Sunday, July 2, 2023

Lighthouse Park and Cypress Falls

I went on two short but scenic hikes today - Lighthouse Park and Cypress Falls. Lighthouse Park is popular. There are many trails with lots of old growth trees. You take the West Beach trail to see the lighthouse and climb out onto the rocks near the water. Cypress Falls isn't very well marked. It's nice but a bit anti climatic. I stopped off at Ambleside on the way home.
Cliff Falls in Maple Ridge is a bit nicer. There's also a really nice set of water falls in the UBC Endowment lands in Maple Ridge. Technically they're closed to the public now because the kids were drinking and cliff jumping and left all their beer cans all over. Drinking and Cliff jumping isn't very smart but leaving all your beer cans behind is just being an as*hole. It's also stupid because now the falls are closed to the public. The water falls on Wigeon creek are nice. So are the water falls at Golden ears. Brandywine Falls near Whistler are really nice but that's quite the drive.


  1. Off topic but ... Terry Martin [hard drug store] died from an O.D. - maybe someone did not want any competition ?

    1. Sad. Sounds like he had good intentions just a bad plan. Safe supply isn't the answer. Drug treatment is.

  2. On a long enough time line, a lot of problems solve themselves without our interference. But yeah, sad. "Not a sparrow falls".

  3. Loved walking Lighthouse Park as a kid. Looong time ago.. good times.


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