Saturday, March 16, 2013

BC Liberal ethnic memo scandal

I don’t understand what all the hullabaloo is over this multicultural “scandal “ with the BC Liberals. God knows the BC Liberals do have a mountain of legitimate scandals. I just don’t see this as one of them. They got caught trying to reach out to ethnic minorities. And… What else? What’s the scandal?

They tried to reach out to ethnic minorities and a MLA who is a visible minority takes the fall and resigns. I just don’t get it. BC Rail – that’s a scandal. Campbell Heights Industrial Park – that’s a scandal. Reaching out to minorities isn’t. It’s almost like Godzilla’s spin doctor is working the other side to promote the Surrey high jacking of the party.

The latest news is that they did it on the tax payer’s dime which certainly isn’t surprising. How about all those stupid freaking partisan adds on TV and even the super bowl on the tax payers dime? That’s a bigger scandal and no one seems to care about that. Except the taxpayers foundation of course. Are they going to pay that money back?


  1. My grandpa always said "never apologize, never explain!"
    Words to live by!
    Unless you are a politician...then its "Perpetual apologies, grovel and kowtow at every turn!"
    Who votes for these losers?

  2. Gog of Magog, that’s a familiar name…
    Never apologize and never explain? Surely he was joking.

  3. its an old saying, maybe a bit absolutist, but it means you should act from your convictions. Then you will be righteous. Even if you're wrong, you will still be acting with integrity.
    Apparently these ideas aren't worth much anymore.
    Keep the faith, baby!

  4. There’s certainly no need to apologize for standing by one’s convictions. Just if we fail to recognize a mistake. Catch you on the rise.

  5. "its an old saying, maybe a bit absolutist, but it means you should act from your convictions."

    Well, yes... that phrase goes as far back as Margaret Thatcher, a heroine of mine, who said those specific words; as a example of how she did things.

    She was a *conviction* politician.

  6. Sadly Thatcher also did some things wrong and failing to recognize that or apologize could appear very Gordon Campbell who is anything but a hero.


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