Thursday, July 13, 2023

Weekly Wednesday Protest in Maple Ridge

At the Canada Day event in Maple Ridge I found out that they have weekly protests there every Wednesday from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM but it's more like 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM. They're located at the Grassy Knoll on Lougheed Highway in front of Ricky's beside Staples. They've been dong it ever since the convoy and the mainstream media hasn't said a word. The reason they're there is because the mandates still haven't been completely lifted. Nurses are still out despite the shortage of health care workers. Bonnie Henry's manufactured emergency.
They have lots of signs and you're welcome to join them.
I met a very dedicated nurse there who was terminated for her vaccination status. She hands out Druthers in her spare time. That's another important independent media outlet. People do forget nurses still aren't back to work. BC and Nova Scotia are the only provinces left not to bring them back. Now that the pandemic is over there is no excuse. Bonnie Henry is just being punitive. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. There are a lot of new concerns now.
There are many completely insane bills that have slipped through unnoticed and need to be repealed. We need to talk about them because the media won't. They don't want you to know what the fine print really says. Our freedom is under fire like never before.
Tara Henley's most recent podcast was entitled The collapse of Canadian media. Her and her guest Jen Gerson talked about the sad state of affairs that face Canadian media. Bell Canada laid off 1300 staff. Why is that? Because they don't need reporters to find the news. They just want propagandists to repeat the narrative. With all the media mergers different opinions have disappeared. One of the mothers at the protest homeschools her children. She said one time they collected a series of different newspapers on a particular day and compared them. She said they were all the same word for word. That's not surprising. It's because of all the media mergers.

This is why independent media is so important. This is why these weekly protests going on all over the province are so important. The media won't cover them but the people in the community see them. There are several groups represented at the Maple Ridge weekly protest and they also hold town halls. This continues to get the word out.

Just for the record, I have been made aware of several irregularities in the last civic election in Maple Ridge. Just like in the last Surrey civic election. Both were run by Dominion voting. So Maple Ridge voting fraud in now on my radar just like Arizona. As Wake up the Surrey coalition has said, they can steal our vote but they can't steal our voice.

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