Sunday, July 2, 2023

Bill C-47 bans supliments

Speaking of Orwellian bills, this one is federal. Bill C-47 bans supplements. Like WTF? No really, W-T-F. I met another group with a booth at the event in Maple Ridge on Canada Day. This one had a petition about bill C-47 wanting to protect health freedom and the right to choose. They referred me to the Natural Health Products Protection Association - NHPPA.

Update: This is another bloody order in council like bill C-21.

In their discussion paper the NHPPA state that "We are going to lose natural health products and the practitioners that rely on them. Unless Canadians step up to stop this, this is the end of non-pharmaceutical health care. ! The fees being imposed will drive small and many medium Natural Health Product (“NHP”) businesses and practitioners out of business."

"Censorship of truthful health information will increase which is a way of taking products away. If person cannot be told a product can help them, the product is effectively taken away. ! Taking away natural health products and censoring truthful information about them will have negative health consequences. Health Canada will get almost God-like powers. They can order you to take any corrective action. Failure to comply can result in $5,000,000 a day fines." This is insane.

We all saw how the government and the fake news knowingly lied about safe anti viral drugs during Covid. They lied and said safe, FDA approved drugs were unsafe. First is was hydroxychloroquine. They straight up lies and said that was unsafe. That is not true. They have been using it to treat lupus for years. It's so safe they give it to pregnant women.

Their lie had a motive. Dr Simone Gold and the Americas Front line doctors held a press conference in Washington announcing the success they had in treating Covid with hydroxychloroquine. That's what you call data from an experiment. The government and the fake news censored that data because they had an agenda.

Then it was ivermectin. They straight up lied and said it was pig dewormer and was unsafe for humans. That is untrue. They have used it to treat parasites in humans for years. It's so effective they also use it on livestock. Penicillin is so effective they also use it on livestock. That doesn't mean it's not meant for humans and is unsafe. Again their lie had an agenda. If medical doctors conducted an experiment and tried using this safe drug to treat Covid the results of that experiment become data. The government and the fake news censored that data.

We now know that vitamin C and vitamin D supplements help people develop natural immunity against the cold and flu. They are also completely safe. No government has the right to take those products away from us. Doing so isn't going to promote health. It's going to promote an agenda. True North is rpeorting that "Some are expressing their fears that something as simple as vitamin D will soon require a doctor’s prescription." That is insane and reveals an agenda.

"One in 5 natural health product brands are seriously considering leaving Canada due to new proposed regulations on supplements, according to the Canadian Health Food Association. Canadians who purchase natural health products and supplements such as multivitamins, probiotics, and herbal remedies may see large price increases and less variety because of the incoming rules imposed by the Trudeau government."


  1. Time to leave this banana commonwealth for real freedoms!

    1. I'm stating to think it might be time to have a plan B. I would not want my children or my grandchildren to attend this school system. The problem is, if Canada falls, other countries will follow suit. That's why it's so important we hold the line.

    2. Correct. We are not some third world banana republic. We have nowhere to go. That is why it's so important to the WEF and the rest of their ilk that we go down.

  2. Fuck that, time for a change in management. Actually, time for a re-boot. "True North strong and Free".

  3. You can bet CBSA will be instructed to intercept, seize & go after any citizen trying to import supplements by any means. 🖕🏽Trudeau & his liberal crime syndicate

  4. Canadian government.....vitamins are bad.....fentanyl is ok though.

    The Turd and his cohorts must go.

  5. World Economic Forum.. WHO.. UN.. IMF.. World Bank.. G8 and G20 beaurocrats.. unelected policy makers all intent on the destruction of freedom and pseudo democracy... FIGHT.. or get on your knees. Do NOT comply.. resist at every opportunity!


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