Friday, May 25, 2012

Lynn Canyon

Checked out Lynn Canyon today. I was born in North Vancouver and raised in Surrey / Langley. We used to live at the base of Fromme mountain close to Lynn Canyon park and suspension bridge. My father would take me there when I was very young. He was an avid photographer. A lot of young people have died in the park. Many under the influence of alcohol. Most being swept away in the deceptive current. This time of year the water is high and fast from the melting snow which makes it more dangerous.

Towards the end of summer is safer but even then you see people doing crazy things and you’re got to wonder where their brain is at. Some places are safe, others are not. The 30 foot pool is safe. Yet many people would swim up to the small water fall just upstream and get stuck in the under tow. Sliding down the waterfall looks fun but as the notice on the park shows there are ridges of rock under the water where the under tow can pin you. One person got stuck in there and it took them five days to get the body out.

Nevertheless, if you stick to the trail and the 30 foot pool it’s a wonderful place to visit. Once and a while it’s nice to be like salmon and return to your roots. It’s nice to have roots to return to. I’ve always tried to give my kids roots and wings. Give them a stable place to call home and give them confidence to venture out and explore. The world has many nice places to visit. Something you can’t find in a crack pipe.

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