Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gang shooting in Port Moody

Meanwhile back at the gang war, Hells Angels rivals in Vancouver are still getting executed left, right and centre. Gurbinder Singh Toor, a 35-year-old gangster connected to the embattled Duhre/Dhak crime group was fatally shot outside a busy Port Moody recreation centre 9:30 Wednesday night.

The Duhre/Dhak Pack are connected to the UN. They buy their drugs from the UN not the Hells Angels. That is why they are getting wiped off the face of the earth. Even Kim Bolan agrees that in this recent “gang war” the Dhak-Duhre gang has suffered the most violence. Now she's even composed a list of nine members of the Dhure / Dhak Pak that have been shot in less than a year with zero casulties on the "other" side. The violence is very one sided. I had eight in my list May 5th but that was before Wednesdays shooting.

The Duhre/Dhak Pack was not responsible for the Kelowna shooting that killed Jonathon Bacon and wounded Larry Amero. They might have been in Kelowna and told someone what they saw. They might have told someone that Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon finally came out of the closet and were publically bragging about their association but they didn’t do the hit.

No this new gang war is simply Eric Sandberg’s prediction coming true. He told agent 22 that “they” were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey. That is what this recent violence is all about. The Hells Angels violent control of the local drug trade.

Paul Boyd’s tragic death

This is another sad story. In more ways than one. Everyone is talking about this new video released a tourist took of the VPD shooting a suspect named Paul Boyd. I watched the raw footage a few times and just couldn't see anything. The enhanced footage is clear. The suspect was on his hands a knees crawling towards the police as they shot him several times, once fatally in the head.

Tragedy doesn’t begin to describe the heart wrenching sorrow this video has uncovered. Paul's sister was quoted in the Vancouver Sun as saying: “All everyone has heard is that the police responded to a call of a man swinging a bike chain, this is TOTALLY untrue. That is not what they were initially responding to.”

Then it finally dawned on me. This is the case everyone is talking about? This is the bike chain shooting? Even if that story was true I personally found it bizarre. A guy went into the street swinging a bike chain and the police shot him dead. That was not the use of reasonable force. What’s worse is that story is not true. He was on his hands a knees crawling towards the police.

Two inherit tragedies surface. First, he should not have been killed. Second. The police lied. We’ve talked about in the initial scenario why can’t the police shoot a suspect in the leg? Why do they always have to put one in their chest? That’s the way they are trained. Well maybe it’s time to change the training. Shooting an unarmed suspect in the head or chest is not acceptable. As many have suggested it is murder.

The lying to cover it up is also a huge concern. It’s happened before. The Vancouver Province ran an editorial about the problematic nature of police lying. It is reminiscent of the lie that the British police told when they shot a suspect dead in London which triggered riots. The police claimed the suspect was armed and fired at the police. They even went so far as to claim the suspect hit one of the officers in the chest. They claimed the bullet hit the officer’s police radio which saved his life. That’s when they shot the suspect dead.

Only after the ballistics report came in that was simply untrue. The suspects gun, if it really was his, hadn’t been fired and the police radio was hit by a police issued firearm. They lied. The suspect hadn’t fired upon them. They lied and manufactured a bizarre story which was proven to be untrue. None of those officers were ever charged with murder or for perjury and being an accessory to murder.

Here we have a similar situation where the police are caught lying. As the editorial points out, it’s not the first time. So yes, lying to cover up the use of deadly force is a serious issue. Yet the use of deadly force in the wrong instances is the primary concern. If they didn’t make that error in the first place, they wouldn’t have to lie to cover it up. Jim Chu has promised a swift response. Let’s hope. Let's also hope that the police training retrains the police to get over this bizarre ego of over reacting when a suspect doesn’t obey their command at the snap of their finger. This isn’t the army. Civilians are civilians. Police are paid by tax dollars to serve and protect them.

Two nutbars, both suspected murderers

These two cases have nothing to do with gangs but they do involve murder. Since everyone is talking about these two bizarre cases, I'll cite them both at once. On the east coast we have Luka Rocco Magnotta a wing nut from Montreal. This is the person accused of sending human body parts to the Tory Headquarters in Ottawa. At first I thought it was just a bizarre false flag stunt to help distract the public from the robocalls and all the other many scandals the Tories are currently entrenched in.

Seemingly there was a disturbing video of a guy murdering someone on the Internet. I haven't seen it and I'm not going to link to it. The point is, this whack job was identified from the video. He hasn't been arrested or charged he's just a suspect that the police are asking for the public's help in finding. If you know who this guy is, it might be worth while telling the police before anyone else ends up dead. Police have back tracked on Luc Wingnut’s possible connection to Karla Homolka.

The other case is the recent police shootout in Maple ridge where a murder suspect named Angus David Mitchell was shot dead. He has ties to a security firm in Victoria and was suspected of killing his landlord in Burnaby as well as a suspect in the recent Sushi restaurant double murder.

The guy was 5 foot 4 and 121 punds. He wasn't even big enough to be a jocky. Just goes to show you that any kid or nutbar can pull a trigger and commit murder. Committing murder doesn't make someone hard care. It makes them deranged.

Speaking of nutbars in Maple ridge, some whack job is on a cat killing spree there. 24 cats have been killed in the past year in one small area of Maple ridge. Dismembered cat parts are being displayed all over town. Most recently someone dropped off a cats severed head at an elementary school between recess and lunch. This is yet another example of what it means to be deranged.


Luka Rocco Magnotta was arrested at an Internet cafe in Berlin Monday June 4th.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Joey Verma’s trial date finally set for June 25th

Joey Verma’s trial for the murder of Britney Irving is finally on the map. Britney’s mother is understandably upset there has been another delay but at least it’s finally on the map. Having nothing scheduled at all for so long was absurd.

The arrest was made on June 25 two years ago in Rutland. So his trial date is set for two years after his arrest. That is bizarre. I’m told that Joey was in court last week and ordered to get a lawyer for his Monday appearance. On Monday his lawyer said he needed time to prepare. Three weeks to do so is not unrealistic. It’s just astounding it’s taken this long to get to this point.

As soon as he was arrested he was in court for several months. Those proceedings continued until December 30 2011. The end result of that pre trial was to proceed on filed incitement. It’s hard to think he didn’t have a lawyer for all those appearances. The big delay was between December 30 2011 and May 28 2012. Regardless, it’s finally on the map and set for June 25th 2012.

My heart goes out to Britney’s mother. This is a horrible thing to experience. The loss of a child is unthinkable and the ongoing murder trial is cruel and grueling. There is no justice. Nothing will bring Britney back. Sentencing her murderer will only help the open wound close. Yet we have this consolation with us: life does not end at death and no lie can live forever. Britney is a wonderful person. No theif can rob that from her. Peace.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bob Paulson’s Dilemana

The Vancouver Province is reporting that B.C.’s top Mountie could have blocked the controversial transfer to B.C. of a disgraced Alberta Mountie, but decided not to. Here we have an idiot using the same old infamous command culture on civilians. I could have blocked his transfer but I decided not to and that decisions stands. Basically he is telling the public to f off. He will do what he wants when he wants and we have no say in the matter. That is not the way to restore trust that has been lost.

Now we need two people to leave: Don Ray and Craig Callens. Bob Paulson took the top dog position governing the RCMP in Ottawa. He did so amidst a flurry of bad press about sexual misconduct within the RCMP. He vowed swift justice for misbehaving mounties. Sadly, he has dropped the ball on this case and that diminishes all of us.

Not only is it wrong to transfer Don Ray to BC, it is ilegal. Bob Paulson appears to be genuinely frustrated with the case admitting that the actions of a senior Alberta Mountie who engaged in a pattern of inappropriate behaviour and sexual misconduct, as well as the punishment he received, represent a "sorry, sad and shameful set of facts,"

Bob Paulson said the case of Donald Ray underscores a need to revamp the force's disciplinary system, and that the force is pursuing legislative changes to make that happen. "If I could change this case I would, I cannot," he said. "What I can do is make sure that we get a system where this sort of frustration is eliminated."

The problem culminates in a three-member adjudication-board that decided not to terminate Don Ray. That is the prime absurdity. Surely that decision can be appealed because it is clearly illegal. This is why there is a class action law suit against the RCMP as we speak. That employer has failed to enforce the laws protecting employees from sexual harassment and are now legally liable for damages.

They were sure quick to fire Al Dalstrom for doing his job and telling the truth. That wrongful dismissal resulted in a multi million dollar out of court settlement just to get a gag order on the reasons he was wrongfully fired. Under normal circumstance, labour law does protect employees from wrongful dismissal. Sexual harassment is not one of those allowable provisions. It’s the opposite. The employer can be held legally liable for not firing a person who has committed sexual harassment.

Take innocent absenteeism for example. The employer has a right to expect the employee will come to work. Yet people are allowed to get sick. If someone calls in sick a lot, we're not talking about a single long term illness for something like cancer, were talking about erratic ongoing illnesses which prevent an employee from attending work on a consistent basis. People can get fired for that. Yet there is a legal process involved.

First, the employer has to establish that the absences are excessive. They are more than twice the average absenteeism. Second, they have to establish that it is chronic, it has happened over a long period of time despite being warned by the employer in writing that these absences will affect their job. Finally, they have to establish that there is no likelihood of the absenteeism ever improving. That’s the hard part.

My point is, people can get fired for innocent absenteeism. It’s hard and frustrating for an employer but it is possible. Yet sexual harassment is very different. Since the employer is under legal obligation to protect it’s employees from sexual harassment, termination for sexual harassment is pretty much automatic. In ANY other industry, Don Ray would be fired. Surely one would expect the RCMP would have a higher standard than the private industry on this matter not a lower standard.

This three member adjudication board has made an illegal decision. That needs to be addressed. Telling the public to suck it up is wrong. This has destroyed what little faith there was in the RCMP. For those who hated cops, it fuels their fire. For everyone else who supports law and order it is a slap in the face. Take a look at the comments in the Vancouver Province’s Back Chat on the issue.


The RCMP has made a grave mistake in not dumping this guy. They promised that was what they would do to restore confidence in the force. And yet here they are.


We keep hearing the bad cops are few. If this is true then why aren't the good cops getting rid of them. You want to walk with pride? Clean your own house.


Transfers like this are a time-honoured tradition. It's called passing the trash.


The new boss in Ottawa said he would clean up the force.

This proves that he is nothing more than a bag of wind.

There are even jokes about having to change the name of the RCMP because of the new term mounted police has a negative conotation. It's tragic and undemocratic. The RCMP are Public Servants. Tax Payers pay their salary. To boldly declare their opinion doesn't matter is a very alienating slap in the face. One could respond with OK let's just sue their ass. But who would pay the settlement? Taxpayers. That is why the RCMP need to be publically accountable. Right now they are not and that needs to change.

Other important questions we’re going to have to ask is how on earth did Barbara George get her job back? Why on earth was she so confident that she was going to get it back? Who else was involved and ultimately responsible for the RCMP Pension fraud?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Chris Mohan Memorial Forum

Today, Eileen Mohan in conjunction with Acting Together’s CURA Project put on a gang awareness forum at Queen Elizabeth Secondary in Surrey. Eileen was at the rally in Bear Creek Park where they released doves in memory of lost loved ones after her son was murdered. About six months ago I saw a dove outside my home and did a double take. What on earth is a dove doing in Surrey I thought. Then I wondered if it was one of the doves they set free a few years ago.

Eileen also put on a memorial mass for her son on his first birthday after the shooting. After that she helped out with a memorial golf tournament in conjunction with the Schellenberg famliy. Now she’s turning her focus directly on gang awareness forums which are desperately need in our communities for both parents and youth. With support from the City and corporate sponsors like CIBC and TD, this looks like a wonderful annual tradition. Dianne Watts was present at the beginning of the forum and helped kick it off showing the city’s endorsement and support of the event. Bruce Ralston was present as always.

Today’s panel consisted of Tom McCluskie from the Integrated Gang Task, Kim Bolan from the Vancouver Sun and Eileen Mohan herself, Surrey’s very own Mother Teresa. In fact some of Eileen’s comments about cherishing our children and finding time to love them reminded me of something Mother Teresa would say. As we know, Mother Teresa was an advocate for the poor. Yet when speaking to the wealthy West she talked about a different kind of poverty in North America. Not the want of bread but the want of validation, encouragement, of love.

Eileen said she hears parents complain about their children and have a whole list of criticisms about them. It makes her sad. She then asks the parent what does your child do that’s good? Surely there must be something. We need to focus on our children’s strengths.

This thought was reinforced in psychologist Roger Tweed’s object lesson with a stethoscope and an exercise stretcher. The stethoscope was symbolic of the fact that we need to find out the problem before we can fix it. The exercise machine was symbolic of how we need to focus on our strengths.

Dr Farhad Dastur, the Dean of Arts at Kwantlen did a wonderful job as the forum’s moderator.

Kim Bolan gave a stirring power point about how gang life really isn’t that glamorous and illustrated how much betrayal there is in that game. Bal Buttar once worker for Bindy Johal and had him killed. In turn Bal Buttar was killed by people who at one time worked for him. It’s a dog eat dog world fueled by greed.

Tom McCluskie spoke about some of the work and some of the challenges the Gang Task force does and faces in the Province. Here's his talk on Youtube. One parent asked an important question. If we suspect a kid is involved with gangs, where do we call? Who do we report that to?

Tom explained that the task forced used to use CrimeStoppers but now has it’s own numbers people can call that are posted on their web site. That is important information. The parent then asked if those new numbers and web sites are advertized in posters for parents and youth to see. Not yet was the response. Another good idea. I'm having a hard time finding the contact number on the web site but when I do, I will post it accordingly. They do have a contact form on the site.

A sincere youth from Mexico and living in Surrey for the past two years shared an experience he had with one of his friends who got involved with the gangs and was seriously beaten by them. He talked about his concern and fear for his friend and asked what educational support there is out there to help youth understand that gangs aren’t very glamorous. The response was, not much but they are working on it. Abbotsford has started doing some as has Prince George. This Memorial forum is exactly that.

Spotlight on the Pickton Inquiry

As the missing women inquiry draws to a fiery conclusion, every day we read new testimony about how the Hells Angels were tied to the Pickton farm. In fact that is the reason the public inquiry was shut down and transformed into a panel discussion instead of an inquiry.

David Cameron was the champion of justice and Wally Oppal was the snake in the grass scoundrel that censored the inquiry. We had expected that from him. He was likely the worst possible choice to head the inquiry. He fell before Gordon Campbell did because people were upset with what a lousy job he did as AG. Now he’s a giggling Austin Powers as he promotes his new acting career whilst committing welfare fraud at the missing women’s expense.

Most recently we read of three developments. A former sex trade worker recently testified at the inquiry that Pickton had invited her to a biker party on the farm. She said he referred to it as a biker party. We knew Hells Angels attended parties at Piggy’s palace. Pickton referring to it as a biker party would imply they were in charge. We found out that the Hells Angels had a grow op and ran an illegal booze can on site.

Last month the Vancouver Observer reported on a retired nurse named Bonnie Fournier who worked in the Downtown Eastside since 1968 but hasn't been allowed to testify at the Missing Women Inquiry. She had workered with numerous sex trade workers in the DTES for years. Late one night in 2000 she said she saw a black shape being dragged out the passenger side of a large vehicle on Cordova Street which turned out to be a person. If the truck Fournier saw was his, it meant Pickton had an accomplice. She asked the woman if it was him. “I can't say, because I'd be dead,” she told Fournier. “They'll kill me.” They implies more than one person. Wally opal has not allowed her to testify at the inquiry. He should be charged with obstruction of justice.

What’s even more disturbing is the testimony of another witness Bonnie Fournier was working with. “Sharon” said she was in Surrey, shoplifting at a mall -- she supported her drug addiction by stealing, not prostitution, Fournier said -- when two women who knew her from the Downtown Eastside approached and invited her to a party, “with free booze and drugs.” The women went to a “well-known Hells Angels spot” located on the King George Highway, just before it enters Surrey: a rental house they called the “House of Pain.” (We know it as the Surrey House of Horrors. that would have been on 108 Ave just off king George around the corner from Gus' shop)

“They went there, and then were moved by station wagon or van – 'We're going to a party with good music,'” Fournier was told. “They were taken to the (Pickton) farm from this house in Surrey. “After they got to the farm, Sharon said everyone was into the drugs – lots of drugs. When they pulled in there, she got a gut feeling that this was scary. . . she got a gut feeling and bolted from the car and ran to Lougheed Highway. She was picked up by a bus on Lougheed and given a ride in to Vancouver by a sympathetic driver.”

We know Yvonne Marie Boen's DNA was found at the Surrey house of horrors as well as on Pickton's Pig Farm. To hear new testimony of a van taking people from the House of Horrors in Surrey to a Hells Angels party at the Pickton farm is disturbing indeed.

The third new piece of information recently reported in the media is the fact that the police had the Hells angels on the Pickton farm under surveillance and they didn’t want to mention that over optics. They didn't want to be accused of bungling their job.

Bungling their job? That’s an interesting choice of words. Aside from meaning legal liability, it also implies leaking out information about a police operation that went bad. It sure sounds a lot like Operation Phoenix to me. I wonder if that is the operation they are talking about. Gary Bass, the former RCMP deputy commissioner in B.C., agreed during testimony Wednesday that several police operations were targeting the motorcycle gang in the Lower Mainland during that time.

Cameron Ward, the lawyer for two dozen family members of the murdered and missing women, suggested the women were taken to parties at Piggy’s Palace, given drugs and later killed on the Pickton farm. “The RCMP’s organized crime agency was simultaneously conducting intelligence operations on the Hells Angels members and the associates who were frequenting the area. Does that sound accurate?” Ward asked.

“I’ve never seen any reports or had any briefings that indicated something like that was happening,” Bass replied. But the records created by the many RCMP agencies investigating the gang haven’t been made available, Ward said. In fact, not only has important evidence been deemed inadmissible, numerous exhibits on the Inquiry’s web site are censored and deemed restricted. That is not a public inquiry.

This is where Wally Oppal committed treason and became an accomplice to murder. He stopped Cameron Ward from asking questions about the Hells Angels presence at the Pickton farm. He denied disclosure of police documents concerning their surveillance of the Hells Angels on the Pickton farm. Oppal said there was no connection between David Pickton, the Hells Angels and Piggy’s Palace and the mandate of the inquiry. That is absurd.

There is no connection between Dave Pickton, the Hells Angels and Piggy Palace with his red hearing mandate but there most certainly is within the real mandate of the inquiry. May I remind the court that the real name of this public inquiry is the Missing Women Inquiry. It is an inquiry about why so many women went missing and how we can prevent that from happening again.

Robert Pickton was convicted of murder on the premise that he may not have been the only person involved in the murders. In fact the judge’s instructions to the jury went so far as to say they could convict Robert Pickton even if he wasn’t the prime suspect, as long as he was an active participant. When new evidence comes forward about possible accessories in the murders and Wally Oppal buries that evidence then he becomes an accessory to murder.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lynn Canyon

Checked out Lynn Canyon today. I was born in North Vancouver and raised in Surrey / Langley. We used to live at the base of Fromme mountain close to Lynn Canyon park and suspension bridge. My father would take me there when I was very young. He was an avid photographer. A lot of young people have died in the park. Many under the influence of alcohol. Most being swept away in the deceptive current. This time of year the water is high and fast from the melting snow which makes it more dangerous.

Towards the end of summer is safer but even then you see people doing crazy things and you’re got to wonder where their brain is at. Some places are safe, others are not. The 30 foot pool is safe. Yet many people would swim up to the small water fall just upstream and get stuck in the under tow. Sliding down the waterfall looks fun but as the notice on the park shows there are ridges of rock under the water where the under tow can pin you. One person got stuck in there and it took them five days to get the body out.

Nevertheless, if you stick to the trail and the 30 foot pool it’s a wonderful place to visit. Once and a while it’s nice to be like salmon and return to your roots. It’s nice to have roots to return to. I’ve always tried to give my kids roots and wings. Give them a stable place to call home and give them confidence to venture out and explore. The world has many nice places to visit. Something you can’t find in a crack pipe.

PROMIS software used to track medical records in BC

I can’t believe this. A friend from the States sent me this local story. He knows a fair bit about the PROMIS software because it was stolen from him. Turns out it’s now being used to track medical records here in BC.

The PROMIS software is a tracking program stolen by the CIA and modified by Michael Riconosciuto for them. They put a Trojan horse in it and sold it to Canada and other allies to help them keep track of their police records and intelligence files. The Trojan horse gave the CIA complete access to all of Canada’s police files as a result.

Since the software was so good in tracking things is was also used to help them launder drug money. Now they’re using it to keep track of medical records in BC. I can’t believe they didn’t even change the name of the software. You think if they were going to hack into all our medical records, they’d be a little more discreet about it.

Gas tax rakes in $1 billion in Metro Vancouver

Speaking of the outrageous price of gas, it's even higher in Metro Vancouver to help pay for Skytrain. Wouldn't it be cheaper to install turnstiles? The Surrey Leader is reporting Metro Vancouver drivers are now paying more than $1 billion a year in combined gas and carbon taxes, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

The lobby group said the latest two-cent-per-litre increase in TransLink's fuel tax on April 1 and the next 1.1-cent bump in B.C.'s carbon tax on July 1 puts the region over that threshold. Drivers in Metro Vancouver now pay nearly 50 cents per litre in combined fuel taxes.

"This is highway robbery," said Jordan Bateman, the CTF's B.C. director. "Drivers are tired of seeing their hard-earned money evaporate into government’s coffers.” The federal and provincial governments and TransLink took in a total of $958 million from Metro drivers last year through taxes at the pumps, and the CTF calculated that will rise to $1.02 billion this year.

TransLink's portion will account for more than $350 million – the biggest chunk – while the federal government's 10-cent tax pulls in $208 million from Metro, provincial gas tax of 8.5 per is worth $177 million, the carbon tax of 6.67 cents as of July will be nearly $140 million and the five-per-cent federal HST generates another $145.6 million.

Let me get this straight. The NDP oppose consumer taxes like the gas tax and the HST. Harper claims the NDP will tax and spend indiscriminately. Yet that’s exactly what he’s doing at record levels. In all fairness, John Cummings opposes the gas tax and the HST as well. That’s because he’s a conservative and Stephen Harper is not.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Red Patch

Another concern I have with the striking university students in Montreal is their red patch logo. Surely with such a longstanding history of the biker war in Quebec, everyone there knows what a red patch means in the biker community. If you don’t know, you’re gonna have to find out for yourself.

For the rest of us, the red patch or the red square represents Stalin’s death camps, red square in China and the wrong side of the Berlin wall. This is what I mean by mindless blind sheep. Every time there’s a protest, extremists from the Marxist Leninist party show up with a Communist flag. No one really pays them much attention but everyone has a right to their say. Yet we need to be clear what that flag is really saying.

There is no charter of rights within the Communist Manifesto. Everyone talks about how bad totalitarian states are. Indeed we should. Let’s take Poland for example. They were screwed first by Hitler’s Nazi’s then by Stalin’s Communists. You ask anyone from Eastern Europe before the fall of the Berlin Wall and you ask them how they feel about that red patch. In East Berlin they had barbed wire and machine guns pointed inwards. So no one could escape.

Lenin wasn’t the leader of the workers revolution in Russia. Shiplov was. When the trade unions had a complaint and went on strike, Lenin sent in the machine guns with live ammunition. The families were too afraid to even collect their dead. That is not a free republic.

In Ireland the term republican has a very different meaning than it does in the US. In Ireland a republican is anyone who believes in a free republic as opposed to a dictatorship. James Connolly was a communist. Yet he supported a free republic where individual rights are protected. That is not what we saw in Russia, China or Eastern Europe.

Free education is a wonderful goal. Australia has it and I’d hardly call them a Communist dictatorship. Yet it’s a goal we have to work towards. Alberta is what people see as right wing. They don’t have sales tax and as a result business prospers. Since they are doing so well financially, the provincial government pays the premiums on everyone’s medical insurance. That is a great idea.

Yet there are some serious problems we need to fix first. Harpers bank bail out is one. The BC Hydro fraud is another. If we want free university education we have to talk about where the money is going to come from. Do we raise taxes? Do we close homeless shelters and old folks homes? Or do we nationalize crown corporations and use those profits to add to the tax revenue? That is my preference.

Yet nationalizing the oil industry in Canada will meet huge opposition from the wealthy oil companies who are consumed in their greed. In the mean time, I will not wear a red patch. To me that is no different than wearing a Nazi Swastika. It is offensive. It represents just another totalitarian society created by lies and false promises. From one extreme to the other.

Free university education is a worthy goal but it is not a right. Buyer Beware.

Motive for nude protests cloaked in mystery

The Mismanagement of BC Hydro

Michael Smyth hit the nail on the head in today’s column. He claims the BC Liberals are just postponing BC Hydro rate hikes until after the election. No doubt. At first is sounded like they were promising us BC Hydro rates would drop some time in the future. Yeah right. Now it seems they simply ordered BC Hydro to cut it’s proposed rate increases by half. So the increases are still here. There’s just not as big as they were going to be until after the election. Shysters.

Last year when BC Hydro proposed the 30-per-cent increases, the government ordered a review of the corporation. Sounds like cheap haggling to me. Isn’t that kind of like wanting a 10% increase, then getting BC Hydro to ask for a 30% increase only to have the government step in and save the day by cutting that in half and making it a 15% increase? It’s still a 15% increase. The Liberal government’s mismanagement has created a serious problem and we are being conned.

The union representing hydro workers said the government is hiding its own mismanagement at BC Hydro, while holding back rate increases until after next May's provincial election. I think that’s the key hear. Campbell Clark disastrous mismanagement of BC Hydro. Keeping p[art of BC Hydro public while privatizing the brokers that sell power to BC Hydro at an inflated price. That is the ultimate scam.

So here we have this massive artificially created debt that BC Hydro keeps hiding by deferring it which we will one day have to bail out. Then they spend a huge amount of money on flawed Smart Meters that over charge consumers as well as monitor them over a wireless network for thieves to intercept. Those flawed meters are a huge extra cost. Further debt and further expense to the taxpayer. They are doing this to create a manufactured emergency to rationalize privatizing BC Hydro completely like BC Rail. How about disband the privatize power brokers ripping off BC Hydro so it can return to a profit making dividend paying tax revenue creating entity. Imagine that.

We need to address this because upgrading to electric cars is important but we need the chargers in our homes and condos for charging over night.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Hells Angels and the Surrey House of Horrors connected to the Pickton Farm

Last month the Vancouver Observer reported on a retired nurse named Bonnie Fournier who worked in the Downtown Eastside since 1968 but hasn't been allowed to testify at the Missing Women Inquiry. No wonder.

Fournier said she saw a black shape being dragged out the passenger side of a large vehicle on Cordova Street late one night in 2000 which turned out to be a person. If the truck Fournier saw was his, it meant Pickton had an accomplice. She asked the woman if it was him. “'I can't say, because I'd be dead,'” she told Fournier. “'They'll kill me.'”

They'll kill me. That implies more than one person. Willy may have been deranged but he certainly wasn't threatening. People wouldn't be afraid to testify against him. People would be afraid to testify against the bikers at the parties on his farm. In the CTV documentary the Pig Farm one resident of the farm claimed a couple of Willy's "friends" accused him of stealing something and beat him up right after Willy mentioned killing prostitutes. He took that as a warning to keep his mouth shut.

In another chilling incident – forever burned into her memory – a young woman Fournier calls “Sharon” told her that in 1999 or 2000: “'Bonnie, I escaped from the farm.'”

“Sharon” said she was in Surrey, shoplifting at a mall -- she supported her drug addiction by stealing, not prostitution, Fournier said -- when two women who knew her from the Downtown Eastside approached and invited her to a party, “with free booze and drugs.” The women went to a “well-known Hells Angels spot” located on the King George Highway, just before it enters Surrey: a rental house they called the “House of Pain.” (We know it as the Surrey House of Horrors. that would have been on 108 Ave just off king George around the corner from Gus' shop)

“They went there, and then were moved by station wagon or van – 'We're going to a party with good music,'” Fournier was told. “They were taken to the (Pickton) farm from this house in Surrey. “After they got to the farm, Sharon said everyone was into the drugs – lots of drugs. When they pulled in there, she got a gut feeling that this was scary. . . she got a gut feeling and bolted from the car and ran to Lougheed Highway. She was picked up by a bus on Lougheed and given a ride in to Vancouver by a sympathetic driver.”

We have heard testimony claiming the House of Horrors were supplied with crack cocaine from the Hells Angels. One witness claimed a Hells Angel or at least a Hells Angels truck was parked at a house on the same street as the Surrey house of Horrors. The house of horrors was at 13832 108 Ave. The Hells Angels truck was parked between 13710 and 13734 108 Ave. Yvonne Marie Boen's DNA was found there as well as on Pickton's Pig Farm. To hear new testimony of a van taking people from the House of Horrors in Surrey to a Hells Angels party at the Pickton farm is disturbing indeed.

Merrit Staff Sergeant charged with stealing and using cocaine

OK here's the new one involving an RCMP Staff Sargent from Merrit. It's even more absurd than the last one. We first heard about it last January. Two more charges have been added to the case against the former top-ranked Mountie in Merritt, B.C., who is accused of stealing and then using cocaine from evidence lockers. Staff Sgt. Stuart Seib was arrested in January and charged with one count of theft under $5,000 after he allegedly told a fellow officer about what he had done.

He made his first appearance in provincial court Wednesday, when additional charges of theft and breach of trust by a public officer were read. The charges date back to June 2010 and relate to offences allegedly committed in Merritt. Seib was transferred to the detachment in November 2011 after years in Clearwater. An RCMP spokesman told that Seib has officially resigned from the force and therefore will face no internal discipline.

I'll tell ya why this case is disturbing. He was caught because he told another police officer about it. He likely told the other police officer about it thinking he might gain some assistance from the old boys club. The scary thing is, how many police officers in his previous jurisdictions knew about what he was doing and were in on it? He had previously worked in Prince George where the Hells Angels control the drug trade and Judge Ramsey was convicted of sexual assault of under age native girls. Keeping an unlawful secret is unlawful. It makes one an accessory to the crime.

That's not even including Keith Wiens, the former RCMP officer from Okanagan who has been charged with the murder of his wife.

Disgraced Alberta Staff Sergeant coming to BC

Why us? Everyone is talking about the disgraced Alberta RCMP officer who is being transferred to BC. There is another similar case breaking as we speak but first I will address Staff Sergeant Don Ray. Here we have another nut bar who somehow rises within the RCMP ranks to a management position. He was the officer in charge of the polygraph unit at Alberta's RCMP headquarters in Edmonton. Which kind explains how he can be RCMP and from Edmonton when Edmonton has it's own police force.

In that management position he was hosting after-hours parties in his office and kept a bar fridge stocked with Budweiser and Appleton Jamaica Rum. Well there's the problem right there- Budweiser. He's drink a fruit of the Loom label. Perhaps he just had that on hand for the ladies. I think they would have preferred Smirnoff Twist. The investigation found Ray would encourage female subordinates to drink and make sexual advances when alone with them.

In 2006, Ray offered beer to a public servant employed by the RCMP who was a subordinate in rank/position to him, but not under his command. Over drinks, the pair engaged in conversation that led to sex in the polygraph suite. Ray had a sexual relationship with the woman for approximately a year. During this time, he used the polygraph suite for drinking booze and having sex with the woman during lunch breaks and after business hours. He also used an unmarked RCMP vehicle assigned to him to travel to places where sexual relations occurred with the woman.

In April 2009, close to the end of one work day, Sgt. Ray invited his staff to a private office party at which he invited them to sit down and have a drink. One of his female subordinates consumed four beers over two hours, and once the others left, Sgt. Ray unzipped his pants, exposed himself and told her to touch his penis, according to RCMP files. She refused.

"S/Sgt. Ray then wanted to have sexual intercourse with Ms. A, which she refused. S/ Sgt. Ray insisted but Ms. A. maintained her refusal. They then both left the building without further sexual contact," a senior disciplinary officer wrote in his findings in February. The investigation said Sgt. Ray exhibited a "serial" pattern of "disgraceful" conduct.

A serial pattern of disgraceful conduct. This wasn't just one offence. The guy gets a 10 day suspension, demoted one rank and a transfer to BC. That is insane. Any other industry he would be fired. RCMP leaders defending their decision not to fire a him for disgraceful conduct makes then legally liable for it. The police hold a position of trust. That's what makes his ridiculous conduct all the more serious than in other industries. Kash Heed is trying to cash in on the exposure once again and I'm just going to set Kash Heed aside and address the issue. Kash Heed and his political party have enough of their own scandals to deal with. Banning the media from reporting on the location of outbreaks of agriculture-related disease like the bird flu is but one example. We'll let Kah Heed address that before he addresses anything about the RCMP.

The last thing we need is another fruit loop in BC managing the RCMP. We need to remember that these allegations from Krista Carle, a former RCMP constable, who spoke out about sexual harassment on the job came after Catherine Galliford, a former spokeswoman for B.C. RCMP, told the media she suffered sexual harassment from senior officers for years. Catherine Galliford was the RCMP spokesperson during the Pickton arrest. At that time she testified to a ridiculously unprofessional practice of ongoing sexual harassment during that investigation.

Which certainly opens pandora's box with regards to allegations from sex trade workers that during the Pickton case police officers blackmailed them into having sex with them. If they didn't have sex with the police officers, the police officers would arrest them for prostitution. I kid you not. I will remind you that this isn't just testimony from two former RCMP members who experienced ongoing sexual harassment at the work place. This is a class action law suit from many witnesses which clearly establishes a long standing tradition of tolerance of illegal sexual harrassment within the RCMP management for years.

These shocking revelations show a pattern unprofessionalism. Any other industry and these guys would be fired. The cover ups are not acceptable. Keeping an unlawful secret is unlawful. It makes one an accessory to the crime. Just like when IHIT literally screwed up by allowing and covering up for an RCMP investigator in the Surrey Six murder to have an affair on his wife by sleeping with a witness in that case. That was absurd.

The key thing here is that this absurd conduct isn't just unprofessional. It's illegal. That's why there is a class action law suit. Any other industry will tell you the employer has a legal duty to protect employees from sexual harassment. They are legally liable to do so. If they have shown to be negligent in tolerating sexual harassment, they become legally liable and subject to court awards of damages. That is why the police have lawyered up so much at the Pickton inquiry. If they were found negligent in obtaining a search warrant for the Pickton farm, the families of the victims including their children could feasibly be awarded court settlements. That is what everyone wants to avoid and is the reason for the absurd cover up with heavily censored documents. I'm not saying I want the police to be sued over their handling of the Pickton case. Most of us just want the truth. If there was corruption involved, then address it. Keeping an unlawful secret is unlawful. The only way inappropriate conduct is corrected is if it is confronted.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pickton invited a sex trade worker to a biker party

A former sex worker testified at the Pickton inquiry last Thursday. She said sometime in the fall of 2000, she was working the street in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, several kilometres south of the notorious Downtown Eastside. A grey cube van approached her and she got inside, where she encountered a man who propositioned her to come to a biker party at his farm in Port Coquitlam, B.C., the woman testified. She told the inquiry she declined the offer because she had heard a warning at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre not to get into a vehicle with a man offering to bring women to Port Coquitlam.

A "biker party." That's interesting. Sure isn't surprising since we know the Hells Angels frequented parties at Piggy's Palace in colours. In fact the inquiry was told the Hells angels had a grow op on site and ran an illegal booze can there. My understanding is that there was only one illegal booze can on site and that would have been Piggy's Palace. The non-profit society registered in Dave and Willy Pickton's name. That's the one the inquiry was told was run by the Hells Angels. That would explain why Willy referred to it as a bikers party.

Yet we know the Hells Angels weren't the only people who attended those parties. Lots of other people did. I'm told it was an after hours club for when roosters closed down. We were told that the inquiry will hear evidence that off duty police officers also attended parties at Piggy's Palace. Last Tuesday the inquiry heard a civilian RCMP worker saw Robert Pickton at a New Years Eve party on his farm with a woman she later recognized as one of the missing sex workers from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

The inquiry is hearing the police had many tips about the farm before they finally got a search warrant. One could argue that the credibility of the witnesses were in question which made getting a search warrant difficult. Let's hope that's the only reason for the delay. Yet one would think a tip from a civilian RCMP worker would have been credible enough to get a warrant. We're still waiting to hear testimony about off duty police officers attending parties there. We're also still waiting for the public inquiry to become public.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Montreal Madness: Little Bo Peep and her mindless lost sheep

It’s really sad to see such a wonderful city being held hostage by such a bunch of spoilt brats. I do not support the striking university students in Montreal. Not at all. This action has destroyed the post secondary education in that wonderful city for generations to come.

Affordable education is a good thing, but not that way. Creating violence because the government plans on raising tuitions after they have been frozen for so many years and are the lowest tuitions in the country - that’s not solidarity, that’s selfishness.

Let’s think what this protest has done to the Quebec economy. Look at what it’s done to tourism. You think anyone wants to visit there now? Not a chance. Let’s think about what this has done to the quality of education at the university. You think anyone is going to want to send their kids there now? Not a chance. Learn how to become a spoilt brat? Not on my dime.

These spoilt brats don’t give a rats ass about the professors and everyone who works at the university to feed their family. Are they supposed to work for free? Even if the Quebec government gave in to all the spoilt brat demands, that means everyone who works at the University is going to have to take a pay cut. That is not fair.

Money builds universities. Money buys equipment. These spoilt brats don’t care about that. They think money grows on trees. The solution is simple. Reopen the University. Anyone who prevents another student from going to class gets a permanent eviction from University and a restraining order preventing them from entering campus.

They can have all the protests they want. They just can’t prevent other students who want to go to class from going to class. The police aren’t helping. Don’t kick the cat. Don’t pepper spray anyone for protesting. Pepper spray people who are throwing rocks, setting fires and breaking windows. It really is that simple.

One spokesperson for the police said it’s very hard to determine who is just protesting and who is causing violence. No it’s not. If you see someone break a window or throw stones then pepper spray or use the truncheon on them. If you don’t see them commit an act of violence, don’t use force against them. It’s that simple.

The bottom line is these idiots are destroying the standard of education in Montreal. This protest has nothing to do with Occupy or corporate greed. It is about the greed of spoilt brats who don’t care that people who work at the university have to get paid to feed their families.

In the words of the Beatles:

You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it's evolution Well, you know We all want to change the world But when you talk about destruction Don't you know that you can count me out?

You say you've got a real solution Well, you know We'd all love to see the plan You ask me for a contribution Well, you know We are doing what we can But if you want money for people with minds that hate All I can tell is, brother, you'll have to wait

You say you'll change the constitution Well, you know We all want to change your head You tell me it's the institution Well, you know You'd better free your mind instead But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow

Motive for nude protests cloaked in mystery

Leslie Greenwood faces two new murder charges

Leslie Greenwood, who received a life sentence for the double NS murder contracted by the Hells Angels, now has two more murder charges to face. The Montreal Police Service laid first-degree murder charges Tuesday against Leslie Douglas Greenwood, 42, in the deaths of Kirk Murray, 47, and Antonio Onesi, 51, who were shot in the parking lot of a Montreal McDonald’s in January 2010.

Brian Patrick McGuire was arrested Feb. 21 and was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Antonio Onesi, 51, and Kirk Murray, 47. The man who shot the pair, Robert William Simpson, 49, became a witness for the prosecution after his arrest. During a preliminary inquiry last year, Simpson testified he carried out the killings for Jeffrey Albert Lynds, a member of the Hells Angels' Nomads chapter in Ontario. Just as his preliminary inquiry was about to resume, Lynds took his own life at the Rivière des Prairies Detention Centre in January.

Lynds, according to Simpson's testimony, was afraid Murray would turn informant if he were ever arrested - so Lynds offered Simpson $20,000 to kill him. The question is, what information did Murray have that the Hells Angels didn't want to be made public? $20,000.00 to have him killed? That's not just about trafficking drugs in prison.

Cheif Justice Joseph Kennedy, the judge in Greenwood's sentencing discussed what a horrible life organized crime figures lead. He said they live in fear - fear of the people they associate with. They are afraid of one another. They do terrible things to one another. It is an awful life.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hollyburn Ridge

I love the view from Hollyburn Ridge. Last night I hiked up in time to watch the sunset. The very last stretch of the last peak really takes your breath away. Not because of its difficulty, but because of the view you spontaneously see when you’ve reached the top. Not only can you see the city from the mountain top but you get a great view of the Lions as well as all the back country between the Lions and the windmill on Grouse Mountain. You can even see Howe Sound and Vancouver Island.

This sunset is for Chad Karylchuk‏ and Aaron Derbyshire. Two very different people.

Yet neither of them deserved to die.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chad Karylchuk‏ and the Hells Angels

Keeping up with the Kelowna Summer Jam, another name we need to add to the list of casualties who were affiliated with the Hells Angels and have since died is Chad Karylchuk‏. In this picture Chad is posing with someone wearing a Hells Angels T-Shirt.

Kim Bolan has posted pictures of Don Lyons, the Independent Soldier who plead guilty to trafficking cocaine and was the prime supplier for Lester Jones, the former vice president of the Kelowna Hells Angels.

Now we know that isn’t Don Lyons in the picture with Chad. So who is it? We know it’s a member of the Hells Angels. We also know Chad was friends with Joey Verma. Chad wasn’t shot. He died of a drug over dose. Yet many seem to think it was a forced over dose and that he knew things about Britney Irving’s murder which could have got him killed.

Aaron Derbyshire and the Dobbins

Aaron Derbyshire is another Kelowna murder that concerns us. Aaron used to work for David Giles’ friend Dobby. Aaron was working as an engineer for the Dobbins when he disappeared. Previously, there was another murder connected to that same construction firm. Perry Walsh was killed riding his bicycle in a hit and run by a car registered to BF Dobbin Construction.

People who knew Aaron claim he wasn't the kind to even get involved with kids doing drugs. Within a day of Aarons disappearance, some of the Dobbins took a Mexican Vacation and weren’t available to speak with the police. Kind of like the owner of the cocaine snorting reindeer shop last Christmas. It’s sad to see any murders in Kelowna. Yet two murders involving a construction firm tied to a friend of David Giles would be considered suspicious.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hells Angels in Okanagan Falls

Looks like the OK coral is going to be the new Slack Alice’s after it burned down in Penticton. It shows an interesting criminal association so it does. They sure like to bring the heat and bring attention to themselves. A prelude to the Kelowna Summer Jam I suppose. If you get jammed up, don’t mention my name. Don’t support the Kelowna Hell Angels. I rather support Britney Irving, Geoff Meisner and Dain Philips.

What’s up with the Trusst Uss clothing right beside the Kelowna Hells Angels booth selling support your local Red and White stickers? What a bizarre motto. Trust Us You will lose. Doesn’t really sound very promising.

Some of those T-shirts look pretty bizarre. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be a real money maker. A front for something else maybe but not a stand alone money maker. He has Gimli selling them over at Primal Instict.

I can't believe that butt ugly idiot CJ Spoon is still hanging around like herpes. That's a face only a mother could love. Poor girl. Have a little self respect. The money just isn't worth it.