Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Neil Cantrill's Sentencing

I attended Neil Cantrill's sentencing in New Westminster today and I have a sh*t load to say about it. I didn't realize it was today. I had the dates mixed up. I come in late for the afternoon session look around and I see a big guy with a Nomads T-shirt sitting in the front row and Dr Spin sitting in the back. I think OK this must be the place. Update: What the ban doesn't cover.

Most of the seats are taped off so I take the big red chair the sheriff normally sits in just down from Dr Spin. The sheriff behind the glass gives me a dirty look and I just give him the look that says what, you want me to sit beside Kim Bolan? I'm social distancing.

Then I hear them start talking about some crazy a*s sh*t and I'm like wait a sec. This can't be right so I go out to the registry to confirm it was the Cantrill sentencing which they did. So I go back to sit in and another sheriff stops me saying it's full. I look in and say what about that big red chair? He said I couldn't sit there. Sorry, COVID. I was pissed.

I said July 1st there's gonna be no more masks. Can't we can make a few more seats? What a waste of time. What I did hear in court today was very important. I have to check to see what the publication ban covers and when it expires because the public needs to know about this.

There were two guys and two girls sitting in the front row. As I said, the one that was wearing a Nomads T-shirt was about the size of Nick Dragich but flabbier and scruffier. He had darker hair and a scraggly beard. It's pretty astounding he was allowed into the courtroom with gang colours on. He was there to intimidate the family of the victim they kidnapped and.... wait for it.

Publication Ban under Section 517 - An order under this section bans publication of information arising during a bail hearing, as well as the reasons given by the judge, until the accused is discharged or, if ordered to stand trial, the trial has ended.

All I'm going to say is that anyone who sells date rape drug is a f*ck up. Anyone who uses date rape drug on someone else is a f*ck up and anyone who wants to legalize date rape drug is a f*ck up. These patch pounders need to get educated and find some self-respect. With regards to the recent spike in gang violence in BC, Edmonton is the root of all E-Ville.

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