Friday, March 1, 2013

Arrest warrant issued for former CSIS Watchdog

Arthur Porter is back in the news. This is Stephen Harpers’ pal that stepped down as the chair of Canada’s watchdog for CSIS. He stepped down as links to him and an Israeli arms dealer tied to Iran Contra named Ben-Menashe went public. Now he’s named in an arrest warrant issued by Quebec's anti-corruption squad for allegations of fraud.

The Vancouver Province is reporting that: “The warrants say the men are wanted on numerous charges - including fraud, breach of trust and document forgery - in relation to the $1.3-billion construction of a Montreal mega-hospital.

The others being sought are: former SNC-Lavalin senior executives Pierre Duhaime and Riadh Ben Aissa; former high-ranking hospital executive Yanai Elbaz; and Jeremy Morris, the administrator of a Bahamas-based investment company linked to the fraud allegations.”

So here we have someone tied to an Israeli arms dealer connected to Iran contra, that is now charged with fraud and accepting bribes in connection with the Hells Angels control of Quebec’s construction industry, in charge of watching over Canada’s spy agency. Isn’t that ironic?

Harper’s response of course was to get rid of the watchdog agency altogether so CSIS can continue business as usual without any lawful accountability whatsoever. Things that make ya go hmmmm. Or should I say: No way dude…

Arthur says he’s too ill to travel back to Canada to face fraud charges. He’s busy living it large in the Bahamas. Speaking of Israeli arms dealers tied to Iran contra, Yanai Elbaz and Riadh Ben Aissa sound like Israeli names. Riadh Ben Aissa was arrested in Switzerland of all places.

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  1. "On Thursday, Dr. Porter said he is a citizen of the West African nation of Sierra Leone and travels with a Sierra Leone passport. A Sierra Leone flag hung from a landing in his home. He made references to “other roles in other governments,” including work with Sierra Leone."

    WTF??? What is a guy like this doing with a security clearance to have access to Top (and higher than Top) Secret information? Really?

    Seriously, this just staggers the mind, talk about a violation of the most very basic idea's of security. Canada should not be surprised if there is a reluctance on the part of other nation's intelligence agencies to have anything whatsoever to do with CSIS along the lines of inter agency co-operation, they have to be complete fools to do so.


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