Sunday, July 9, 2023

Jaimee Michell, founder of Gays Against Groomers, Speech at the Moms For Liberty National Summit

Jaimee Michell, the founder of Gays Against Groomer spoke at the Moms For Liberty National Summit. I support her powerful message that has hijacked the Pride movement.


  1. Spoken for all of us parents and Canadians, thank you GAG, you are appreciated.
    Now. How do we send this very powerful video to EBY and all the superintendents and SB’s of EVERY district? Wake up all politicians who arbitrarily serve our children to the evils of medical experiments and mutilation! How are you any different than Nazi Dr. Death?

    1. You can send him and email with a link but you might be better off sending it to the other MLA's so they can elect a new leader.


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