Thursday, May 17, 2012

Military guns sold to gangs

Well here’s another disturbing one that shows corruption on yet another level. This one involves the bottom up not the top down. Guns stolen from the Military sold to gangs in the US.

A wide-reaching investigation by military and civilian authorities has uncovered a criminal conspiracy within the Armed Forces to steal and sell nearly $2 million in guns and combat gear to gangs in the U.S. and foreign countries including China, military officials have confirmed.

With cooperation from Marine and Navy officials, NCIS has been able to conduct 66 investigations involving 47 active duty Marines and sailors to include enlisted and high-ranking officers and 21 civilians who are now in various stages of prosecution. A sergeant with Marine Corps Special Operations Command was found guilty of stealing and reselling military property, said MarSOC spokesman Maj. Jeff Landis.

Sgt. Daniel Adam Reich, a former member of 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion, was convicted of four separate counts: Article 80 for attempt to sell military property of a value more than $500; Article 81 for participating in a conspiracy; Article 108 for selling military property of a value more than $500; and Article 134 for wrongfully receiving military property of a value more than $500.

Sadly it is reminiscent of Huntsville. What Al Martin described as the vortex of corruption. A military installation where stealing fro the military was rampant. Profits from those stolen arms went into individual off shore banks accounts. That has nothing to do with doing somehting bad to obtain a good objective. It is simply theft driven by greed. Stealing from taxpayers and what’s worse, arming enemies of the State. That is treason.

Sadly, it must be a large problem because the day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld said the Pentagon was missing $2.3 trillion dollars. That is a huge amount of money. Privatizing the military and thereby removing what little public accountability there is is not the answer.

The FBI Announces Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch Of The Military. Including bikers.


  1. Even when I was a teenager in the late 80's thinking about joining the military I heard stories of the gang problems on american aircraft carriers. Then years later, while in the military, we'd go down to Fort Lewis in Washington to train and part of the in-clearance to the base would be briefings about if you see unusual things in the woods to report them and steer clear, because what you were seeing could be drug related and would be booby-trapped. Keep in mind, Fort Lewis is a Ranger and Special Forces base. Before I went to Ft Lewis I used to wonder why I frequently saw vehicles in East Van with Washington plates and 'Rangers lead the way' bumper stickers....

  2. In East Van? Wonderful. Our enabling the drug addiction is feeding everyone.


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