Friday, March 1, 2013

Dead body found in Langley Grow op

Last Tuesday police found a dead body in a grow op in Langley. The Whiterock Hells Angels have a clubhouse in Langley don’t they? They found Whiterock Hells Angels support stickers in a Kelowna grow op. The Hells Angels ran a grow op in Osoyoos as well. There was a grow op in Maple ridge where a dead body was found in a shallow grave. The Hells Angels are very big in Maple Ridge. They call it the Haney chapter. In fact Haney chapter has a reputation of ripping off their own grow ops. We’re still waiting on the ID of the man’s body found in the Langley grow.


Kim Bolan is reporting that IHIT released the identify of the man found dead in the Langley grow op. It is Taylor Daniel Johnson, 21 who was the caretaker of the vacant property that contained the grow op. Police aren’t releasing the cause of dead but said he met with foul play.


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