Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bandera Gold and Barrack Gold

I’ve written a bit about Bandgera Gold when two Canadians involved with that company were recently arrested in Mexico for fraud. They were accused of being affiliated with the UN and laundering money through that Canadian gold company. When I first posted links to that story in Spanish, one heckler called me an idiot and said the article was referring to the United States not to the UN gang. Wrong. This police report clearly refers to the UN gang in Canada and even names Elliot Castenada and Ahmet Kaawach who were Surrey residents tied to the UN and were both shot dead in Mexico.

Some links suggest that the Hells Angels are also involved with the directors of Bandgera Gold. Kelvin Williams is the President and CEO of Bandera Gold Ltd. Russel J Renneberg has been a Board member of Bandera Gold since 1993. Robert R. Morrison has been a Board member of Bandera Gold since 2006. All three own stock in another mining company called Wolverine Exploration.

Hells Angels associate Anthony Ricci owner of No. 5 Orange strip club owns 1,000,000 shares of Wolverine Exploration. Hells Angels associate Ralph Biggar owns 5,000,000 shares of Wolverine Exploration. So if the Hells Angels are involved with the directors of Bandera Gold, and if Bandera Gold has been accused of money laundering for the UN, and if that case cited the murders of Elliot Castenada and Ahmet Kaawach, then who ordered their murder and why?

Barrack Gold on the other hand is another Canadian gold company that was created by an arms dealer named Adnan Khashoggi. I kid you not. He was on the cover of Time magazine. He was also involved with BCCI. Strange that Brian Mulroney and George Bush Jr. were directors of Barrack gold International when Barrack Gold was involved with Bre-X. Strange that Stephen Harper used the Canadian government to lobby on behalf of Brian Mulroney after it was made public that he lied in court and defrauded Canadian tax payers out of $30 million. It’s tragic really.

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