Monday, May 21, 2012

Leslie Greenwood faces two new murder charges

Leslie Greenwood, who received a life sentence for the double NS murder contracted by the Hells Angels, now has two more murder charges to face. The Montreal Police Service laid first-degree murder charges Tuesday against Leslie Douglas Greenwood, 42, in the deaths of Kirk Murray, 47, and Antonio Onesi, 51, who were shot in the parking lot of a Montreal McDonald’s in January 2010.

Brian Patrick McGuire was arrested Feb. 21 and was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Antonio Onesi, 51, and Kirk Murray, 47. The man who shot the pair, Robert William Simpson, 49, became a witness for the prosecution after his arrest. During a preliminary inquiry last year, Simpson testified he carried out the killings for Jeffrey Albert Lynds, a member of the Hells Angels' Nomads chapter in Ontario. Just as his preliminary inquiry was about to resume, Lynds took his own life at the Rivière des Prairies Detention Centre in January.

Lynds, according to Simpson's testimony, was afraid Murray would turn informant if he were ever arrested - so Lynds offered Simpson $20,000 to kill him. The question is, what information did Murray have that the Hells Angels didn't want to be made public? $20,000.00 to have him killed? That's not just about trafficking drugs in prison.

Cheif Justice Joseph Kennedy, the judge in Greenwood's sentencing discussed what a horrible life organized crime figures lead. He said they live in fear - fear of the people they associate with. They are afraid of one another. They do terrible things to one another. It is an awful life.

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