Friday, June 4, 2021

Where do you think Naseem got the $30,000.00 from?

Kim Bolan is reporting that Brother's Keeper Naseem Mohammed spent $30,000 cash at a Richmond shoe store before running to US. She claims that "Naseem bought rare Dior X Air Jordan runners for $19,500, as well as an Air Dior messenger bag and blue Air Dior sweater at Stay Fresh in the Richmond Centre mall. He then posted the receipt for his luxury purchases - totalling $29,510 - on his Instagram account, along with photos of the shoes and stacks of cash."

How is this not glamorizing gang life? At first one is left to conclude what a ridiculous waste of money and what a ridiculous thing to write about. Yet it reveals one important clue - where do you think he got that much money from? This kid was not a rocket scientist. He wasn't a high level drug dealer. Yet that is a sh*t load of cash. He got it from the Hells Angels for services rendered. They hired him. After hiring him and giving him all that money, they rolled on him.

Let's do the math. The Hells Angels hired a First Nations gang called Redd Alert to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN. After they did that, they approved Steele's murder of Glen Nelson's wife. Steele would not have done it without the club's approval. Glen Nelson was the one that led the take back. He became too powerful so they killed his wife.

After that we briefly saw the Redd Alert Killas rise in the DTES. They were supplied by the Wolf Pack who took over the drug dealing in the DTES after Redd Alert cleared the way for them. The Redd Alert Killas were not supplied by the UN like the FK in Calgary. The Redd Alert Killas were supplied by the Hells Angels through the Cub Pack.

In Calgary the FOB were supplied by the Hells Angels through the Wolf Pack. The FOB Killas - FK were supplied by the UN. They were rivals. That's not what happened in the DTES. Obviously, after the Redd Alert took back all the drug dealers from the UN, they wanted some of that coin. Instead of giving it to them, they gave it to the Cub Pack after Panchos shut down so the Cub Pack hired others to keep the Redd Alert at bay.

Redd Alert worked for the Edmonton Hells Angels. The Cub Pack then says to the Edmonton Hells Angels, you can have Surrey so the Edmonton Hells Angels hire the Brother's Keepers to sell drugs and kill rivals in Surrey.

They used Ali to recruit the Brother's Keepers. Obviously, Ali wanted some of the coin from the Brother's Keepers since he did all the work but the Hardside were dweebs in a rental. They gave Hardside some finger puppets in Fort Langley. Edmonton got BK. When Ali complained, they killed him. Chad and Ali were not killed by rivals, they were killed by the club.

After they killed Ali, the Edmonton Hells Angels hired Naseem Mohammed and the Driftwood Crips. Naseem was a member of BK but he was their connection to the Driftwood Crips who the Edmonton Angels brought in from Toronto. This creates plausible deniability. They say it's not us, it's the Brown guys. They are the ones that hired them. Then they say it's not us, it's the Somalis. They are the ones that hired them. Follow the rich white man.

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