Monday, July 10, 2023

Interview with Pierre Barns from

Last night I had the opportunity to interview Pierre Barns, a concerned parent who runs That is a very informative website. People can argue about SOGI until the cows come home but when you look at the books in the schools everyone can see for themselves that they are not appropriate and saying that is not homophobic or transphobic. This is the link to the podcast on Spotify and this is the link to the video posted on Gan Jing World.

Bill C4: Transitioning children without Parent's consent

Here's yet another children's book featured on Rebel News.

Windsor parents hold protest against secret gender ideology

The Rolling Stone Magazine trashes a movie about child trafficking and promotes that deplorable movie sexualizing under age girls called Cuties. WTF? No really, W-T-F?!


  1. This was posted on Castanet.
    I am disappointed they have taken the view that the “marginalized” trans community is apparently unheard. Someone needs to advise them that the LGB community wants no affiliation with this exploitation of children, which speaks volumes, and the alleged hate speech directed at this transgenderism should tell you where the “public” opinion lies and we’re sick & tired of being bamboozled by rubbish and our children being sacrificial lambs for the slaughter. Hello!

    Letter from the editor
    Colin Dacre - Jul 10, 2023 / 6:21 pm | Story: 436241
    Castanet is now closing comment sections on Facebook under stories about LGBTQ issues.

    With how toxic the discourse has gotten on these topics, and how difficult Facebook makes it to moderate comments, there are no other feasible options.

    We’ve been unable to keep up with the number of hateful, at times violent, comments that end up under these stories recently. Other national news outlets have taken similar steps. Comments under other stories topics will remain open on Facebook and opinions are always welcomed at

    At the same time, tweaks are being made to the Castanet forums in an effort to filter the use of slurs that have no place in civil conversation.

    In recent conversations with members of the LGBTQ community, I’ve heard that there has not been a diverse enough group of voices included in stories about LGBTQ issues.

    Too often it is the same person or two who end up speaking on behalf of the entire LGBTQ community, which is an impossible task for anyone. As a result, the voices of those impacted most do not get heard. We will be striving to give our readers a more diverse range of perspectives to help them better understand these sensitive topics.

    If you are a member of any community that feels their voice is not being reflected in our news coverage, reach out to me at or our newsroom at We want to hear from you

  2. There is a movie "Sound of Freedom" that is making huge waves, of course it is already under attack by the woke left. The movie was completed in 2018 but the parent was bought by Disney who shelved it until now. I saw it a few days ago. It's heart wrenching. They have security cam clips in there of kids being snatched off the streets in Mexico, Central America and other points south. You think some of it might be overblown until they show you real life footage of the raid depicted at the end of the movie.

    Evil walks among us. It sits in the halls of power. And it's on the march world wide. "Silence like a cancer grows".


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