Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aaron Derbyshire and the Dobbins

Aaron Derbyshire is another Kelowna murder that concerns us. Aaron used to work for David Giles’ friend Dobby. Aaron was working as an engineer for the Dobbins when he disappeared. Previously, there was another murder connected to that same construction firm. Perry Walsh was killed riding his bicycle in a hit and run by a car registered to BF Dobbin Construction.

People who knew Aaron claim he wasn't the kind to even get involved with kids doing drugs. Within a day of Aarons disappearance, some of the Dobbins took a Mexican Vacation and weren’t available to speak with the police. Kind of like the owner of the cocaine snorting reindeer shop last Christmas. It’s sad to see any murders in Kelowna. Yet two murders involving a construction firm tied to a friend of David Giles would be considered suspicious.

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