Thursday, July 13, 2023

Ontario Biker busted with a kilo of crystal meth and a gun

CTV is reporting that "Investigators confirm to CTV News that one of three people arrested last month has ties to the One Order Motorcycle Club, which has chapters in London, Toronto and Halifax. 'We believe that Kevin Bingham does have ties to a one per cent biker club, and that is the One Order Chapter in Windsor,' said Windsor police Const. Bianca Jackson."

Kevin was busted last month along with two others. A kilo of crystal meth, a kilo of fentanyl and half a kilo of cocaine were seized along with a loaded revolver. Looks like a .44. It's a nice gun. The One Order MC are a bunch of buff brothers tied to the Hells Angels. Ontario has certainly stepped up their game from those other village idiots. These guys are pretty hard core. It's too bad because the drugs they're slinging are horrible. Follow the rich white man yo.
It appears that one of the full patch Hells Angels that sponsors the One Order MC is black. I'm not going to post his picture because he seems like a really nice guy and I don't want to see him killed. However, there are some things we need to discuss. In Surrey, after the Hells Angels killed Ali, they brought in the Driftwood Crips. Then as soon as Lil Man killed Mo in the DTES for Damion Ryan, they rolled on him and reported him to the police right after they paid him for the hit. That's how the Wolf Pack roll. Damion Ryan was slinging out there in Ontario as well.
Those who fight against Zion (A lawful society) shall turn against each other and they shall be drunk with their own blood. Buyer Beware. Mind how you go and by all means, watch your back.

I think the brothers from One Order need to hear just what happened to Ali and Lil Man so they truly understand the people they are working for. The guy in the middle is Ali - Suminder Singh Grewal. He was a full patch member of the newly formed Hardside chapter of the Hells Angels as were the two clowns on either side of him. Chad, the guy on his right is dead and Jamie, the guy on his left is hanging low before they cap him too. There's a story behind this and a life lesson.
Ali was one of the first brown guys around here to become a full patch Hells Angel. He was in charge of the Brother's Keepers who were an Indo Canadian gang that sold drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels here in Surrey. Before that the Edmonton Hells Angels ran Redd Alert which was a First Nations gang that sold drugs in the DTES.

They used Redd Alert to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN. Then they gave that area to the Wolf Pack and Edmonton got Surrey instead. Then they killed Glen Nelson's wife who was in charge of RA. I guess he didn't want to give up the territory he fought for.

When Edmonton got Surrey they hired the Brother's keepers. BK had their share of internal strife before that. They had to kill off some of the founders before some of the opportunists took over and agreed to pay the HA tax. Ali was the one that held it all together. BK didn't fear him they respected him. For real. Since Ali did all the work and his new chapter was in a Surrey rental, he wanted some of the drug proceeds. Edmonton said no way, they just gave up the DTES for Surrey and they had more seniority than Ali so they killed him. BK wouldn't do it so they had to send a couple guys from Edmonton to do it to have their debt forgiven.

Then came Lil Man. The Edmonton chapter brought in the Driftwood Crips to help secure the monopoly on the drug trade in Surrey. Lil Man's real name was Naseem Ali Mohammed. Damion Ryan hired Naseem Mohammed to kill Anees Mohammed aka Mo. As soon as he killed Mo, Naseem’s name and picture was plastered all over the PoPo’s most wanted lists just like 1hunnid. The Wolf Pack roll on the people they hire to kill someone so the police get a bust and they get a free ride to sell drugs. That's their MO. Damion Ryan is with the Wolf Pack.

BTW do you know how Damion Ryan got his filthy few patch over in Greece? He and Robbie killed one of Larry Amero's co accused when he came to them for help. No L&R there.


  1. One Order are now a 1%er club

  2. There is an actual full patch who is black?

    1. Yes but don't cap him he looks like a really nice guy.


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