Saturday, July 22, 2023

Marxist gets cancelled for criticizing gender ideology

This is rather amusing. It also opens the door for another important conversion about different opinions and different brands of Communism. Andrew Lawton from True North interviewed Stuart Parker who is a devote Marxist from BC and was cancelled for disagreeing with transitioning children without their parents' consent. Wait a minute... I know that guy. He sat beside me at a Surrey civic election debate once. Stuart is a devote Marxist? Well that would explain a lot : )

There was a young girl there from Cambodia who was with a fake anti poverty group calling for defunding the police. When she said that I was shocked. This was long before the ANTIFA riots. I looked down and tried to contain my amazement. Then a leftist troll gave me sh*t for rolling my eyes at the concept of defunding the police. That's when I lost it. I said this young girl is from Cambodia. Her parents survived the Communist genocide in Cambodia and here she is preaching the same lies that created the genocide in Cambodia. Stuart jumped in and said that was ridicules but it's not. If he's a Marxist he would know that. No hard feelings. I like Stuart. I just didn't vote for him. There were other issues that we certainly did agree on.

This reaffirms the fact that although no two people agree on every issue, no two people disagree on every issue either. I agree with Stuart Parker and Vladimir Putin on Gender Ideology.

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