Sunday, June 13, 2021

Justin Trudeau gives away 3.6 billion tax dollars

Post Media Trash is reporting that "Canada is set to share 100 million COVID-19 vaccines with the world, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says." OK so let's do the math. If it cost $9 billion for 250 million doses, then 100 million does costs $3.6 billion. That clown just gave away $3.6 billion for a vaccine that the Canada Health Alliance and the American Frontline Doctors said isn't necessary.

This is just like SNC-Lavalin. They give the politicians millions of dollars in campaign contributions and receive billions of tax dollars in return. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one. Justin Trudeau is a glutton. It's not his money. Creating that much debt will enslave our grandchildren for years.

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