Sunday, March 31, 2013

A salute to Michael Green and the TBM

I’ve made references to the TBM Fresh Start group in Denmark before but I just wanted to reemphasize what a great work they are doing. TBM is Danish for Gang Members Fresh Start. These are former gang members who have left the lifestyle and want a fresh start on life. Michael Green is the public face of the group and there are many anonymous members. Obviously leaving the lifestyle can also be very dangerous. Keeping with the Men in Black theme I refer to him as the Pitbull of Scandinavia.

Michael made reference to the number of treatment centers that help people get off drugs or overcome gambling problems. He then asks where are the programs to help people leave the gang life? There aren’t any. That is where TBM Fresh Start comes in. This is his struggle in his own words translated roughly by Google translate. I tried to fix the translation errors but I’m not very good with languages. Just realize this guy is the real deal and he’s totally sincere. This is the Easter Redemption. Word.


An old proverb says that all change is good, but the truth is something else, for there is something we humans really fear - change. Everything that can jeopardize our security makes us insecure, because it can not only change our daily lives, but also the rest of our life.

It’s the same for all the people who have lived the gang and biker life, for whether voluntarily or involuntarily leaving that environment, they will be forced to live with a new and completely different environment than they previously lived in.

Although all of the TBM has a different background and history of gang and biker life, there is no real big difference between us, we share what we fear most - change and that is what we now face. What before was normal and easy for us, is now a challenge and something difficult. We must adapt with everything, just to have a chance to start living a new life.

For me personally, every day is not only a challenge but a direct battle. It is the biggest challenge I've ever faced in my life, and the most important battle I’ll ever had to fight. 5 years ago I made my choice to leave the life I had lived for more than 20 years, which for me was as normal a life as it is for ordinary people who go to work 9 to 5, and each month get their salaries, which maintain their lifestyles.

I have not had a job since 1988, and my way of life and lifestyle were subsequently funded by the money I "made" until in 2006 the National bill sent me on an undeserved vacation, (Prison) but today I actually am happy it was assigned to me, because for the first time in my life I looked inward, and as did so I got the opportunity to change me.

No doubt without that holiday I would have lived the same life, and every day done the same thing without having to think about it or why I do that. Yet to be able to change something is the most important tool we have because it can only happen if we are motivated to do so. Without motivation we can’t accomplish anything. Although everything in my life before 2006 was much easier and less problematic, I would not swap it with the life I live now - in spite of every day I have to fight with everything that before did not exist in my life.

Whatever resistance I on my new road will meet or face - I shall deny myself that would lie down and give up - because I know I am the last to leave my struggle as the winner - maybe not a knock out, but with the guarantee of points.

Life has no meaning or value without goals, and for all of TBM it is the goal that life must have a new meaning and value, for otherwise this post had never been written. Contempt and judge us for the life we lived, but don’t punish us for the life we want to live side by side with you - because basically we would be just like to be like you - neither more nor less.

Michael Green

Spokesman, TBM

Canadian warship seizes 500 kilos of Heroin

Well this is somewhat ironic. Afghanistan is the largest heroin producing nation in the world. At least it was brought back to that status after the allied invasion. The Taliban had almost completely stopped the heroin production in Afghanistan the year before the invasion.

Yet the Department of National Defence says HMCS Toronto seized around 500 kilograms of heroin from a boat in the Indian Ocean on Friday. No doubt some of that could have ended up on Canadian streets. We have a freaking safe injection site for God’s sake where drug dealers sell it in public without consequence. Things that make ya go hmmm…

Edmonton Drugs and Shootings

Edmonton seems to be heating up as well. A double shooting in Edmonton left one dead last night. That’s their 5th murder for the New Year. No names have been released yet but Police say the shooting is also believed to be gang related. Two men were shot inside Mama's pizza at 28th avenue and Mill Woods Road around 10:30 pm Saturday night.

Saturday morning there was a shooting in the area of 108th Avenue and 111th Street. When police arrives, they found a male in is 20’s suffering from a gunshot wound. His injuries were serious but they are not considered life threatening. Last week a man known to the police was shot multiple times in southwest Edmonton.

Last week the Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement arrested and charged two suspects for drug trafficking. Search warrants were executed on two residences in the area of 165 Avenue and 56 Street, and at 113 Avenue and 122 Street on Friday, March 22, 2013 where guns, drug paraphernalia and 5.5 kilos of cocaine were seized. Roger Teixeira, 30 and Daniel Teixeira, 27, have been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking as well as firearm offenses. Happy Easter. Someone must have forgot about the holiday.

Kim Bolan is also reporting that there was a triple shooting in Princeton, BC Saturday night which left two dead and one in serious condition. A suspect has already been apprehended.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Easter Environment

This year I have an Easter message. This year it’s not religious. Last year I talked about the Christian meaning of Easter. One blog reader thought it was a nice fantasy : ) Actually, I think it’s nice to see people sport morals without religion. Those people aren’t doing good to get a reward. They’re doing it because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

I saw the weather forecast for sun all weekend and knew I had to seize the day. You don’t have to be religious to get out there and worship the sun or the big blue marble we live on. I snowshoed up Hollyburn ridge before dawn and caught the sunrise over the mountains. Then I broke the kayak out at Third Beach and caught the sunset. A perfect day. That’s what I love about this time of year. You still have melting snow on the mountains you can enjoy and you can also go sailing or kayaking the same weekend or if you’re energetic, the same day.

I really enjoy hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains. That is my holy land. My Easter pilgrimage. There’s nothing better than getting the heart beating and breathing all that fresh air. Stopping to look at a big tree in admiration. Breathing in the fresh oxygen the tree produces and breathing out the carbon dioxide the tree uses. We are interdependent. That was a term Martin Luther King used in reference to social justice. Today I’m using the term to emphasize how connected we really are to the environment we live in.

We breath that air. Polluting that air is like shooting ourselves in the foot. It’s very short sighted. Just as clear cutting a forest is. Preston Manning told the media that taking care of the environment is being fiscally responsible. Indeed it is. He also said that’s a tough sell among Harper’s people. Indeed that is. They can’t grasp the concept at all.

Being fiscally responsible means you don’t leave your kids an over burdensome debt. Likewise it means not trashing the planet so they can enjoy it too with their kids. It’s time we start really embracing words like sustainability. We’ve got to overcome the selfish greed of short sighted self destruction.

With the rise of the Green Party it’s clear that you don’t have to be an eco terrorist to care about the planet. No one likes to see a beach or alpine trail covered with litter. Trashing the environment shows a lack of self respect. We need to think about the air we breath and the water we drink. We need to be better stewards of this marvelous ecosystem that we are very much a part of.

This was today's Easter Pilgrimage:

Metro Vancouver should end garbage incineration: study

Hells Angel arrested for 22 murders

Frédéric Landry-Hétu, a member of the Hells Angels wanted for 22 counts of murder and one of Quebec’s 10 most wanted criminals has been arrested this morning. The arrest warrant was issued April of 2009 under Operation SharQ.

The charges stem from a secret vote in 1994 taken by the entire Quebec membership of the Hells Angels. The membership voted in favour of engaging in a bloody turf war with the Rock Machine and contributed a portion of their drug profits to a fund for killing rival drug dealers. Kinda like we are now seeing in BC.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bacchus accused of smuggling drugs in Halifax jail

CTV is reporting that earlier this month, 14 people were arrested in Halifax, Truro and Cape Breton and 43 charges were laid following a probe into drug trafficking at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Halifax.

On Tuesday, RCMP issued a release saying it made another arrest on Monday evening as a result of its five-month probe of activities at the jail. Thirty-year-old David Bishop, a member of Bacchus MC, was arrested during a search of a residence on Chelmsford Street in Halifax.

He is facing charges of trafficking cocaine and steroids, possession of steroids, resisting arrest, unsafe storage of ammunition, possession of cannabis resin, two counts of possessing a prohibited weapon and one count of breaching court conditions.

Happy Easter Buttkiss. Say Hi to the three stooges in the dumb house crew this weekend. Cocaine and steroids. If those hillbillies had half a brain they’d be dangerous.

Pope washes prisoner’s feet

Wow. Contrary to popular belief, I am not Catholic. Although I do have a great respect for Mother Teresa and members of the Catholic faith. I am what the Irish refer to as a republican. I believe in a free republic and the freedom of religion.

Catholics aren’t the only ones that celebrate Maundy Thursday. Yet today’s news of the new Pope breaking with tradition and washing the feet of a female Muslim prisoner warms the heart. Humility isn’t something we see in leadership these days. It gives us something to think about.

Montreal Mob Murders

Last month two mob murders in Montreal are of interest. Vincenzo Scuderi, 49, was shot dead outside his home in Montreal's north end and Tony Callochia, 51, was shot several times outside a restaurant just north of the city.

Callochia, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2008 for cocaine trafficking, has alleged ties to Vincenzo Armeni, who is currently in prison, also for cocaine trafficking. Police say Armeni is tied to the Rizzuto crime family in Montreal.

Scuderi was killed outside his home in St. Leonard, the historic centre of Montreal's Italian community. He was reportedly connected to Raynald Desjardins, a major player in Montreal's organized crime circles who was once close to Mob boss Vito Rizzuto. Scuderi was the second close associate of Desjardins killed in the past several weeks; Gaetan Gosselin, 69, was killed on the street in Montreal on Jan 22.

"The current relationship between Desjardins and Rizzuto is unclear. Sources tell QMI Agency that the once-close relationship between the two men is likely over. Desjardins is currently awaiting trial for the murder of Salvatore Montagna, the former head of New York's Bonanno crime family. Montagna's body was pulled from a river north of Montreal at the end of 2011."

On that note, One of six men arrested in connection with the murder of mafioso Salvatore Montagna will see his charges upgraded to first-degree murder. The Sûreté du Québec announced Wednesday they rearrested Pietro Magistrale, 61, as part of the same investigation that saw him charged, in December 2011, with 19 counts related to four firearms seized during the investigation into Montagna’s Nov. 24, 2011, murder. Mob slayings rise after Rizzuto's return.

Surrey pepper spray shooting

There appears to be yet another shooting in Surrey but since it didn’t result in a fatality, isn’t making big news. CKNW is reporting that “Just before midnight, the victim walked into a convenience store on 104th Avenue and 131st Street. He grabbed a jug of milk, went outside and poured it all over himself.”

We know that people use milk to relieve the pain of being pepper sprayed and that was indeed the reason he claimed to have done it. So a guy gets pepper sprayed and shot, walks into a convenience store and pours milk on his eyes. Evidently the gunshot injury didn’t prevent him from walking. The Vancouver Province is reporting that it happened midnight last night / this morning.

Ministry criminally liable in Prince George rape

We’ve been talking about the new developments in the brutal sexual assault in Prince George. The case is a clear example of how personal responsibility and political corruption has resulted in brutal violence tied to the gang war. Crown council is supposed to represent the victim in such a horrendous assault. It’s not supposed to represent the defense. The defense already has lawyers.

It turns out the ministry has been busy behind the scenes continuing it’s pattern of criminal negligence in getting these young offenders off and covering up the offense without a consequence. Some of the kids have already been released on bail. One of which is another young “rapper” who supports the free Emcee Dusty movement with Red Rum promoting the release of a criminal who was cutting off fingers for drug debts owed to the Crew. Most of which have crossed over to the Independent Soldiers and are still selling drugs for the Hells Angels in Prince George. The ones running the crack shacks where addicts have been found chained in the basements tortured for drug debts. Red Rum is on the left in the top picture.

One of the underage offenders who has been released and is still posting on facebook posted this picture of himself with a cat. One would think that is honest enough. Until one realizes that locals refer to kids posting pictures of them with cats as members of the KKK - Kitty Kat Killars. Below the picture his friends were joking about the cat saying be careful or the cat gets the broomstick. They were joking about sodomizing the cat with a broom stick just like he has been accused of sodomizing a teenage victim with a broomstick. This is the legacy of Ricky Ciarniello and David Black. There is nothing tough, cool or hard core about killing or torturing cats. It is deranged.

In our last post on the case we pointed out that the driving force behind the accused is a 18 year old named Glen Louis who is another “rapper” for Kitt Alwood’s Urban Underground. He raps with two other accused and wrote a song calling for the release of three of the accused. He failed to mention the other member of his “family” he raps with that is also accused. He wants him to take the fall for the others. He wants to use that guy and show love for the others. It clearly does look like just another dysfunctional family. Especially since they are bragging about selling drugs and collecting drug debts after they just sodomized a young victim with a broom stick.

The common denominator with all these kids is that they live or were raised by the ministry. These privatized group homes raise the kids without consequences and turn them into spoilt brats. They can’t even make the kids go to school. Glen Louis just turned 18 and will be leaving the program with a grade eight education. That hasn’t prepared him for the real world. It has only prepared him to be what he is – a bully that brags about selling drugs and collecting drug debts from young kids.

Keep in mind, this is Shirley bond’s riding. “Shirley Bond, BC Liberal MLA for Prince George-Valemount serving with Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Team.” Shirley bond and the BC Liberals are criminally negligent in what has happened to these privatized group homes where workers can’t even press charges for assault if they are beaten up by a kid there. Where it is common for kids from different families who meet at a co ed group home run by the ministry to sleep together. Where kids have no real clothing allowance and the company makes money.

As I said in the last post on the subject, raising kids without consequences is child abuse. You don’t have to hit a kid to force them to face a consequence. If you don’t go to school, you don’t get TV or video games. If you have sex with someone in the home you will be sent to another one. If you assault an employee at the home you will have a curfew and won’t be allowed to go to parties at night. It’s that simple. What we see the ministry do now is criminal negligence. This class action case is proof of it.

Did I mention that Red Rum’s young offender is a cousin of Billy Moore and is friends with his son? The fact that these delinquents brag about selling drugs for the same guys that killed Billy Moore shows they have no respect for anyone including themselves.

Surrey recycler charged for exporting hazardous waste

A Surrey recycling company is facing 24 federal charges for allegedly exporting hazardous electronic waste to China. That’s a switch. Usually they’re trying to import hazardous waste into Canada. Just wait until they start burning it in Surrey. A lot of people still put electronics in the garbage so a lot of it will get burned when they build their toxic incinerator in Surrey.

Ironically enough, they had plans to build an incinerator in Surrey England but their City Hall caved in to public pressure opposing it. Newfoundland used to burn garbage but are phasing them out. So other places phase it out and Surrey brings it in. That’s not very forward thinking.

With regards to this Surrey company exporting hazardous waste to China, just wait until they sue under NAFTA Chapter 11 in the new China agreement. Another reason why these crazy clauses in these bad trade agreements that have nothing to do with free trade have to go.

Every time you cross the Port Mann bridge you can see the old landfill sight. It’s a pleasant green hill with no toxic fumes whatsoever. The only mistake we made there was building it near a river. They made the same mistake many years ago in Lynn Canyon headwaters. North Vancouver used to get their drinking water from Lynn canyon head waters. Until they realized that rust and corrosion from the landfill site they built next to the creek was seeping into the water every time it rained. There is nothing wrong with landfill sights in Canada that aren’t beside rivers. Corporations just want to make money by burning everything and choking us unconscious.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Viral Police video

I will comment on the viral video of a Vancouver police officer punching a bicyclist in the face. I’m the first one to admit there are many examples of police brutality that need to be addressed. The Victoria officer kicking a suspect when he was on the ground. The Kelowna officer kicking a compliant suspect in the face when he was on his knees. The VPD giving a guy the boots and caving in his face when responding to a domestic dispute. They got the wrong door. Even the New Westminster use of force trainer who got drunk and assaulted a newspaper delivery man in Vancouver. It’s all pretty shameful.

I just don’t think this case is relevant to the others. Here’s the deal. Under cover cops question a bicyclist in Vancouver after they accuse him of running a red light. He admits asking them Don’t you have anything better to do? He’s giving them attitude. It’s not a significant offense but it is worth a ticket so keep your mouth shut. He gives them attitude so they arrest him and put the cuffs on. As he is being handcuffed he pulls one of his hands away preventing the officer from cuffing him. The officer responds by punching him in the head, gaining control of the arm and brings it back behind his back to put the cuffs on.

If he had punched him after the cuffs were on it would be a different matter. But the guy pulled his hand away preventing him from being handcuffed. All through the interview he’s displaying the cocky arrogance he no doubt gave the officers that night. Personally I don’t think this one is a big deal. Many other cases are.

Surrey Pump and Dump scam goes International

The Vancouver Province reported that a father and son from Surrey are among a group of people charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an international “pump and dump” scheme in which they allegedly fraudulently inflated stock prices before selling them for millions in profits. Charged are John Kirk and Benjamin Kirk of Surrey and Canadian stock promoters Dylan Boyle and James Hinton, along with two San Diego lawyers, a broker-dealer based in the Bahamas and others, according to an SEC news release.

The U.S. lawyers allegedly helped the Kirks hide their involvement with the company and provided misleading legal opinions. And Gibraltar Global Securities in the Bahamas allegedly allowed Benjamin Kirk to secretly sell shares of the companies he was promoting by hiding the fact that he was an owner by providing false affidavits.

“The SEC complaint seeks, among other things, a final judgment ordering the defendants to return their allegedly ill-gotten gains, with interest, and to bar [those charged] from participating in future penny stock offerings,” it said.

In the summer of 2011, the Alberta Securities Commission filed charges in provincial court against the Kirks for the same “pump and dump” scam. That’s the problem. Remember the VSE? The Vancouver stock Exchange was full of fake pump and dump stocks. That’s why it no longer exists and merged with the TSE. This ongoing problem still needs to be addressed because it doesn’t just effect Vancouver, it effects everyone. Fraud was the cause of the Greek financial crisis.

Former Vancouver geologist pleads guilty to massive assay fraud

Former Vancouver geologist and mining executive John Gregory Paterson, who created and distributed hundreds of bogus assay results to boost the share price of Toronto Stock Exchange-listed Southwestern Resources Corp., has pleaded guilty to four of nine counts of fraud.

Bogus Poll finds support for more tolls and taxes

We’ve talked about how in England the press is very slanted towards specific political candidates. Murdoch embraced Tony Blair then David Cameron. On 10 September 2009, James Murdoch used an informal drinks with the then Leader of the Opposition to reveal that The Sun would be switching its allegiance back from Labour to the Tories.

When the paper supported Tony Blaiir, the godfather of one of Murdoch’s children, that meant they published articles and editorials in support of him and didn’t publish articles against him. The same thing when they switched back to supporting David Cameron. That news was biased. It was propaganda. Although we did see some bias in Canada when Conrad Black was buying up newspapers, all in all I think things here are pretty good. Not perfect but pretty good in comparison.

And then there’s Laura Balance and the Black Press. The Toronto Star owns 20% of the Black Press which owns the Surrey Leader and several smaller newspapers in Western Canada. The Northern Insights blog pointed out Torstar paid $20 million for it’s 20% of Black Press in 2002. In 2012 it had written off the value of those shares to nil.

That means local papers are pretty anxious to get advertizing dollars from companies like Laura Balance. Many people feel these small struggling papers are more than happy to write stories and articles that would favor their clients then risk losing those advertizing dollars. Just like in the days of Conrad Black and Rupert Murdoch.

Case in point, the ridiculous article on the front page of today’s Surrey Leader claiming that a new Poll finds support for more tolls and taxes. Aside from being completely ridiculous, that’s exactly what Godzilla, Laura Balance’s highest profile client wants. While an editorial in the Vancouver Province, a paper not owned by the Black Press, said that Dianne Watts and all the other mayors that want to implement a Regional Sales tax should be fired. I do think the Surrey Leader is a good paper with a lot of potential. Articles like that however, destroy it’s credibility.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Obama's Crackdown on Whistleblowers

Looks like Stephen Harper isn’t then only one that fires whistle blowers. Obama is doing it too. Which shows this kind of corruption in nonpartisan. It is nonetheless, corruption. Big brother here we come. Go Jesse Ventura! Meanwhile, a young girl tries to save the trees from Godzilla.

Border agent’s directive questioned

CBC is reporting that Drug busts by the Canada Border Services Agency rose 10 per cent between 2007 and 2012. So why would the Harper government instruct Canadian border agents to change their focus and not prioritize drugs or organized crime but to focus on human smuggling related to refugee and immigration reform? You can’t get any more corrupt than that. Knowing we’re in a gang war fueled by the cross border pot for cocaine drug trade, telling border agents not to prioritize that is criminally negligent and politically suspect.

This isn’t new information. We were told about the government’s new directive before although I can’t locate the story in the archives yet. This story just reaffirms the directive and compares it with the increase in drug related statistics showing once again how corrupt the Harper government really is. Cuts funding for the RCMP, the gang task force, the prisons and now tells border agents not to worry about looking for drugs. That's not very tough on crime at all.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rob Ford denies being drunk again

OK this one is almost too stupid to even mention but it's a prime example of the continued bullying that goes on not just in Surrey City Hall but in Toronto City Hall as well. Rob Ford is denying he was drunk in public again. It’s not the first time he’s been drunk in public and it’s not the first time he’s denied being drunk in public when he was.

He was accused of being drunk at a hockey game and being so verbally abusive to a couple at the game he was asked to leave. He said those allegations were a lie. Then when it was proven true he made a public apology. For being drunk and for being abusive to a couple at the game not for lying about it. This guy is abusive. Period. He denied the groping allegations as well. Come to think of it, police were called to his house for a domestic dispute. He claimed they were having marital problems but were staying together for the kids sake and denied hitting her.

This is the same guy who was pulled over for impaired driving in Florida and refused to blow after they fond a joint in his pocket. This time Peter McKay, another complete scoundrel, comes to his defense and says he looked fine to me. This is the guy that point blank lied about calling his ex girlfriend Belinda Stronach a dog in Parliament when he was caught on tape doing so. Peter McKay hid Canada’s involvement with handing over prisoners in Afghanistan to be tortured and helped slander the whistleblower after Harper fired him. Not a very credible bunch.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Council seeks to revoke Cycle Logic’s business license

Castanet is reporting that West Kelowna Council is being asked to revoke the business license for Cycle Logic. Police raided it last August and said it was the hub of a stolen car, boat and motorcycle ring that would change the vins on stolen vehicles. Jonny Newcome was arrested as well as two Hells Angels from Calgary.

Is that why Jonny came up with Priest Valley Speed? If he changes the name of his stolen car ring does that mean he gets a new business license? They do have a funny youtube video advertizing it claiming they can fix any bike but they can’t fix stupid. Priest Valley Speed are advertizing bikes for sale at Cycle Logic. I guess that’s kinda like TBarz under new management. Not.

BTW Rats steal cars and motorcycles. One blog reader was wondering what that brand new big rig that's going up and down the highway all the time, plastered with Kreater Custom motorcycles logo was hauling. Are they gonna try to say they are hauling bikes to shows in PG or Calgary? Last time I checked winter wasn't the most appealing bike season in Canada.... Maybe they’re transporting plants for his dad’s gardening chain. Sad to see him support HA events though.

Update: Castanet is confirming that West Kelowna city council did in fact revoke Cycle Logic’s business license because of all the stolen property charges involving Johnny Newcome and Cycle Logic. I’m not sure how that applies to his Priest Valley Speed.

Surrey Shooting

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the Surrey RCMP have arrested three men after a man was left bleeding from gunshot wounds to both legs in central Whalley Sunday. BC Daily Buzz reports that Police responded to the targeted shooting of a 53-year-old man 9 a.m. Sunday in Cedar Gardens Apartments, at 13370 King George Blvd. Five men, four Caucasian and one Black, appeared at the man's door, sprayed him with pepper spray and shot him in the stomach. Police say the heavy-set Iranian man who was shot, is known to police.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Drug debt interest

I have one small but significant point with regards to the Sulaiman Safi kidnapping trial. Safi is the one that shared a car lease with Hells Angel Glen Hehn. He was contracted to launder $400,000 for “them” in LA. The associate he sent it with was stopped and $264,000 was seized by the police. Mirhadi and her associate did not believe him and threatened to kill him.

Safi said he was tied to a chair with “zap straps” and talked to repeatedly by “the main guy,” who said his crew had been hired to retrieve the missing money, plus $600,000 extra. When Safi insisted he could only come up with what was lost, “the main guy” and another kidnapper he called “the scruffy guy” got more aggressive, he told Bruce.

“When he saw I wasn’t budging and that’s all I could offer, he asked the scruffy guy to go get the clippers and start clipping my fingers,” Safi said. “His tone of voice was loud, threatening.” Safi said he finally struck a deal with his kidnappers to pay them as much cash as he could gather, as well as 10 kilos of cocaine worth $350,000 wholesale.

OK so let’s do the math. Safi agrees to launder $400,000. The police intercepts and seize $264,000. Now he’s on the hook for the lost money as well as interest. A lot of it. They wanted him to pay the money that was lost as well as and additional $600,000. That is outrageous. Safi cuts a deal and agrees to pay for the money the police seized as well as an addition 10 kilos of cocaine worth $350,000.

This is an example of how the dirty rats do business. If you’re running drugs or cash and the police seize it, you’re on the hook for it plus a massive amount of interest. That is not fair. If you object they start cutting off body parts and threatening your life. Just like how the Haney Hells Angels have been accused of ripping off their own grow ops.

It makes us wonder how much Jeremy Snow “owed” when he got out of jail because he was flying a helicopter where he was set up and 170 pounds of BC Bud were seized by the police. He and Tiffany were murdered in Kelowna last month. It had been said that Jeremy owed money. To who? Tiffany was one of Matt the Rat Schrader’s top friends on Myspace. She had Norm Cocks as one of her friends just like Matt the Rat did. With friends like those, who needs enemies?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Harper Government supporting organized crime in Montreal

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The Harper government has cut funding for integrated gang task forces in North Montreal. That’s the heart of Hells Angels drug trafficking. Let’s pause and recap. Stephen Harper campaigned on a tough on crime platform. After he got his coveted majority government, he immediately cut funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task force. At the same time he increased funding for RCMP commercials to promote the brand.

He cut funding for prisons and clogged up the courts with nonviolent crime which prevented us from dealing with all the violent crime. He appointed the president of the conservative party who used to be a lawyer that represented the Hells Angels to the bench in Quebec. What does he have against Quebec anyways? I can’t speak French very well either. That doesn’t mean he has to be a hater.

Let’s not forget the criminals in his inner circle like the fraud master and dirty old man Bruce Carson himself. The one who Harper personally saw into his inner circle despite his criminal record for fraud. Or how Raymond Sturgeon lobbied for CFN Consultants on behalf of Lockheed Martin’s dirty deal on that fleet of insider trading jets that cost way more than the Boeing ones.

Or his cover up of Lyin Brian Mulroney’s Airbus scandal that covered up Mulroney’s perjury regarding his secret relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber that resulted in Kickback Mountain. You know the one that Mulroney sued for slander after committing perjury where he defrauded taxpayers out of a $2.1 million settlement.

Or how Maxime Bernier’s girlfriend said Maxine told her “the war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with building democracy in that country but has to do with the global control of the opium trade. It’s a drug war.”... "the War In Afghanistan was about the control of the global opium trade, not democracy". Not surprising how the production of opium has spiked in Afghanistan after the invasion.

This latest Harper task is no different than Rich Coleman and the Campbell Governments disbanding the RCMP's Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team in 2009 after it gave a number of warnings about the presence of organized crime laundering money at casinos in the Province. That was another clear example of political corruption. What Harper is doing now is no different. Preston Manning should be ashamed of himself for supporting such a corrupt deviation of the Reform Principles. Harper is way worse than PT ever was. Here’s to the return of JT. The restorer of the right as in justice and doing what’s right.

The Price is Right in Kelowna

Well the Price is Right road show came to Kelowna on March 5th 2013. Guess who showed up for try outs? Recognize the guy with the goofy frow? That’s Blaze aka Donnie McWhirter from the IS. Joey Verma’s pal. He’s the one who plead guilty to assaulting his ex. Idiot. Wait a minute. Those shirts are referring to Bob Barker. He's retired. Drew Carey has been the host since 2007.

Abbotsford shooting last night

News 1130 is reporting that one man is in hospital after a shooting last night in Abbotsford. The shooting happened just after 10 p.m. at Gladwin and Downes Road. Witnesses say shots were fired from one car into another as both were heading east on Downes. Abbotsford Police Sergeant Casey Vinet says shortly after that one man showed up at the hospital.The 20 year old victim is known to the police. Here's a double shooting in Abbotsford from back in 2009.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Candlelight Vigil in Mission

Hundreds gathered in Mission last night to remember Rachel Pernosky, the 18-year-old mother found murdered this week. Rachel was last seen early Saturday morning at her Mission home. Her purse and cell phone were later found inside. A neighbor said she saw her just after midnight with a man outside her home. “She just looked like she was hanging out with a friend.” Rachel’s body was found Tuesday evening down a steep embankment in Chilliwack. Tragically she left behind a one year old son. This is what I mean about murder. Stealing a child's mother is horrible.

Surrey swarming victim speaks out

The Vancouver Sun released a video of Annie Hurwich, who was 16 years old when she was beaten and robbed by a swarm of girls she met online who told her they were going to a party. Annie is speaking out about it because some of her attackers are still online harassing her.

A screen clip from the video is very disturbing. One girl going by Jamie Dunne on facebook told the others her favorite memory was seeing Annie run as fast as she can with blood pouring down her face. At first glance the girl who said it looked pretty. Yet that kind of insecurity reveals an ugliness that goes right to the bone. This is the gang mentality. Insecure bullies preying on others.

Notoriously wacked - Update

Let’s get one thing straight: the Bacon brothers are not notorious. They are not respected in Surrey. They are despised here. They’re just a couple of suburban princesses empowered by Larry Amero’s Big Red Lie. In Surrey everyone rather cheer on a clown like Khun Khun than support the three little piggies. Well two now if you don’t count their irresponsible parents. Jonathon and Jarred were preps and Jamie was just plain awkward. That's why they moved to Abbotsford.

Recently there was a book published about the “Notorious” Bacon Brothers. The media first started using the term notorious yet glorifying these idiots is in no one’s best interest. There used to be a famous rapper who was shot dead who was referred to as the Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie. Using that same term on a couple of worthless pieces of pig sh*t from Abbotsford is a joke.

The book does point out one thing. These idiots aren’t from the hood. They are suburban princesses empowered by Larry Amero’s Surrey Girls. Yet with all these murder trials coming to head, before we start cheering anyone on, it’s important to pause and reflect on the obvious. There is nothing admirable about murder. A group of grown men beating a father to death with baseball bats and hammers is disturbing. Just like the Michael Levy swarming.

Ambushing someone and shooting an unarmed target is anything but noble. Even Vito Rizzuto went to jail for hiding in a closet with a few other gunmen and ambushing a former fellow capo in New York. It’s hard to see anything cool about that. Hiding in a closet with a gun.

The whole concept of joining the ranks of murders is so Clifford Olsen. It’s like that song by Rihanna where she says she doesn’t want to be a murderer. Nor do I. We can talk all hard core but really, that is not something I personally want to be. Obsessing over all these murders without realizing that isn’t healthy. We start to lose touch with reality and humanity. We start thinking that swarming and sodomizing someone is cool when it is very far from it.

In the movie Green Hornet Cameron Diaz was the brains of the operation. She told the dynamic duo what to watch out for. She said the crime boss would invite them to a secret meeting to try and kill them just like John Gotti did to Mangela. Well isn’t that special. It’s all about betrayal driven by selfishness and greed. Buyer Beware. That is Notoriously Wacked.


Update: Turns out the author of this new book on the Bacon Brothers is a very credible journalist and accomplished author from Ontario. My concern is glamorizing the pork sausage which is the last thing anyone needs. Eileen Mohan expressed her concerns about glorifying those deviants for killing her innocent son and I agree.

I’m not saying don’t read the book. I’m just saying read it with a grain of salt knowing how hated those suburban princesses are locally. In contrast I would highly recommend another book by the same author called: Fallen Angel: The Unlikely Rise of Walter Stadnick and the Canadian Hells Angels. Walter Stadnick was Mom the armed rapist Boucher’s pal. Walter was 5’ 4” tall.

Prince George Sexual Assault Trial

With regards to the brutal sexual assault in Prince George it appears the two adults charged in that horrific offense, Hayden Alwood and Mercedes Jewett, made their first appearance on March 6 2013. They are scheduled to make an appearance on April 3rd 2013 to consult council. However, they are scheduled on March 28 2013 for a Judicial Interim Release.

BTW if this case has nothing to do with drugs, why is Mercedes posing in a PG crack house?

How does Glen Jame Louis supplement his income? Does he rap for the IS?

Surely Glen isn't collecting money from young kids who haven't paid their rap concert tickets. Glen raps with the co accused. Why did he write a song about freeing his "family?" I.E. Hayden, Mercedes and his rap partner. Of course he says f the police. Pretty pathetic when he supports deranged thugs who sodomized his own uncle. This guy needs some professional help. Glen and his partner have another song that says f school I wanna be a drug dealer. Imagine that. They even say don’t pay up and you’re better off dead. He claims he sells cocaine in the song.

They're all tied to the Predator Kitt Alwood and her new label the Urban Underground.

Why is one of the accused who wrote a song claiming he wants to be a drug dealer and sells cocaine partying with a T-shirt on that says Free Emcee Dusty? That's Boo's brother. He was involved with Scott Payne who cut off a guy's fingers for a $170.00 drug debts owed to the Crew.

Why was one of the accused who was released joking about sodomizing a cat on Facebook? In the Free Hayden and Mercedes song, Glen Louis claims one plead guilty so the others three should go free. He's coaching them through his music. He's telling them how to plead. He's trying to bully one of the younger ones they used to take the fall for him and the others. When is he going to start taking responsibility for his own life and stop bullying younger kids to commit his deranged acts for him? Glen's facebook says he works at the Urban Underground.

Group Homes

What this case does do is shed light on the complete failure of social services. Most of these kids involved in this horrific offense were in the care of or just graduated from the care of social services. They were raised in group homes without consequences. They can’t even force the kids to go to school. Glen is just “graduating” from the program because he has turned 18. He leaves the program with a grade 8 education. How has that prepared him for the real world? What did he do for all those years when everyone else was going to school? Pick up a trade? Nope. He was taught to become a bully and a predator because he is bigger and fatter that other kids his age.

Mercedes was raised in group homes run by the Ministry. After she turned 18 they set her up in her own apartment where this offense is alleged to have been committed. She had a baby. The Ministry took that baby away because they felt she was an unfit mother. Whose fault is that? The ministry raised her. Hayden was raised in group homes run by the Ministry. Social Services must have thought there was some concern about his mother who is now a child predator indoctrinating kids into the gang banger lifestyle.

Life is all about consequences. We make choices and good or bad we live with the consequences of those choices. Raising kids without consequences is child abuse. It leaves them totally unprepared for the real world. All we are doing is raising a bunch of spoilt brats. Even worse, we are paying to make them vulnerable to the gangs and become criminals and predators.

You don’t even have to be from a bad home to end up in a group home. Years ago I had a friend who got in a fight with her daughter because she came home late from a party. The kid ran off to social services to save her. While in the care of the ministry, the kid attended a house wrecking party that was in the paper. I gave that information to my friend’s lawyer when the mother was fighting to get her daughter back. The judge said the lawyer presented a very compelling case. No doubt. If kids don’t want to live with rules they can run off to Social Services who then enables them to go to parties and take drugs.

Ministry criminally liable in Prince George rape.