Saturday, July 1, 2023

Health Care Workers oppose Bill 36

I attended a Canada Day event in Maple Ridge today. There were several booths set up voicing concerns about Bill 36. This is the BC NDP's attempt to destroy the medical system. When I interviewed Dr Seven Pelech, he expressed his concerns about the bill. He said under the old system Health Care professionals were governed by qualified specilaists in the field elected by their peers. THE BC NDP has done away with elections of trained professionals and all Health Care professionals will be governed by puppets appointed by the government.

There are many more concerns with this Orwellian bill. One of the booths at the Canada event was set up by a group of United Health Care workers who run They have posted a list of PDF files about Bill 36. The also have a Rumble channel of informative videos.

Another booth present was set up by the Canadian Society of Science and Ethics in Medicine known as CSSEM. They also have a lot of information about bill 36 posted on their website.

Another website is entitled Bill 36 Act That Destroys Health Care in British Columbia. They have a lot of important information on their website. In their website they have a video of a nurse expressing her concerns with Bill 36. Bill 36 restricts free speech. Medical doctors and health care practitioners are no longer allowed to express their trained medical opinion if it contradicts the government's narrative. A clear agenda has been revealed. Especially since a group of Medical doctors testified before a Senate Hearing in the US and said during the Pandemic the government was the largest source of Covid misinformation out there. That means the BC NDP are censoring the data and the science in support of the narrative.

One of the reasons this is so important is because Bill 36 is being delivered as a template for all of Canada. That is insane. It should be repealed not repeated.

Dr. William Makis of Alberta sounded the alarm on the shocking deaths of over 90 Canadian Doctors who received the Covid-19 vaccine. That's a valid concern. As Dr Steven Pelech pointed out, the data is in. The dramatic rise in all cause mortality after the RNA genetic Covid vaccines needs to be addressed. He also pointed pout that there are a large number of medical doctors and trained nurses that rather retire or work out of province than take the genetic RNA Covid vaccine which is now completely unnecessary since the pandemic is over. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu so there is no reason these heath care workers should still be denied employment especially during the staff shortages we now face. is also reporting that "The mayor of Merritt, British Columbia wants the provincial health authority to bring back unvaccinated healthcare workers who were fired due to provincial Covid-19 vaccine mandates, as the city faces protests over repeat emergency room closures in the city and across the province. On Saturday, a group of Nicola Valley residents demonstrated against the 10th closure of the local emergency department since December."

I'm told that there has been a large number of mayors begging Bonnie Henry and the BC NDP to stop the mandate so they can staff their emergency rooms. Bonnie Henry and the BC NDP have defiantly refused. They need to be replaced. This insanity has gone on far too long. It needs to stop because the data is in and they cannot censor the data forever.


  1. They don't care if you die, the carbon footprint they want to reduce is YOU. This sounds crazy (and it is) until you get over the idea that these are people like you, so they of course think like you. They don't.

    They view themselves as revolutionaries who will save the world. They need this to validate their pathetic little lives, because they have nothing else to hang their hats on, and everyone needs that to truly be happy in life. We all need a goal. Theirs unfortunately is grandiose, designed to help them ignore that empty space inside them, and not based in reality, and is a threat to the half of the human population they believe needs to be removed. Probably the other half too, because these kinds of ideas are rubbish and never work. "The greatest plans of mice and men", we could say.

    They chose poorly.

  2. Hospital staff alike pushed the vax,too late live by the sword

  3. "Individual's are smart, groups are stupid". The bigger the group, etc..


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