Sunday, July 16, 2023

Fake News calls protecting children contravertial

The Canadain Fake News is reporting that "Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre's office is tight-lipped over a photo of one of his Opposition critics posing with two people wearing slogans against measures addressing sexual orientation and gender identity in schools."

"The latest photo shows Calgary MP Jasraj Singh Hallan, the Conservative finance critic, standing with three other men during a pancake breakfast that was open to the public last week as part of the Calgary Stampede. Two of the men are wearing white T-shirts with black letters that read 'leave our kids alone.' The shirts also show a smaller, stylized image of a family beneath an umbrella sheltering them from the rainbow of colours associated with LGBTQ Pride flags."

The Fake News' malicious misrepresentation of this campaign is purely Satanic. Brainwashing children and transitioning them without their parents consent is deplorable. Children cannot consent. The adverse reactions need to be carefully weighed becasue they are severe.

Sikhs and Muslims support protecting children. Jagmeet Singh and the Fake News do not.

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