the Ukraine is against Russia. Putin opposes the WEF's brand of communism and so do I.

China doesn't have the same child mutilation obsession Bill Gates and the WEF does. The fake news campaign against China is to simply put them in their place. The CIA have no intention of stopping communism, they simply want to hijack it. Mark my word.

The Globe and Mail article states that
"In the 2014 talk, Mr. Majcher said 'China unfairly gets a lot of criticism,' adding he was personally a big fan of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption crackdown. 'I think he’s on the right track and I hope it works out.'” Let's focus in on that statement. CSIS and their fake news want us to consider that treason. The CIA wants a regime change in China. One that they can control. We have all seen how the CIA's regime changes never end well for anyone. Xi Jinping never started the persecution of the Flaun gong but he could stop it. As I have previously said, this spring was an awakening for me.

When the cherry blossoms finally came out this year my perception of many things completely changed including my perception of Xi Jinping. My position on the CIA however has not changed.

The Constitution of the Communist Party of China has had several amendments over the years. On March 14, 2004 the Constitution was amended to allow five officially recognized religions. That was a huge step forward we all need to acknowledge.

I have always said there are different brands of Communism. James Connolly's brand of Communism was very different that the World Economic Forum's brand. James Connolly's brand protected civil liberty by law. The WEF does not. The WEF have no intention on sharing their wealth. They simply want to increase their wealth by turning consumers into salves.

China has indeed made impressive progress. One of the reasons my perception of Xi Jinping has changed is because I believe in the prophecy that states one day the truth will be declared in every nation and in every language. I believe that prophecy will be fulfilled in my lifetime. I'm an old man. If that prophecy is going to be fulfilled in my lifetime, we better get on it.

I have other things to say on the matter but my point is I firmly believe that the charges against Wild Bill Majcher are completely false. That is why the fake news is pushing it. It's a smoke and mirrors operation for the WEF and an attempt to silence anyone and everyone who supports the family unit and opposes the sexualization and transition of children in school.


  1. All totalitarians and the societies they led had anti-corruption crackdowns. Usually seen after the fact as "consolidation of power" or elimination of rivals and undesirable points of view. There are a lot less Chinese billionaire businessmen than there used to be.

    1. When I first head Xi was launching an anti corruption campaign the Falun Gong were hopeful and I was skeptical for that reason. Usually it just means removing political rivals. However, when Xi removed the former president from Congress that might have been a good thing. The former president was the one that launched the crackdown on the Falun Gong. How do you get so many Chinese billionaires in a communist system without corruption? That Chinese billionaire tied to Steve Bannon seemed shady.

  2. Michael Collins was a communist?

    1. Oh sorry, no. I meant James Connolly. One of the signers of the Irish Proclamation.

  3. I wonder out loud, what JT's role is in all of this?

    1. He's just a puppet on a string. This is above his pay grade. This has CSIS written all over it.

  4. Intelligence agencies are nothing more than the fox guarding the hen house.


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