Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rob Ford denies being drunk again

OK this one is almost too stupid to even mention but it's a prime example of the continued bullying that goes on not just in Surrey City Hall but in Toronto City Hall as well. Rob Ford is denying he was drunk in public again. It’s not the first time he’s been drunk in public and it’s not the first time he’s denied being drunk in public when he was.

He was accused of being drunk at a hockey game and being so verbally abusive to a couple at the game he was asked to leave. He said those allegations were a lie. Then when it was proven true he made a public apology. For being drunk and for being abusive to a couple at the game not for lying about it. This guy is abusive. Period. He denied the groping allegations as well. Come to think of it, police were called to his house for a domestic dispute. He claimed they were having marital problems but were staying together for the kids sake and denied hitting her.

This is the same guy who was pulled over for impaired driving in Florida and refused to blow after they fond a joint in his pocket. This time Peter McKay, another complete scoundrel, comes to his defense and says he looked fine to me. This is the guy that point blank lied about calling his ex girlfriend Belinda Stronach a dog in Parliament when he was caught on tape doing so. Peter McKay hid Canada’s involvement with handing over prisoners in Afghanistan to be tortured and helped slander the whistleblower after Harper fired him. Not a very credible bunch.

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  1. Imagine the bottomless level of regret this poor woman has, waking up in the morning and looking over at the corpulent gluttonous drunken narcissistic sociopath (did I leave anything out?) who she allowed to father her children......

    Choose carefully ladies. Be picky. It's for life, and not just yours either. Sad to say, but the gene pool probably could have done without his contribution.


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