Monday, March 4, 2013

State of the Union

Charles Dickens once said, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times… it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. Organized crime is getting out of hand. A few years ago, Steve Brown referred to the gang violence as an insurgency. Yet many of us are likely unphased by a gang war. Drug dealers murdering drug dealers. Many will say good riddance. Yet for me the concerns permeate our very existence. It has become a culture of violence. A culture of cruelty and brutality. We are losing touch with humanity and becoming consumed with greed. Tragic really.

We have known that the Hells Angels have murdered a lot of people in Quebec over the years in their biker war which was a war for the profits of the drug trade. A refusal to share those profits. An obsession with greed and a monopoly on the drug trade. Seeing that obsession thrive in Vancouver diminishes all of us.

I’ll admit I didn’t lose any sleep over the news of Jonathon Bacon’s death. He and Larry Amero have been responsible for many murders. In Quebec the Hells Angels had a fund they would channel a portion of their drug profits into to pay for the murders of rival drug dealers. Larry Amero’s friend being recently charged in a Toronto murder is but one example. The murder of the leader of the Bo Gars in Montreal because he refused Greg Wooley’s offer to work for the Hells Angels is another.

Now we have two cases before us that have created a public outcry. First is the Surrey Six. The Bacon brothers have been charged with murder in a plot to take over the leadership of the Red Scorpions and make them work for the Hells Angels. It is clear that Larry Amero and the Hells Angels supported them. Murdering two innocent bystanders crossed the line and created a public outcry that continues despite the perpetual violence.

The other case was two members of the Hells Angels and one member of the Throttle Lockers beating Dain Philips to death with baseball bats and hammers. That is the epitome of barbarianism. It has shown how completely out of control the Hells Angels have become. Sure, many have turned their back on them and offered a rewards for beating them up in prison, yet Dain Philips wasn’t the only one. Britney Irving and Geoff Meisner are two others. There have been many more.

Joey Verma getting a VP tattoo for the Kingpin Crew after murdering Britney is once again the epitome of barbarianism. Arrogance that has lost touch with reality. Murdering a wonderful young woman is nothing to brag about. These animals are so confused they can’t even see that. That’s another case coming to trial this year.

Clearly the Hells Angels have no right to use the word rat ever again unless they are referring to themselves. Johnny Newcome’s stolen car ring was low life. Now he’s back in business and nothing has changed. They just don’t get it. They have no concept of what L & R means at all. Clearly it’s because they don’t even respect themselves. Their deranged actions are proof of that.

Skeletor’s first stolen motorcycle shows us how he got his start. By benefitting from the betrayal of the brothers he pledged to support. We know the Hobo clown only worships money and he himself declared his friendship is for sale. The Devil’s Butler has shown us Ricky Ciarniello’s real history. Janice Shore and Bob Roth’s murders have also diminished us.

Clearly these are the worst of times. It is the winter of despair. Yet because we can see through their lies and their plastic inhumane world, these are the best of time. It is the spring of hope because we are free. We are free to act. Free to choose. Without being blinded by their lies any more. Live your life without the brutality and violence. Good riddance to the violence.


  1. Your diagnosis of the disease is correct. Call a surgeon to excise the cancerous tumor. Only in such a way can the patient resume a healthy existence.

  2. Not trying to be a dick or anything.You don't have to approve this to be posted. Just wanted to let you know its "Bo Gars" not Bo Bars...Translation to english is "Hot Boys"...I'm not sure if you're just making fun of their name as you do that often lol

  3. Actually no that was a typo thanks. I was sure I had read somewhere Go Bars. My bad. I actually admire them for standing up to the Hells Angels although I don't support selling crack. I thought hot was chaud and boys was garcon. As you can see my French isn't very good.

  4. You are right...Chaud is hot and boy is garcon...but thats proper french..."Beau" means cute in French so thats where they got the "BO" from. When you say Beau garcon it means a hot guy. Just Quebec slang...Chaud Gars would sound stupid in French but you would only know that if you were from Quebec.

    It is bold to stand up to the Hell's but its a lot more than that. They had to take him out because they were scared of him and his core guys. You don't see Hell's wearing colors on the Island of Montreal and its been like that for a few years.

  5. OK Bo slang for Beau I get, ah, gars short for garcon. OK so I'm a we bit slow. That's like Cockney rhyming slang in French. Are the Bloods big in Montreal? Back in the day the crips and bloods were networking up the coast from LA. I have no idea what their presence is like in Montreal. I'm assuming if Wooley was with the Crips and the Bo Gars were with the Bloods, there must be some kind of counter resistance.

  6. The counter resistance is Territory not color. The media really blows that out of proportion because they report what they can see and the kids on the streets repping those gangs sport colors...They say red and blues but it has nothing to do with color. These guys are fighting for territory not because one claims blue or red. In LA blues fight blues and reds fight reds, its all bullshit. Street Gang life is all bullshit, they make you believe in something to control you and its something that doesn't even exist.

    All the "gang members" claiming blue and red in Montreal are the young kids they have as their puppets. Look at it like the HA and their puppet gangs. The Bo Gars, 67's, etc. have a management level that doesn't involve themselves with color but they use it to lure in soldiers and have them feel like they are fighting for something.

    Wooley wasn't really claiming a specific color either. What he was good at was bringing them together saying fuck colors, fuck fighting for territory...The HA's in Montreal controlled street level trafficking without resistance at all once the biker war was over. Wooley said I'm going to set your territory, your going to buy from me and thats it. It worked very well and he was able to do it back in the Mom Boucher days and thats what got him his patch, his ability to unite the gangs and have them work together, something the white bikers could never do. The bikers are scared of street gangs because they are unpredictable. If Chenier Dupuy would let it be known down the ranks that the HA's are a target...You'll have these teenagers and low level guys wanting to earn stripes not caring if they are High level trafficing HA's. The problem is all the HA's in Montreal went away for a long time and when you sell crack on the streets you make a lot of money not having to kick up the way you use to. You see a lot of Vancouver and Ontario HA's in Montreal because everyone else got put away, they lost all their control of the streets. So the Bo Gars, 67's, etc got rich and made contacts. They didn't need the HA anymore. Everyone on the streets here knew when Wooley got out it would be a problem. They fought back and Wooley only had to take out a couple of guys to make it a HA puppet gang. Its easy for him. High level guys want to work with him because of his Rizzuto connection and ability to make money.

  7. "...because of his (Wooley's) Rizzuto connection..."

    The totally silent Vito R. is must be trying to run things again, no...? And, unlike the HA, he makes alliances...

  8. Vito Rizzuto is like a Keyzer Soze. Cops can't pin anything on him except that USA thing but he did that before he was as smart as he is and it took a very high level snitch.

    In my opinion Montreal was to organized the last 30 years or so. People had to work with Rizzutos or you didn't work at all. When it all came falling down you had loyal guys with nobody to report to or take orders from, you got guys that had a bad taste in their mouth and wanted to wipe them out and you had guys that will live and die for him no matter what. When you have so much control over people and they feel oppressed they will fight back the first chance they get. There is also the mr. ponytail devito whos boss was killed by the Rizzutos in early 2000's and then he largley blamed the Rizzutos crew for getting busted and his wife murdering his 2 kids. Im guessing he went to Hamilton, met the Violis and kick started the Mob war we have been hearing about but thats all over Rizzuto is back and I have seen him without bodyguards in Montreal in a couple of restaurants with no fear. A true gangster in every sense of the word. With Wooley and the HA, his very loyal associates from Montreal and Toronto he is again untouchable.

    People say there was never any retaliation before Rizzuto got back but that isn't true. THe lines of who was on what side was just so damn blurry and so many guys playing both sides of the fence that it was a real cluster fuck out here. There were guys that were still loyal but saying hey if I stay "neutral" and Vito gets taken out then I have a chance to survive but if I back Rizzuto it could also be my down fall. Some guys will get away with playing neutral as long as they had nothing to do with the hits but others will meet their demise because they should have been loyal regardless and they let it all spin out of control. It was bound to happen the police locked away all his key guys that kept order.

    I would have to say the HA does make alliances. Just not with low level crews. THis BC dhak/HA beef wouldn't happen if the Dhaks were significent. They were street level guys. The HA really had a hard on for them they took out all their street guys and whoever was supplying them. The Dhaks are overyly hyped.

    To prove their alliances...Just look at what they did in Montreal.... Montreal was ran by a commission since the late 90's. The west end gang (irish mob), Rizzutos and the HA made the commission and set up the trafficing sectors in Montreal. Everyone had their areas split up and they would work together on monster shipments. They set the price to 50g's a key in Montreal and everyone made tons of cash. Rizzutos had the pipeline, Irish had the ports, and the HA controlled all street level distribution except for the Italian sector of Montreal. This is what really started the biker war. The Rock machine felt they were owed a piece of those streets but they weren't given any. With the HA being part of the commission they decided to compeltley wipe out the Rock machine to have total street level control. Rizzuto ended that war because he knew the heat would come on to him if the violence didn't stop.


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