Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Witnesses lying to save own skin

Kim Bolan is reporting that "Four former United Nations gang members who testified against alleged hitman Cory Vallee were trying to 'save their own skin' and should not be believed, defence lawyer Eric Gottardi said Tuesday. At the start of his team’s closing arguments, Gottardi said the 'linchpin' witnesses, who can be identified only as A, B, C and D due to a sweeping publication ban, 'escaped punishment for murders' and got other perks by co-operating with the Crown. 'They did not just get money. They received a small fortune.'”

"He pointed to the fact that two of the witnesses, A and D, originally told police Vallee was the shooter who killed Jonathan Barber on May 9, 2008, when the UN mistook the stereo installer for one of the Bacon brothers. Then when B and C decided to co-operate with police in 2016, they told a different story, identifying the Barber killer as UN member Barzan Tilli-Choli. By then Tilli-Choli had already pleaded guilty to conspiracy and could not be retried as the murderer. He has since served his sentence and been deported to Iraq."

The defense lawyer is right about one thing, these witnesses are not credible. Aside from the Bobsy twins, the leader of that rat pack admitted in court to lying to the police even after he started working for them. He also admitted to posting false information on Kim Bolan's blog to throw the police off. That is Blaze's MO. He is not credible. Every word that comes out of his worthless mouth is a lie. Corey's confession was not a confession.

K-9 shot Jonathan Barber not Barzan Tilli-Choli. The only real witness in Kevin LeClair's murder saw two shooters. The bigger man was the one that lit up the vehicle with an automatic weapon. If K-9 was that shooter it would be pretty easy to identify him over Corey even if he was wearing a balaclava because he is huge. It doesn't sound like Corey is big enough to be that shooter. "The man with the machine gun was more muscular than the second gunman."

K-9 died of respiratory illness February 2017. If K-9 was the shooter then the rat pack couldn't get off their own murder charges and get paid a small fortune so they had to make some other story up and blame Corey because Corey was an easy target.

Speaking of the rat pack, what the hell is Blaze doing hiding out in Calgary with the PoPo? The Ironman from the Calgary chapter won't protect him. These are my terms: If Blaze Flysh*t testifies against the full patch HA that ordered Joey Verma to shoot Britney Irving, I will remove every picture and every reference I have ever made about him on this blog and website. He will cease to exist. That would be money well spent. Spending four small fortunes on a bold face lie is not.

Corey wasn't the hitman from out of town, K-9 was. Conor D'Monte was the co accused in this shooting not Jesse. Time to stop wasting money and bring back the OMGU.

Tell me how a known member of the Independent Soldiers was ever a member of the UN? He wasn't. He is lying again or should I say still since he never stopped lying. Corey didn't tell him anything.

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack

Global is reporting that "RCMP confirmed one man is dead after a shooting in Chilliwack early Wednesday morning. Officials said they were called to a home at around 6 a.m. in the 9200-block of Broadway St. after receiving a report of shots fired. When RCMP arrived, officials found a man with life-threatening injuries. He was transported to hospital, where he later died. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over the case. On Wednesday afternoon, IHIT identified the victim as 28-year-old Cody Isaacson of Chilliwack. IHIT said Isaacson was known to police."

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that "One neighbour said the house in question at 9291 Broadway Ave. has been an active and notorious drug house for the last four months or so. 'They busted them a week and a half ago,' she said. 'They’ve busted it a couple of times.' Late last year, Cody Isaacson’s father said Cody was the victim of a home invasion on Second Avenue. Three witnesses said at least one shot was fired in that incident that occurred on Oct. 25, 2017."

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Legalizing all drugs is the highway to hell

Speaking of soaring fraud and Post Media propaganda, a group of left wing kooks within the Federal Liberals are pushing for the legalization off all drugs. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith can rot in hell. So what's next? Legalize murder and rape? That is exactly what we are doing if we legalize all drugs. You legalize the sale of fentanyl and you legalize murder. You legalize date rape drug and you legalize rape. This has absolutely nothing to do with social justice. This represents the complete abandonment of Canadian and human morals. It is a WRONG turn.

This is the absurdity of the left wing end game. Left wing extremists push for the legalization of all drugs and the complete abandonment of any and all moral principles and when Communism is finally established all those drug dealers get the death penalty.

Legalization and decriminalization are two different things. There is no need to decriminalize possession because right now those laws simply are not being enforced. That's the problem. In Portugal, "A person found in possession of a drug for personal use is no longer arrested but ordered to appear before a 'dissuasion commission' which can refer the person to a treatment program or impose administrative sanctions." That would actually be a step forward from what we have now because right now no one is arrested and no treatment is offered.

In the Four Pillars Fraud we were conned into accepting the four pillar program. As soon as we did that, extremists threw away the three crucial pillars of enforcement, treatment and prevention so they could turn harm prevention into harm promotion. That is why we have one of the worst drug problems in the world. What we are doing isn't working because what we are doing is nothing. The war on drugs hasn't failed because its too difficult. It is failing simply because we never fought it. That and the fact that the CIA is on the wrong side of that war.

Likewise, when extremists cite the Portugal model, they want to throw out all the good things Portugal is doing like taking addicts and putting them before a dissuasion commission where the addicts can get into treatment or face administrative sanctions. They want to simply legalize all drugs so they can promote addiction and organized crime. That is not the Portugal model. That is the DTES model and it's NOT working.

We have to draw the line at the legalization of pot. Throwing everyone in jail for smoking pot is a complete waste of tax dollars. Our court system needs to be used for better things like arresting fentanyl dealers not addicts. That is what we need to do. Yet legalizing murder and rape is socially responsible. Legalize pot and that is all. As Gandalf would say, you shall not pass!

Gas Fraud Soars: Time to take back the monopoly

CTV News is reporting that "Gas prices have spiked in parts of Western Canada this week, with some stations in Metro Vancouver charging $1.46 per litre on Friday. Soaring prices stunned commuters and analysts, leaving the latter confused over the timing of the spike."

There is nothing shocking about the fraud spike. Corporate monopolies are never a good thing. They will charge consumers whatever the market can take. CBC is reporting that "Vancouver has traditionally been subject to the highest prices for gasoline anywhere in North America and this certainly is the case today," said gas price analyst Dan McTeague.

It's like the price of hockey tickets in Canada compared to the US. It's the same hockey league. They charge more here simply because they can. Many years ago, when John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil used hostile take overs to obtain a monopoly on the oil industry in the US, the Supreme Court cited anti trust laws and deemed that monopoly illegal. Times have changed. Now dirty politicians line their pockets with campaign contributions and say corporate monopolies are good. No they are not. They destroy the free market and the democratic system.

Corporate monopolies are also bad in the News industry because they destroy the freedom of the press. Today the Post Media News monopoly was working overtime on the propaganda in more ways than one. They cited one "analyst" and said we just have to get used to the spike in gas prices trying to brain wash us into submission. No we do not. We could do what Norway did and nationalize our oil. That would make sense. The only time a corporate monopoly is good is when the consumers are shareholders in that monopoly. What we have now is NOT a free market.

Allowing the oil companies to form a monopoly was bad enough. Giving that monopoly to Communist China was even worse. It's time to stop the fraud and take back the monopoly once and for all just like Norway did. That would be in consumers and taxpayers best interest.

What Canada and Alberta could learn from Norway

Surrey RCMP seize another spud gun

The absurdity of the fraud just never ends. The Surrey RCMP sent out a press release bragging about seizing "a loaded semi-automatic pistol, 'suspected' illicit drugs and a large amount of cash during a traffic stop earlier this month." Take a look at the gun. It's tiny. A freaking spud gun. Once again the Surrey RCMP make absolutely no attempt to disrupt drug trafficking. Their only concern is to seize the proceeds of crime and take guns away from HA rivals while they provide police protection for Hell Angel drug dealers selling fentanyl on the Surrey strip and turn a blind eye to the massive amounts of firearms HA associates hoard. God help us. The Surrey RCMP won't. The RCMP and the BC Gang Task force hasn't lifted a finger to arrest Hells Angels dealing drugs since the OMGU was disbanded. Stop the fraud and bring back the OMGU.

Bank robbers arrested in New Brunswick after stopping at Tim Horton's

CBC is reporting that "A man and woman allegedly fleeing a bank robbery were arrested in Bouctouche, N.B., on Monday after they stopped at a Tim Hortons drive-thru. At least six police cars swooped in on the suspects before they had a chance to place an order. Several thousand dollars have been recovered, the RCMP said. A 24-year-old man and 26-year-old woman, both from Moncton, face charges." Only in Canada. CBC posted a video of the arrest.

Lunar Eclipse January 31st

NASA is reporting that "The full Moon is about to pass through the shadow of Earth, turning the normally gray lunar disk a lovely shade of coppery-orange. When should you look? For people in the USA, the answer is Wednesday morning, Jan. 31st, just before sunrise."

Monday, January 29, 2018

2 Toronto police officers suspended after allegedly ingesting pot, hallucinating while on duty

CBC is reporting that "Two Toronto police officers who allegedly ingested marijuana edibles, hallucinated and called for help while on duty Sunday have been suspended, CBC News has learned. Over the weekend, Toronto police carried out a raid at Community Cannabis Clinic, a marijuana dispensary at St. Clair Avenue West near Dufferin Street. Sources tell CBC News the marijuana edibles the officers ingested are believed to have come from this dispensary."

I Heart Radio is confirming that "Two Toronto Police officers have been suspended after allegedly getting high while on duty after consuming marijuana edibles stolen during a dispensary raid."

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "Two Toronto Police officers have been suspended in a story that includes accusations of eating seized pot edibles, tree climbing and hospital visits, too. One officer was allegedly flying so high, he ended up in a tree. Const. Vittorio Dominelli, a 10 year veteran, and Const. Jamie Young, who has been on the force for two years - complained of hallucinations, according to a police source."

The same thing happened in California. After a raid on a pot dispensary in Santa Ana, the police started chowing down on pot edibles. The police association applied for a restraining order banning the video from being released but a judge denied their application. Here's that video.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wanted on Netflix

Speaking of Netflix, there's another really good TV series on Netflix called Wanted. It's worth seeing. It's a fictional drama about two women who are complete polar opposites that witness a crime then get blamed for it and go on the run. It's a story about good cops and dirty cops as well as the disloyalty among thieves but it's more than that. It's a story about friendship.

Rebecca Gibney is the costar that is also a producer and co-creator of the series along side Geraldine Hakewill a French born Australian actress. Together their characters and friendships are reveled as they face each new challenge head on. It's worth watching so it is.

Shots fired in Fleetwood

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Police are investigating reports of gunshots Saturday night in the 15800 block of 83rd Avenue in Fleetwood. It happened at around 9 p.m and no injuries are reported. According to one witness at the scene, police found three shell casings on the side of the road. Two vehicles are reported to have taken off from the area."

Update: Surrey house hit with bullets Monday night. The Peace Arch News is reporting that "There are no reported injuries after a Surrey house was struck with bullets Monday night, police say. Surrey RCMP responded just after 10 p.m. Monday, in the 8800-block of 132nd Street. A witness at the scene said RCMP found several shell casings in the lane way."

Huge crystal meth seizure in Myanmar

There you have it. Wherever hard drugs are found, human suffering and the CIA are found along with it. Channel News Asia is reporting that "Myanmar has seized 30 million meth pills along with more than two tonnes of "ice" and heroin in a record bust, the government said on Thursday (Jan 18), as drugs pour from labs in lawless border regions. In addition to the meth tablets, the authorities found 502 kilogrammes (1,104 pounds) of heroin and 1,750kg of crystal methamphetamine, or ice. Myanmar is the second largest opium producer in the world after Afghanistan, but levels of poppy cultivation have declined as demand for methamphetamine surges, leading to numerous multi-million dollar busts."

As we know, the CIA created the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam war under the direction of George Bush SR and used the money laundering from that illicit business to crash the Nugan Hand bank in Australia. The CIA also used investment fraud to raise money for operations.

The New York Times reported on "Olive Yang, the royal-turned-warlord, whose CIA-supplied army consolidated opium trade routes in the Golden Triangle in the 1950s" after she died at the age of 90 last Summer. Olive Yang was from British colonial Burma which is now called Myanmar where the current genocide of Muslims is taking place which the Dalai Lama has spoken out against.

The New York Times article even cites Alfred W. McCoy's book, “The Politics of Heroin" which states the CIA funded it's operations in Burma through the sale of opium. Nothing has changed.

Watch Kill the Messenger with Jeremy Renner now on Netflix.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Honduras police chief assisted cartel leader deliver a ton of cocaine

As the corrupt president the people have been protesting against for years is sworn in after a fraudulent election, ABC News is reporting that "The newly appointed national police chief in Honduras, a key ally in the U.S. war on drugs, helped a cartel leader pull off the delivery of nearly a ton of cocaine, according to a confidential security report obtained by the Associated Press."

"Chief Jose David Aguilar Moran, who was sworn in last week, called off local cops who had just busted a truckload of cocaine escorted by police officers in 2013, the report says. Aguilar, who was working his way up department ranks at the time, ordered the lower-level officers to let the drugs and cops go, which they did."

"Cartel boss Wilter Blanco, who was running the drugs, was later caught with another cocaine load, extradited to the U.S. and is now serving a 20-year sentence in U.S. prison. But Chief Aguilar's involvement, documented in an internal report, was never publicly reported. And last week, in a solemn ceremony, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez promoted him to the nation's top cop, saying that the appointment would further his years-long effort to root out corruption and modernize the force."

Which comes as no surprise since "A former head of a drug cartel in Honduras serving prison time in the United States said Thursday he bribed the brother of current Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez. The claim by Devis Leonel Rivera Madariaga in a New York courtroom deepened allegations he has made of collusion between Honduras’s political class and organized crime bosses." The presidents brother went into hiding in the US after he was implicated in a high profile drug investigation during the recent election fraud. The president, Juan Orlando Hernández, was also accused of taking bribes from drug dealers himself.

Let is be known that the US support for recent election fraud in Honduras has absolutely nothing to do with confronting drug trafficking. It is about promoting drug trafficking. That is what this fraud is really about. God Bless Honduras and God Damn the CIA.

Juan Orlando Hernández was caught taking money from hospitals and prescription medicine and pocketing it for his own political purposes. The humanitarian aid to Honduras isn't getting to the people who need it. Politicians are pocketing it along the way. Teachers aren't being paid. Many of them volunteer. The army went on strike because they weren't being paid so Juan had to cut a quick deal and promise to pay them. Schools are not properly funded. This year I want to highlight how humanitarian aid in Honduras isn't going where it's supposed to go.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

157 CM fresh snow last week on Vancouver mountains

157 CM of fresh snow last week on Vancouver mountains.

Heavy rain Sunday but more snow after that.

IHIT investigating two deaths in Surrey House Fire - Update

The Peacearch news is reporting that "Police say two people are dead after a house fire in South Surrey on Thursday afternoon (Today). The fire, in a large residence near the 28B Avenue and 174A Street intersection, is being investigated by the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT). It is being deemed suspicious."

The Peace arch News is reporting that "Two people found dead following a South Surrey house fire Thursday were mother and son, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has confirmed."

The Good Place: Don't miss it

On the lighter side, there's a funny TV series on Netflix called the Good Place. The first season is on Netflix but the second season appears to be on TV. I don't normally watch much TV because there isn't normally anything worthwhile on but I found this series amusing like Lilyhammer.

It's about a self absorbed woman who dies and goes to the good place by mistake. There's no mention of heaven or hell. Just the good place and the bad place. It's not religious. In fact most people who are religious might find it a bit offensive but I personally thought it was hilarious.

It's about two couples who get placed together as soul mates. Kristen Bell plays Eleanor, a feisty streetwise hustler always looking out for number one. She gets paired up with an ethics professor played by William Jackson Harper. A solid brother who does a great job playing a nerd. When she confesses to him there has been a mistake and that she isn't the wonderful person everyone thinks she is, he ends up giving her lessons on ethics to help her become a better person so she doesn't get kicked out and end up in the bad place where there is a lot of horror and screaming.

The other couple consists of a rich do gooder played by Jameela Jamil and a Buddhist monk played by Manny Jacinto. Only our Buddhist monk isn't really a Buddhist monk. He just assumed that cover because he too was there by mistake. He was actually a drug dealer from Florida.

The season finally to the first season was the surprise kicker that put everything into perspective.

It was light. It was funny. It was worth watching.

Larry Amero busted in Ottawa

The Indo Canadian Voice is reporting that "Police on Thursday arrested 40-year-old Hells Angel Larry Ronald Amero for one count of conspiracy to commit the murder of Sandip Duhre and one count of conspiracy to commit the murder of Sukhveer Dhak. Amero, a resident of Ottawa, was arrested with the assistance of the Ottawa Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Biker Enforcement Unit. He will remain in custody in Ontario until he is transported to B.C. to face the conspiracy charges." At least Ontario still has their Biker Enforcement Unit.

"Dean Michael Wiwchar, 32, is being charged with one count of murder in relation to the murder of Sandip Duhre and one count of conspiracy to commit the murder of Sukhveer Dhak. Thirty-year-old Rabih “Robby” Alkhalil is presently charged with the murder of Sandip Duhre."

Larry's going to be brought to BC? Now that courthouse will need SWAT to protect him.

All these murders including that of Johhny Raposo in Toronto as well as the Surrey Six, were about obtaining a monopoly on the drug trade. They were convicted of plotting to kill Johhny Raposo after stealing a 200-kilogram shipment of cocaine from him. Just like how Agent 22 was told by a HA associate that "they" were ready to eliminate all the competition in Surrey.

Since encrypted text messages intercepted by police were used in court, one has to wonder if local rumors are true that implicated Larry. Years ago we were told that an undercover police agent had provided Larry's associates in Whiterock with their encrypted blackberry system giving the police access to all their private conversations. It was back then we were told the police had evidence that implicated Larry on several local drug related murders.

This encrypted message system hacked by police in Toronto was linked to the Hells Angels drug trafficking out of the Vancouver docks where Larry Amero was employed along with several other members of the Hells Angels. Time to bring back the OMGU.

Update: Sometimes I wonder where Kim Bolan's head is at. Calling two bit criminals notorious all the time diminishes all of us. We're not suposed to glorify the gang life. Larry Amero is famous but he certainly isn't notorious. As I've said before Larry was a rich kid from the suburbs who stole things because he thought it was cool. It's not surprising to see where he ended up. He looked great when he was young all jacked up on steroids. Now he looks like a tired old man.

Larry is about as notorious as Jamie pigsh*t Bacon. Those two clowns are joined at the hip through Jamie's dead preppy brother Jonathon. What we do in life echos in eternity.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Trudeau bans religion from summer job grants

Well we have finally entered the Twilight Zone. No wonder Justin Trudeau voted along side Stephen Harper to throw away the Charter of Rights. He just burned the Charter and danced on it's ashes. The National Post is reporting that "Groups applying for the Canada Summer Jobs grant this year are required to attest that both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect reproductive rights, among other rights. The 2018 application guide says this includes the right to access safe and legal abortions.”

Other questions on the employment survey includes support for LGBTQ rights. "A summer camp that does not allow LGBTQ youth, however, would not be eligible for funding to hire students as camp counselors." I'm not saying we should make abortion illegal or ban LGBTQ rights. I'm saying that question has absolutely no right to be on a job grant application.

That's like Cuba when they introduced a watered down form of Communism. They said you can have a religion but you can't join the Communism party if you have a religion and the Communist party is the only one allowed. So if you have a religious affiliation you can never run for office. That is religious discrimination. In Trudeau's Canada you can have a religion but you can't get a work grant from the government if you do. That is Communism.

It's like the Law Society of BC trying to ban graduates from Trinity Western University. You can't do that. That is illegal. You can't tell any religion what they can and can't believe. The United Church had the perfect compromise when it came to Gay marriage. Allow Gay civil marriage and allow churches to conduct Gay marriage if they so chose but you can't force any religion to preform Gay marriage if it's against their religion to do so. It's that simple.

Abortion has nothing to do with religion. It's about ethics. All our laws are based on morals. Stealing is morally wrong so it is illegal. Murder is morally wrong so that is also illegal. Abortion stops a beating heart. That's all there is to it.

Years ago there was a video put out of an abortion called the silent scream. A camera filmed an abortion and showed the baby crying in pain and fighting off the scalpel as it was chopped into pieces. It was disturbing to say the least. I'm not going to post a link to the video if it still exists because I don't approve of snuff films.

In cases of incest or rape abortion is a very difficult and very private decision. In tubal pregnancies or where the health of the mother is at risk, abortions are automatic They aren't even called abortions they are called D&Cs. Abortion as a form of birth control is socially irresponsible. In the United States, if someone murders a pregnant woman it's considered a double homicide.

I can't stand the misuse of the term feminism. They say it's a woman's right to choose. Women are supposed to protect children not kill them. That's what a responsible parent does. Some kids go through life dealing with abandonment. My mother or father abandoned me. Well at least they didn't kill you. Killing a kid is a lot worse than abandoning it. I know it's a sensitive topic but I don't support abortion. I'm not saying make abortion illegal. I just counsel people to try and find other alternatives if possible. That would be the right thing to do. Adoption needs to be promoted more.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Retired cop obsesses over pot

This is is a little bizarre. A retired cop wrote into the Vancouver Province yesterday claiming the Vancouver Police chief is derelict in duty. He states "As a retired police officer I find it deplorable and a dereliction of duties by the Vancouver Police Department that it allows the open sale of drugs." That actually makes sense. The open sale of crack and fentanyl in the DTES and on the Surrey Strip is an abomination. Unfortunately, that's not what he's referring to.

He's talking about the police's failure to close pot shops in Vancouver. AYFKM? Pot is scheduled to be legal on July 1st. That's why the courts are deferring pot charges because pot charges now are a complete waste of time. Crack, crystal meth and fentanyl are killing people. Pot is not. If all the crack heads in the DTES and on the Surrey Strip got off the crack and just smoked pot, everyone would be far better off. Letting the public sale of crack and fentanyl continue is a deregulation of duty. That is what needs to be addressed.

Dianne Watts and Rich Coleman: The Real Story

Speaking of Botox Betty, Linda Hepner's partner in crime is in the news. Dianne Watt's new lapdog, Michael Smyth asked if Dianne Watts was the Liberals best chance at defeating the NDP. AYFKM? If the Liberals want to defeat the NDP they have to elect someone that is not involved in the political corruption that made the New York Times. Dianne Watts has been up to her eyeballs in that money laundering scam since Campbell Heights.

If the BC Liberals want to defeat the NDP they have to choose a leader that people who didn't vote for them last time would vote for now. I sure as hell wouldn't vote for Dianne Watts because I saw what she did in Surrey. I live here. I'd vote for a guy like Andrew Wilkinson. He has a brain and he hasn't been tainted by the same lobbyists Dianne Watts has.

I will have to admit, she sure has a lot of people throwing money her way. That's because they all want a piece of the tax and spend pie she keeps cooking up so they can get rich off of tax dollars then give a kickback in the form of campaign contributions. I understand that Trooper even played at her last fundraising Gala. They opened up with her new campaign song.

Martyn Brown from the Georgia Straight recently asked "Dianne Watts: What did you ever do to so piss off Rich Coleman that he would support Mike de Jong?" Really? You don't know? Wait 'till I tell ye. Dianne Watts was Rich Coleman's puppet on a string after her amazing success laundering all those public assets for Liberal campaign contributors at Campbell Heights when she was mayor of Surrey. Then came the mega casino.

They were all ready to pull the same scam in Whiterock that they did in Campbell Heights. They had their dirty developers buy agricultural land really cheap with the promise that the city would rezone it for them so they could make a fortune again.

Dianne Watts supported the scam all along. After the colossal turnout opposing the Casino she lied and said she didn't support it in the beginning but a local resident who lives here wrote in and pointed out that she did and was lying once again. Something she is very good at. Dianne Watts supported the proposal from day one. That's why she received $24,500 in campaign contributions from the developers. When she choked and voted against it Rich Coleman went ballistic. That's because she promised to support it and was paid well to do so.

She flipped because the scam backfired. She knew it was a dangerous plot because she was screwing over the people in her own riding. That's why she chaired the meeting. She wasn't supposed to have to vote on it. Her party had enough votes to pass it without her voting. They were suposed to approve the proposal and when her constituents would come to her and say how could you betray us like that she was ready to say it wasn't my fault. I didn't vote for it.

The scam met a hiccup when some of her own party flipped and voted against it after they saw the huge turnout. They knew voting for it would have been political suicide. So some of her party flipped which created a tie and forced her to vote as the chair to break the tie. She wasn't supposed to have to vote. The tie forced her to and she knew voting for it would have been political suicide so she flipped. Then she lied and said she never supported it when we all knew she did.

Dianne Watts is a bully. Alex Tsakumis was her attack poodle that would harass anyone that opposed her. Laila Yuile was the only main stream media outlet that dared provide an objective voice to Dianne Watts' bullying. As a result she was targeted by Alex. Alex threatened to sue me for reporting that he had called Barinder Rasode a whore on facebook which Dianne Watts clicked like on. He claimed I had posted a draft comment he made. I told him to go f*ck himself. There is no such thing as a draft comment on facebook. The reason I have the screenshot of what he said is because someone on his friends list saw it and took a screenshot.

After realizing I was right and would not cave in to his "short" lived intimidation, he then started to harass a female blog reader on disability who simply posted a link to my blog post on twitter. We all know that linking is not defamation. Despite that, he found her phone number called her at home then left her a mean message threatening to sue her for linking to something I wrote. When I posted the telephone message on youtube he threatened to sue youtube so they took it down. It took me a year to get it back up through the appeal process. Here it is.

When Alex Tsakumis was Dianne Watts' attack poodle her theme song was Go Godzilla from Blue Oyster Cult. Together they crushed any and all opposition against her. Now that Alex has taken a back seat, Michael Smyth is Dianne Watts' new lap dog. He's no attack poodle. He's just a used car salesman trying to sell a bad deal. Now that we know the truth, Dianne Watts whole campaign is just a three dressed up as a nine. That's their new campaign song now. Good luck with that. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. See ya later Godzilla. You're still just a three dressed up as a nine.

The Fall of Dianne Watts ~ Hawthorne Park Fraud Exposed

Monday, January 22, 2018

Train hits tanker truck in Port Coquitlam

1130 news is reporting that "There are no injuries after a tanker truck carrying ethanol gas hit a train, causing a large fire in Port Coquitlam this evening. Witnesses reported large flames and small explosions that could be seen from the Pitt River bridge. The fire was in the area of Lougheed Highway and Oxford Street, near a railyard. The City of Port Coquitlam says the driver of the truck and the CP Rail crew are all safe."

I'm not sure if the train hit the truck or the truck hit the train but I dont understand how the driver wasn't hurt. The accident occurred around 6:30 PM tonight.

2 Calgary men killed in Toronto shooting

CBC is reporting that "Two Calgary men are dead after a shooting in Toronto's west end on Friday. Toronto Police Service (TPS) said they were called to West Deane Park Drive and Rabbit Lane at 12:39 a.m. in Etobicoke. There, they said they found four men inside a vehicle that had been shot up. Two of the men, Nasurdin Nasir, 26, and Terrell Carr, 24, were pronounced dead at the scene. The other two were taken to the hospital in life-threatening condition."

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Linda Hepner breaks the law

Well this comes as no surprise. Linda Hepner has kept stalling off the environmental report on the road through Hawthorne park. They have a draft report but the final report won't be ready until the end of January. So why are they cutting down trees in Hawthorne park before the environmental report has even been completed? That is illegal.

Roslyn Cassells applied for a court injunction to stop the road through Hawthorne park until the city has done its due diligence in researching the environmental impact on wildlife protected by law. The court dismissed her case because she did not have standing. This is why I have zero respect for and zero confidence in the BC Judicial system. There is no justice in it. What the city is doing is WRONG. They are breaking the law.

They have already started cutting down trees on the part of the park on 104th Avenue owned by private investors. They have NO legal right to cut down any more trees on actual park land until the environmental report has been completed and released to the public. None whatsoever.

This is a copy of the Draft report dated October 26th 2017 which was not released until Dec. 20, 2017 - 5 days before Christmas. It is obviously incomplete. It makes absolutely no reference to the endangered species Roslyn Cassells mentioned in her court application. The Kangaroo courts have once again failed the public that pays their wages. The City of Surrey is breaking the law which comes as no surprise. I just wanted to make that clear.

The previous "Draft" environmental report dated April 21st 2017 made reference to the presence of a Red-Tailed Hawk in the park which is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The "revised" Draft report dated October 26 2017 makes no reference to the presence of a Red-Tailed Hawk or any other endangered species mentioned in the April 21st Draft report. Just sayn.

Hawthorne Park Fraud Exposed ~ Infrastructure expert gives Surrey LRT poor score

Gatineau strip club sprayed with bullets

CBC is reporting that "Gatineau police are investigating after a strip club was hit with a hail of bullets Saurday evening. Police say that at around 7:30 p.m., shots were fired at Le Pigale from a car driving by on Gréber Boulevard. Officers found bullet holes in the side of the building, police said. At 9 p.m., major crime investigators were still on the scene. No injuries have been reported. A stretch of Gréber Boulevard was closed Saturday night near Le Pigale for the investigation. The strip club, however, remained open."

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tom Petty's Cause of Death: Accidental Overdose

The Rolling Stone is reporting that "After months of speculation, a medical examiner has ruled that Tom Petty died of an accidental overdose, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner. The Hall of Fame musician had taken several pain medications, including Fentanyl, oxycodone and generic Xanax."

Steppenwolf - God dam the Pusher

Macklemore - My drug dealer was a doctor

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - I Won't Back Down

Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels

Tom Petty - Free Fallin'

Stiff Gritty has potential

A lot of people have been very interested in this new video of HA associates trashing Madchild. I think Stiff Gritty has potential. His reference to Madchild carrying around a stuffed animal like a Yaletown slut was rather amusing. His reference to Madchild being a GHB predator nailed it. One has to remember who sold him the GHB but it is good to recognize that being a GHB predator is not a good thing. Tupac Shakur left us with the Ghetto Gospel after he died.

Tupac made reference to a homeless lady and another woman addicted to crack then said, "Tell me do you see that old lady, Ain't it sad, Living out of bags, Plus she's glad for the little things she has, And over there there's a lady, Crack got her crazy, Guess who's giving birth to a baby, I don't trip or let it fade me, From out of the fryin' pan, We jump into another form of slavery."

In another song called Changes Tupac responds to a crack dealer who said "I made a G today," then said "but you made it in a sleazy way Sellin' crack to the kids." Tupac didn't have a problem with pot, he had a problem with crack cocaine. So do I. We both saw what it does to people.

Trailrunner said that no one in the Madchild Diss video will ever amount to anything. Aside from being a tad harsh, I don't believe that is true. I think they all show potential. Speaking out against being an oxy junkie and a GHB predator shows potential.

Stiff Gritty's manger has a reputation for being a good guy. He sold pot in high school and was fair in his business dealings. No one cares about pot. It will soon be legal. Crack, fentanyl and crystal meth are the drugs that are killing society.

I would however caution them as to what they aspire to. The young girls in bikinis at the pool in the video look like normal girls who were simply their friends from high school. I dont want to be mean but the girls sitting on the bed in lingerie kinda looked like strippers or prostitutes. There isn't much of a long term future in that and I'm not sure that is where you want some of your female high school friends to end up.

We all know the pattern. First they recruit the girls to be strippers and invite them to parties where its all about strippers and blow. Then they get them hooked on harder drugs and get them working in the sex trade industry to pay for the drugs. After the drugs eat them alive and they can no longer make money in the industry they end up dead on the Picton Farm.

Jesse Hadden is a good guy. The after hours he ran across the street from the Pickton farm was fine. People would go there after Roosters closed. Piggy's Palace down the street was not. The members involved in that dive are pieces of garbage. They weren't just GHB predators, they would gang rape crack hos and kill them for drug debts.

Watch your ladies. Be careful what happens to your young female friends you introduce to club members. Make sure they don't end up crack hos dead on the Pickton farm. That wouldn't be loyal to your friendships. The reason why the old men on Viagra want you around is so you can bring young girls around their daughters age so they can sleep with them. Mind how you go.

Snak the Ripper also has potential. Repping the Stop down crew yo. I'm not saying we should all jump on the bandwagon and trash Madchild for being a b*tch. Like Fat Joe, his response to 50 Cent was a one time one time only. Fat Joe just set the record straight then moved on to other things. Likewise, these young guns can move on to other things after setting the record straight.

Where do we go from here?

Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads in life and we are forced to ask where do we go from here? This blog has evolved over the years and like Goldie Locks and the Three bears, I've finally found my place so to speak. I'm just doing my own thing. I have distanced myself from police officers who infiltrate biker gangs under cover for several reasons.

A lot of the cops that go under cover to infiltrate the Hells Angels do so because they covet the life like the former Victoria police chief from Sudbury. I do not. There is nothing in that world that appeals to me. The whole point of this blog is to encourage people to leave the life. The safest way to do that is to stop selling drugs and not become a police informant.

I have also distanced myself from drug dealers that have gone under cover to infiltrate biker gangs so they can avoid jail time. Being a drug dealer is bad enough. Ratting out your friends for doing the same thing so you don't have to go to jail is just plain dirty.

TBM is a support group for former gang members in Scandinavia. Micheal Green, the International spokesperson for that group is a good guy. He has a difficult job keeping the peace between a bunch of former gang members who would normally be trying to shoot each other in the real world. I have also distanced myself from drug dealers like Walter Stadnick for obvious reasons. Hells Angels who sell drugs are not trust worthy. They have an agenda which always revolves around them. My history is different. I was never a cop, gang member or a drug dealer. That's why I don't covet that life. I was never a part of it and never wanted to be.

I saw the US crack epidemic in the 1980's. Curtis Sliwa was on the front line leading the crack down on crack campaign in New York City and across the US. I saw it in New York and helped confront it in South Seattle. Before crack the Guardian Angels never used to get invoked in drug enforcement. They just kept the peace and stopped violent crime. When crack hit the streets everything changed. Crack was so invasive and had such a dramatic effect on violent crime Curtis Sliwa started to confront the crack dealers on the street head on.

Crack is a horrible drug. Seeing our government hand out free crack pipes and setting up safe inhalation sites for people to smoke crack is the epitome of evil. It has caused addiction to spread completely out of control and as a result criminals are shooting each other over the profits to be had from the drug trade. CTV just reported that "The number of overdose deaths in Vancouver increased by 43 per cent last year compared with 2016." Once again that is proof that Insite has been a colossal failure. Insite does not save lives. It promotes addiction and increases fatalities.

These lethal injection sites and the lawlessness that surrounds them are part of the problem. They are not part of the solution. Anyone who argues against that is either stupid or evil. I can confront evil but I can't fix stupid. They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. When it comes to handing out free crack pipes and setting up safe inhalation sites, that is certainly true.

On a side note, this is a picture of Lisa and Tut back in the day. Lisa was the National Director at the time and Tut was the NYC Chapter president out of the 155th street Headquarters in Harlem. I mentioned them in chapter one and ten of my free ebook.

Lisa Evers on The Morton Downey Jr Show

When I first met Lisa in New York I had a button on the front of my beret that said "My Karma ran over my Dogma." She took one look at me, rolled her eyes and said to the other guys how is it that I can tell which one is the Canadian? I responded with something polite and respectful and her hard New York heart melted and she said "Awe, that's why I like Canadians so much." Lisa was the real deal. She wasn't from the ivory tower. She was a front line street soldier for real.

Right before I retired from the group I met Lisa in Seattle and introduced her to my fiancee. She shook her hand with a big smile on her face and gave my fiancee her condolences for getting married to me. Lisa was hilarious. She was a good person. I was really sad to hear things didn't work out between her and Curtis. They were the perfect couple we all looked up to. Like Tut said, that's the America way. 50% of marriages don't work out. It is what it is.

Tut was a real life superhero. He was short but he was incredibly lean, flexible and competent in the martial arts. I saw him easily take out guys twice his size in sparring and he could ground and pound before they invented it. One time it was just me and him on the subway platform. He was watching my back and I was watching his. All of a sudden Tut starts giving a guy behind me the look and started aggressively walking towards him saying excuse me? like he was going to rip the guy's eyes out. The guy promptly ran away and Tut said yeah that's what I thought.

The guy had pulled out a throwing star and was flashing it threatening to throw it at us to see what Tut would do. Tut would have disarmed the guy and crammed it up his ass before the guy could say ouch. He was wise to leave the scene before Tut got to him.

Another time a bunch of us were on a subway platform waiting for a train. Some crackhead had taken a dump and I stepped in it. The guys all stepped back and started laughing. I looked down and tried not to let it phase me then said, "Yo I have one question. What is a dog doing on the subway?" Tut was holding back his smile and said "Yo bro, that wasn't a dog." I was like "Damn."

I know what the New York Model is. Linda Hepner's Fail Army is Not it.

The bottom line is that I have always aspired to something higher.

Larry Campbell is as dirty as they come. He is the one that conned us into adopting the four pillars program. After we adopted the four pillars, extremists threw away the three crucial pillars - enforcement, treatment, prevention and thereby turned harm reduction into harm promotion which greatly increased addiction and supported organized crime. Larry Campbell is just another dirty lobbyist profiting from the Pharmaceutical Fraud.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Fatal shooting in Abbotsford - Upate

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "A man has been killed in a shooting tonight in Abbotsford. The incident took place at about 6:30 p.m. on Promontory Court just off of Ridgeview Drive in west Abbotsford. The victim was shot while he was in a vehicle."

Tom Zytaruk from the Surrey Now Leader claims "Drive-by shootings have become a part of our social fabric here in the Lower Mainland." Why is that? Because the police have stopped enforcing the law when it comes to street level drug trafficking. As a result the criminals are shooting each other to fight for the profits from that illicit gold mine our apathy has created.

Update: CTV is reporting that the victim in the Abbotsford fatal shooting was Lovepreet "Jason" Dhaliwal. "According to IHIT, Dhaliwal was trying to leave a criminal lifestyle."

Surrey Teen found murdered in the trunk of a stolen car

CTV is reporting that "Residents of an East Vancouver neighbourhood are on edge after a young man was found murdered in the trunk of an abandoned car Thursday afternoon. The blue Ponatiac Sunfire had been parked at Fairmont Street near Vanness Avenue for days and had a ticket on the windshield by the time the grim discovery was made at around 4 p.m. On Friday, police confirmed the deceased's identity as 18-year-old Sachdeep Singh Dhoot, a Surrey resident who had been missing since Jan. 9. His death marks Vancouver's third homicide of 2018."

Masked man walks into Richmond Pub with a shotgun

Global is reporting that a masked man walked into the Pioneer Pub in Richmond during a memorial service with a shotgun last night and pistol whipped what the Richmond News claims was a suspected drug dealer. The Richmond News claims it as a riffle not a shotgun. Hey, if the PoPo wont do it, why not?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther and Creed II

Well this is exciting, Michael B. Jordan, the talented young gun who gave an award winning performance in the last Rocky Movie called Creed is stepping up for a sequel. Before that he is rocking the big screen as a villain in Black Panther. Now that is fresh.

The Independent is reporting that "Black Panther reaches cinemas on the 12 February in the UK, touching down across the pond in the US on the 16 February." It's about time they had a brother step up to be the super hero. Michael B. Jordan doesn't have the lead role. In the Black Panther he plays a villain. That'll be worth seeing. Michael B. is rock solid.

Get this, in the Movie Creed, Michael B. Jordan played Apollo Creed's son. The whole thing was a masterpiece. Well in Creed 2 Apollo's son squares off against Drago's son. Drago was the one that killed his father in the ring. How do they keep coming up with this sh*t? That is awesome. The Den of Geek is reporting that Romanian fighter Florian Munteanu, known as the ‘Big Nasty’ will play the son of Ivan Drago. Now that's what I'm talking about. This is as real as it gets.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Missing Hamilton woman found dead

Metro News is reporting that "Hope of family and friends that Holly Hamilton would be found alive came to a tragic end Wednesday, with the discovery of the 29-year-old woman's body. Hamilton police homicide unit Staff Sgt. Dave Oleniuk confirmed Hamilton's body had been found and that she is the city's first homicide victim of 2018. One man has been arrested in connection with her death, he said. But police have not yet released his name or any information on charges."

CBC is reporting that "A man has been arrested in connection with her death, police said, adding that the investigation is still ongoing." Metro News reported that "Detectives had been looking for Hamilton's 30-year-old ex boyfriend, including searching and canvassing in the neighbourhood around his Barton Street East and Fairfield Avenue apartment - the last place Hamilton was seen on Sunday night. She was found along with her white, four-door Ford Escort in an east Hamilton parking garage."

Dead body recovered from Landner slough

The Delta Police are reporting that "At approximately 9:45 am this morning Delta Police were contacted by a person out walking their dog near Ladner Harbour Park, who reported seeing a body in the water. Delta Police attended to the scene immediately. With the assistance of the Delta Fire Department and the New Westminster Police boat, police were able to recover the body." The Delta Optimist is also covering the story.

North and South Korea will march under a single flag at the Winter Olympics

The BBC is reporting that "North and South Korea have agreed to march together under a single 'unified Korea' flag at next month's Winter Olympics in the South. They also agreed to field a joint women's ice hockey team in rare talks at the truce village of Panmunjom. These are the first high-level talks between the countries in more than two years. It marks a thaw in relations that began in the new year when North Korea offered to send a team to the games. The games will take place between 9 and 25 February in Pyeongchang in South Korea."

The New York Times posted a picture of North and South Korean athletes marching together during the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. J'imagine yo.

Like I said before, provoking war in a time of peace is not noble. If Canada and the US want to boycott North Korea they are free to do so. If China and Russia are willing to sell North Korea oil, they are free to do so. Canada and the United States do not have the right to ban other countries from doing business with North Korea nor do they have the right to board their vessels.

Canada needs to stop selling China nuclear reactors and needs to take back it's oil rights. We are the ones supporting North Korea's nuclear expansion through China. SNC-Lavalin is the most corrupt construction company on the planet. Word.

Walter Stadnick is a B*tch

Just so we're clear on where we all stand. Walter Stadnick is a b*tch ass weasel. He is a 5' 4" drug dealer. That is all. I cannot support ANY organization he is involved with. The whole purpose of my website and blog is to encourage people to leave the life. Riding motorcycles is great. Selling drugs is not. Living the dream is not Pimping the dream. There is a big difference.

Wally Stadnick is all "My friend Mom Boucher." I'm like F*ck your friend Mom Boucher. Boucher was a rapist and a petty thief who became a big drug dealer by betraying people on a regular basis. Wally has small man syndrome and still brags about his friendship with a drug dealing rapist. He is a snake in the grass and cannot be trusted. I have a great deal of respect for the French members in Quebec. Wally isn't French and he isn't from Quebec. He's an Anglophone from Ontario that supported the Calabrians in Hamilton over the Rizzutos in Montreal. F*ck him.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Kill the Messenger now on Netflix

Kill the Messenger with Jeremy Renner is now on Netflix. It's a true story based on the life of Gary Webb who was an award wining investigative reporter murdered for exposing the CIA's connection to Blandon and Freeway Ricky causing the US crack epidemic in the /80's.

Gary Webb is my hero. I released my free ebook on the 10th anniversary of his murder. Like I said in the beginning, the CIA is a criminal organization deeply involved with drug trafficking throughout Iran Contra from Vietnam to Operation Fast and Furious. When it comes to criminal activity, the CIA makes the Hells Angels look like boy scouts. They are the enemy within.

Three men charged in Michael Bonin's murder

Global is reporting that "Three men have now been charged in the death of a 20-year-old man from Alberta last year. The body of Michael Bonin, from Rycroft Alberta, was discovered on a rural forest service road north of Hope, B.C. on April 20, 2017. This past weekend, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) and partner agencies arrested 26-year-old Ryan Watt, 20-year-old Joshua Fleurant and 27-year-old Jared Jorgenson. All three have now been charged with first-degree murder, and will appear in a court in B.C. on Monday."

In 2015 Castanet reported that Joshua Fleurant was arrested in a Kelowna car theft ring. Johnny Newcome was busted in Kelowna for a huge stolen car ring tied to the HAs. CBC is reporting that Michael Bonin was a native of Prince George. We know the HAs control the drug trade in PG.

Kamloops Info News is reporting that the three men charged in Micheal's murder will be appearing in Kelowna court. "Fleurant also appears to have known Bonin. They were both charged with theft of a vehicle from Kamloops among other charges."

The 15 year old bystander hit in a Vancouver shooting has died.