Sunday, May 13, 2012

Empire Gang and the Little Rascals

The purpose of my blog and web site is to expose the big fish. It’s not to advertize for idiots who want to make a name for themselves. The Empire Gang is just a couple of Surrey car thieves. Two bit car thief rats. They don’t even make the gang registry. The only reason I mention them now is to state my opinion that they are insignificant.

For the daily who’s who I still refer people to Kim Bolan’s blog. She does get the inside scoop and I can’t be bothered with the small fish drama. Even the Dhurie Dhak Pak is whacked. Khun Khun is an idiot. Even his in-laws think he pushed their daughter out of his car to her death. How does your fiancĂ© just happen to fall out of your car to her death on a straight away His subsequent suicide attempt is just proof he’s a nut bar. Dave Basi and Bobby Virk's connection to Jasmohan Bains, that is signifigant.

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