Friday, June 25, 2021

Ottawa police constables charged following fentanyl bust

City News is reporting that "Ottawa police say they've made arrests in one of the city’s largest single seizures of fentanyl in history, which resulted in the arrest of two constables with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS). The two OPS members - Cnst. Haider El Badry and Cnst. Mohamed Mohamed - have been criminally charged and suspended. A few other civilians were also arrested. Police say that 1.4 kg of fentanyl was seized from a residence on Holmwood Avenue in The Glebe. That's when they apprehended El Badry."

CBC is reporting that "El Badry and his wife, Ashley El Badry — whose maiden name is Azzi — are jointly charged with giving a man named Mohamed Salameh a forged OC Transpo document between April 15 and May 31, which allowed him to cross an inter-provincial bridge during the Quebec curfew. RCMP allege Azzi, an OC Transpo employee, made the fake document and Salameh is charged with using the forged document."

"The second Ottawa police officer charged in the corruption probe, Mohamed Mohamed, allegedly obstructed justice by sharing evidence with a witness in a criminal investigation during the last week of April. The RCMP investigation is connected to an Ottawa police drug unit investigation into El Badry's brother Ameer El Badry."

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