Thursday, July 20, 2023

Shortage of air traffic controllers causing delays, cancellations in Canadian airports

CBC is reporting that "Canada's federal transport minister says he's pressuring the corporation that oversees the country's air traffic controllers to find solutions to staffing woes affecting passenger flights." How about lifting the vaccine mandate ya dumb f*ck.


  1. Glad, I'm not traveling. Shortages of qualified & trained staff everywhere. Justin Tyrant strikes again.

  2. Geez, thats just scary. Are they short of pilots too? Us “fly-phobia” types are so happy we don’t fly.

    1. I think the airports have improved but vaccine mandates are still a problem.

  3. It’s the fact that becoming an ATC is harder than becoming most other jobs. If you freeze up for a split second during a simulation you’re kicked out.


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