Friday, May 18, 2012

Harper shuts down Vancouver Canadian coast guard office

Harper continues to apostatize from traditional conservative values by shutting down the Canadian coast guard office in Kitsaliano. The Canadian coast guard is already drastically under funded. Shutting that base down is irresponsible.

Again we see bizarre extremes. Millions on a fleet of over priced jets that can’t be used in the Canadian arctic and aren’t for self defense, billions on banks that didn’t need a bail out, while they cut military services and the Canadian coast guard. These are not conservative values.

Neither is promoting cross border shopping. Harper continues to attack small business and destroy the free market in Canada. The neo con continues.


  1. Yes, you're right; it's disgraceful, just disgraceful, for this Government to de-defend our Province. We're a border Province; with terrible human & dope-smuggling border issues, that are real & happening every single day of the week. Yet no Chilliwack ( or even one other) Army Base, Comox sliced to one single operational Squadron, which is a joke. Esquimalt is home to a few aging wharf-queens of very little operational meaning. Where is one single person to defend us?

    The guys are just blue-collar; and we're paying fifty-percent taxes! And we get this? Where is he spending our tax dollars?

  2. Indeed. A real conservative government is supposed to be supportive of military defence.

  3. New provincial motto: "BC is open for business!" And by business we mean organized crime. Can't be smuggling in boat/plane loads of dope and illegal aliens when there's an effective maritime interdiction capability can we? Military/Air bases, all bad for business. This stuff is really nothing new, it's been going on since they disbanded the Ports Police in the face of a report that clearly outlined a growing criminal threat targeting the Ports Police itself. HA influence in the Longshoreman's Union is nothing new....

    There is a solution. You won't like it, but boy would it work.

    B.C. seceeds from Confederation and becomes the 51st state. Yeah, I know, it'll never happen. And would we really want it to? No.

    But imagine what would happen to Red&White's little empire. Their ability to operate would be severely curtailed, and anyone who got convicted for the level of activity that exists up there would be collecting a pension by the time they were released.

    For better or worse, it would be a whole new ball game. No more of B.C. being ass raped by Ontario and Quebec. Equal representation. I could go on and on, but it's a pipe dream. Just one more reason hy it wuld be a perfect fit for B.C..

  4. lol No one wants to inherit that kind of debt. Seceding from confederation would be jumping out of the frying pan and right into the fire. The HAs would get a direct link to the Mexican Cartels through the ongoing Operation Fast and Furious which used to be called Operation Wide Receiver. I do recall hearing something about the Port Police. We certainly need to do something. Personally I think electing a new PM would be a lot simpler than seceding from confederation.

  5. I'll give credit where it's due K, I used to be fairly single minded about Harper et al. While they have at long last repealed the hated long gun registry as they said they would, there are too many other things they are doing that are unacceptable, castrating Canada's ability to exercise and maintain it's physical sovereignty being an excellent example, their complete and utter ack of leadership in countering the criminal element being another.

    Direct link, I don't know....if there is not an effective level of interdiction, isn't that what they already have? I was really speaking more to the fact that if HA types get convicted in the US they actually get some time. Past that I agree it's problematic, I was being a bit tongue in cheek here.

    Ive said it before, if you don't protect what you have someone will take it from you. THAT is the nature of the world, unpleasant as it may be.


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