Thursday, June 10, 2021

Systemic Racism: Canada, China or India? Update

Recently a 20 year old man driving a pickup truck jumped a curb and ran over a Muslim family in Ontario. This horrific event is a complete tragedy. Yet so is the political exploitation of the event. Does racism exist in Canada? Of course it does. That's like saying does crime exist in Canada. Crime and racism exist in Canada but we shun both. My neighbors are Muslim.

In 2017 thousands of Canadians showed up in the rain at a Mosque in Vancouver to show support after a deranged criminal shot 6 people dead at a Muslim Mosque in Quebec.
At that rally, the head of the Mosque invited his friend, a Jewish Rabbi to speak. The Jewish Rabbi spoke out against racism and blew a ram's horn as a wakeup call for Canadians to be vigilant in defence of their values. That does not represent systemic racism.

Justin Trudeau is a complete hypocrite. There is no question systemic racism permeates Communist China where Muslims are rounded up into prison camps and executed for their organs like the Falun Gong. Justin Trudeau admires China's dictatorship because he is a lunatic.

Recently Jagmeet Singh launched a scathing attack on Canadian values saying that Canada is a horrible place to live and is full of racism. He wouldn't be the leader of the NDP if it was. Jagmeet needs to look in the mirror. My daughter dated a brown guy in Surrey. He told her that if his parents found out he was dating a white girl they would freak but if they found out he was dating a Muslim, they would murder him. Literally. There's a lot of racism in India too. The question is, are we going to promote the good or are we going to promote the bad?

Candace Owens and Rob Smith have both spoken out about the media's obsession with the term systemic racism and the need to teach children to hate America. The mainstream media is trying to do the same thing here. The US had a black president. Now they have a black vice president. That does not reflect systemic racism. Candace Owens wrote a book called Blackout referencing the Democrats long history of being plantation owners and KKK members. That is why the media keeps trying to rewrite history to promote their insane globalist agenda.

Jagmeet Singh is a fake feminist just like Justin Trudeau. Jagmeet is obsessed with promoting gender-based abortions. This is something India has a problem with. For some crazy reason, many families in India are so desperate to have boys, if they find out the mother is carrying a girl, they kill it. That is not progressive. That is regressive and repressive.

India has many wonderful traditions we now celebrate here: Vaisakhi, Diwali, Holi. Killing their women is not one of them. Not only is it immoral, it is also stupid. If you kill all your women, who are your sons going to marry? As always, we need to promote good and shun evil.
Update: Dan Dicks is reporitng that "New evidence has emerged that directly contradicts the narrative that 'Islamaphobia' was the reason for an 'attack' on a muslim family, yet Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and others have already emphatically stated that this was indeed the work of hatred and a terrorist attack. An eye witness stated that the suspect asked him to call the police, he also asked him to film the arrest, meanwhile his close friends (one from the Middle East) say he is NOT an Islamaphobe and in fact he contacted one of them 3 days prior stating that he was having issues with the steering in his new truck!"
Seeing this family walk down the street it would be hard to identify them as Muslim. They're not wearing hijabs and they're from Pakistan. The scarf looks more like a sari since her hair is exposed. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying if I saw that family walking down the street, I wouldn't know they were Muslim. Kinda makes ya wonder if the kid did have problems with his steering after all.

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