Friday, March 29, 2013

Pope washes prisoner’s feet

Wow. Contrary to popular belief, I am not Catholic. Although I do have a great respect for Mother Teresa and members of the Catholic faith. I am what the Irish refer to as a republican. I believe in a free republic and the freedom of religion.

Catholics aren’t the only ones that celebrate Maundy Thursday. Yet today’s news of the new Pope breaking with tradition and washing the feet of a female Muslim prisoner warms the heart. Humility isn’t something we see in leadership these days. It gives us something to think about.

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  1. X: I’m going to repost your link but ask that when referring to any religious leader we be respectful. I don’t know why those kids were in prison. It said substance abuse issues. I don’t think they were a bunch of spoilt brats. Here in Canada the spoilt brats are running free in the care of the ministry with no consequences whatsoever. If they are caught with crack cocaine, it’s taken away from them but no charges are ever laid. That means they simply hide it and go on business as usual.

    Some got all freaked out when the Pope washed two woman’s feet. My response is you guys are completely missing the point. Others said it is a step to ordaining female priests and I’m like where on earth did you get that from? People always tend to take the simplest gestures completely out of context. Washing of the feet is a symbol of service which is exactly what Christ taught.

    He also taught about visiting those in prison which for many is uncomfortable. Clearly when
    Christ taught to visit people in prison he wasn’t talking about smuggling them in drugs or condoning murder. He was talking about reaching out to them along the road of redemption. For many offenses, prison is the first step on the road to redemption. You have to recognize you’ve done something wrong before you can change and embrace a new life. Many don’t even make that first step.


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