Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Curtis Sliwa wins Republican primary for New York Mayor

The New York Post is reporting that "Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa cruised to a big victory as the Republican nominee for mayor, handily defeating rival Fernando Mateo following a feisty and entertaining primary fight, according to Board of Election returns released Tuesday night."

"Sliwa captured 68.8 percent or 34,758 of the Republican votes to 27 percent or 13,655 votes for Mateo, a restaurateur who advocates for bodega owners and taxi drivers."

Bill Gates Communist News Network had a different spin on the victory. They emphasized the fact that Curtis had the backing of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, pointing out that Giuliani had later become the personal lawyer for Donald Trump.

Curtis had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump. Giuliani was a lawyer. Everyone is entitled to legal representation. Rudy Giuliani is the world-famous author of the New York Crime Reduction Model. He stepped in as mayor of New York after the Democrats had run it to the ground with record levels of crime and uncontrolled debt. Giuliani turned the tide.

De Blasio's tenure as mayor was a complete failure. He successfully destroyed the New York Model and brought back crime, debt and taxes. The fact that he wasn't allowed to run again is evidence the Democrats admit what he did, did not work. He made a complete mess.

This isn't about left or right. This is about right and wrong. Letting crime and debt run rampant is wrong. Everyone can see that. De Blasio was a freak. He was on the wrong side of Iran contra. We have all seen where that road leads and New Yorkers are better than that.

Curtis isn't just going to unite the Republicans; he's going to unite New Yorkers and bring back their self-respect. Curtis is going to bring back the New York model because he was a vital part of it. Curtis has a past history with crime reduction. He is exactly what the city needs.

His compassion for the homeless and his zeal to reduce crime balances the left and the right with common sense. He will help make New York safe again thereby bringing back business and prosperity for the big apple. New Yorkers know how to work hard and so does Curtis. Curtis brings people together for a common cause. He empowers people to accomplish what others said couldn't be done. I've seen him do it before and know he can do it again. Word.

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