Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Billion dollar vaccine industry

The Canadian Press is reporting that "The specifics of what Canada paid for the 250 million doses of vaccine it pre-purchased have been hard to come by. The 2021 budget released in April said the total was somewhere around $9 billion. The Pfizer contract was one of eight quietly shared with the health committee Friday." That was just the first splash.

This multi-billion-dollar industry murdered the Shermans because they were undercutting their profits through the introduction of generic drugs. The double dose scam was simply a way for them to double their profit at the taxpayers expense. Johnson & Johnson's Covid simulation.

The billion-dollar vaccine industry lobbies the government through campaign contributions. They control the media through advertising dollars. They are not objective nor do they care about your health. They care about making money. That's why the Canada Health Alliance was formed and created their own website to counter the false information the media is bombarding us with.

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