Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jonathon Bacon murder suspects in court

CHBC is confirming that two of the three suspects charged in the Larry Amero Jonathon Bacon shooting were in court today: Jason Thomas McBride and Michael Jones. A blog reader sent in a copy of the court list with Khun Khun on it. He’s still in the hospital. I was actually in the Kelowna courthouse today and had a peek at the court list to see if there was anyone I recognized. I was looking for Blaze and the Rat. I totally missed the other names on the list. It looks like it was just an appearance to fix a date.

Apparently a Publication Ban under section 517 (1) of the Criminal code is an interim ban until the accused is discharged after the preliminary hearing, or if the accused is committed to stand trial until the end of the trail. They are NOT eternal publication bans. That would be a violation of the Freedom of Press.

As it stands that section of the criminal code is a violation of the Charter. It’s only supposed to cover evidence submitted to court when the jury was not present. Any evidence submitted to the court when the jury is present is fair game. That section of the criminal code is in violation of the Charter of Rights. Publishing evidence submitted when the jury was present doesn’t affect the accused’s right to a fair trial because the jury already heard it.

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