Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis from Argentina is the new Pope

CBC is reporting that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, who will be known as Pope Francis, has been selected as the new Pope. He is the first Pope from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium.

That’s nice. Everyone is stunned because everyone was speculating as to who was the most likely to be chosen. I guess that’s why people shouldn’t assume who’s next in line. On a lighter note, there was a late night comedian on television a week ago that sent a reporter out into the public to ask them what they thought of the new Pope. This was long before one was selected. They all started making stuff up and saying oh, he’s great.

Then the reporter asked one guy if he had seen the Pope’s ex wife’s interview on television and the guy said, oh yeah, she was very funny. Then she asked him how he felt about him being Jewish and he said he felt that was a good thing. It was rather amusing to see how people can be so out of touch with reality. I know we’re all busy but come on... Is the Pope Catholic?


  1. X: You raise a valid point about allegations of supporting a dictatorship in Argentina which has been reported in the media. I will look into this. The Catholic Church does indeed do a lot of good work for the poor. Mother Teresa was but one example. That doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to talk about the money laundering in the Vatican Bank of the perpetual cover up of priests abusing young boys. I will however be respectful towards religious figures people hold up as leaders. To me that falls under the freedom of religion and supports a free republic.

  2. Angent K -
    I really appreciate you posting an editing my comments about this new Pope on your Web site. I probably came across a bit strong and offensive to Roman Catholic fallers; but I have to tell you one thing. This is one scary group. Personally I’m more scared of them; then a hundred angry Hell’s Angels. They are invisible and they have an organized agenda that only God and the Devil can understand. The Hells Angels call their meetings “Church”. The Mafia consists of 100% Italians. Roman Catholic?

    I have provided the link of the info provided earlier.
    Also provided a link to a long and interesting lead I came across about 1 year ago. “The Black Pope” by Eric Phelps. I Hope you read it. There is 3 parts to it and even though he jumps around a lot, you have to read it a couple times. I think I have read it 3-4 times, and investigated everything, and have yet come across anything that is in doubt in my mind.
    Warning though; The Jesuits are the SS of the Roman Catholic (Roman Army) Church and they work both sides of the fence. One particular individual to be very careful of is “Alex Jones” on the internet. He is all over the internet and for good reason. He is believed to be a Jesuit agent. This how the Devil works! The Greatest deception is that I don’t exist! Bizarre shit, but look for yourself and ask the questions!
    I don’t expect you to post this, but I hope it opens a new point of view for you.
    Good luck and God be with you and an open mind. Don’t trust anything.

  3. Thanks for the insight. I’ll check out the links. Calling the Pope names is a bit beyond me. I won’t call Mohamed names either. Yes the Italians who are members of the mafia tend to profess to be Catholics. Yes that is very hypocritical. Certainly not all Italians are members of the mafia and clearly not all Catholics are members of the mafia either. Just like not all priests molest little boys any more than all football or hockey coaches do. Corruption infiltrates everything at it behooves us to examine it wherever it appears.


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