Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Hells Angels and the Surrey House of Horrors connected to the Pickton Farm

Last month the Vancouver Observer reported on a retired nurse named Bonnie Fournier who worked in the Downtown Eastside since 1968 but hasn't been allowed to testify at the Missing Women Inquiry. No wonder.

Fournier said she saw a black shape being dragged out the passenger side of a large vehicle on Cordova Street late one night in 2000 which turned out to be a person. If the truck Fournier saw was his, it meant Pickton had an accomplice. She asked the woman if it was him. “'I can't say, because I'd be dead,'” she told Fournier. “'They'll kill me.'”

They'll kill me. That implies more than one person. Willy may have been deranged but he certainly wasn't threatening. People wouldn't be afraid to testify against him. People would be afraid to testify against the bikers at the parties on his farm. In the CTV documentary the Pig Farm one resident of the farm claimed a couple of Willy's "friends" accused him of stealing something and beat him up right after Willy mentioned killing prostitutes. He took that as a warning to keep his mouth shut.

In another chilling incident – forever burned into her memory – a young woman Fournier calls “Sharon” told her that in 1999 or 2000: “'Bonnie, I escaped from the farm.'”

“Sharon” said she was in Surrey, shoplifting at a mall -- she supported her drug addiction by stealing, not prostitution, Fournier said -- when two women who knew her from the Downtown Eastside approached and invited her to a party, “with free booze and drugs.” The women went to a “well-known Hells Angels spot” located on the King George Highway, just before it enters Surrey: a rental house they called the “House of Pain.” (We know it as the Surrey House of Horrors. that would have been on 108 Ave just off king George around the corner from Gus' shop)

“They went there, and then were moved by station wagon or van – 'We're going to a party with good music,'” Fournier was told. “They were taken to the (Pickton) farm from this house in Surrey. “After they got to the farm, Sharon said everyone was into the drugs – lots of drugs. When they pulled in there, she got a gut feeling that this was scary. . . she got a gut feeling and bolted from the car and ran to Lougheed Highway. She was picked up by a bus on Lougheed and given a ride in to Vancouver by a sympathetic driver.”

We have heard testimony claiming the House of Horrors were supplied with crack cocaine from the Hells Angels. One witness claimed a Hells Angel or at least a Hells Angels truck was parked at a house on the same street as the Surrey house of Horrors. The house of horrors was at 13832 108 Ave. The Hells Angels truck was parked between 13710 and 13734 108 Ave. Yvonne Marie Boen's DNA was found there as well as on Pickton's Pig Farm. To hear new testimony of a van taking people from the House of Horrors in Surrey to a Hells Angels party at the Pickton farm is disturbing indeed.


  1. Great commentary, you are one of the few pointing out this connection. You point out the falsity of the Polices' position.


    A friend [who is not connected] said they're pissed off at your *Black Door* exposure, and that you may be in some danger over it.

    That someone will make their bones by, A.) whacking you, and B.) not getting caught.

    The guy will move up big time, his own crew, maybe get a patch with someone...

    I'm consistently surprised at the scale of the operation, how much traffic there is. They have part of the UBC crowd, hipsters, and even business types from the towers...

    Nothing can be allowed to get in the way of that.

  2. Thanks. Perhaps they will put a cap in my ass. Likely it will because of exposing the Surrey house of horrors not for the black door. Everybody knows about the black door. The police know about it. The mayor knows about it. The Amsterdam cafe and the entire 420 movement knows about it. Unfortunately the police just don't care and won't do anything about it. As you say there's still tons of traffic. Business is booming.


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