Thursday, March 28, 2013

Viral Police video

I will comment on the viral video of a Vancouver police officer punching a bicyclist in the face. I’m the first one to admit there are many examples of police brutality that need to be addressed. The Victoria officer kicking a suspect when he was on the ground. The Kelowna officer kicking a compliant suspect in the face when he was on his knees. The VPD giving a guy the boots and caving in his face when responding to a domestic dispute. They got the wrong door. Even the New Westminster use of force trainer who got drunk and assaulted a newspaper delivery man in Vancouver. It’s all pretty shameful.

I just don’t think this case is relevant to the others. Here’s the deal. Under cover cops question a bicyclist in Vancouver after they accuse him of running a red light. He admits asking them Don’t you have anything better to do? He’s giving them attitude. It’s not a significant offense but it is worth a ticket so keep your mouth shut. He gives them attitude so they arrest him and put the cuffs on. As he is being handcuffed he pulls one of his hands away preventing the officer from cuffing him. The officer responds by punching him in the head, gaining control of the arm and brings it back behind his back to put the cuffs on.

If he had punched him after the cuffs were on it would be a different matter. But the guy pulled his hand away preventing him from being handcuffed. All through the interview he’s displaying the cocky arrogance he no doubt gave the officers that night. Personally I don’t think this one is a big deal. Many other cases are.


  1. You DO NOT punch people in the face to gain compliance at this level of the use of force continuum, WTF are you taking about?

    People do this kind/level (ie. minimal)of resistance ALL THE TIME as a response to being cuffed, and anyone who's ever cuffed enough folks knows that. If the officer had secure control of the limb before attempting to attach the cuff to the offender's right wrist the offender would never have got loose to begin with. The officer surrendered control to do the hook up and gave the offender the chance to pull away. Shoddy technique.

    Officer's left arm goes behind the offenders back underneath the bent left arm, left hand controls offenders left wrist with body weight pressing in/blocking downward movement to assist, right hand applies cuff to left wrist, this is maintained while the officers right hand attaches the right cuff to the right wrist, as his partner is holding it ready for him to do so.

    He gave up control. That's what got this started. If that guy is so concerned about being interfered with on his job, maybe he should actually learn it.

    Punching the person in the head is NOT the common or appropriate response, if it was you'd be doing it to a good number of the people you ever hooked up.

    When a subject pulls away a bit when the cuffs are going on (note that one cuff was already secured on the subjects left wrist) you escalate pressure to gain compliance as a primary technique. If you've done it right as above they get nowhere with the attempt anyway. The officer's partner already had complete control of the offenders right arm. The offender was going nowhere until the officer decided to punch him. In doing so, the officer surrendered what little control he still had of the left arm and was lucky to regain it quickly after the punch, which he might not have if the guy had gone into full blown fight mode as a response to being punched. By doing so the officer in fact gave the offender that chance. Apparently he does not know he's not in the business of giving people that opportunity.

    Fortunately for the offender (and he is an offender, let no one think I'm "on his side" in this) the officer punches like a girl. Why is he even the police anyway, he's obviously not Canadian. Past that, he's a fucking idiot to do this right in front of a camera he knows is there. We call this an "SA FAIL". (Situational Awareness)

    1. He gave up control because he was casual and wasn’t expecting the suspect to pull away. I’m just saying I’m personally not all freaked out by this video like the others. Police do screw up but if we criticize every step they make, pretty soon they’ll stop caring and saving our ass when responding to shots fired (at us).

  2. AK is on the wrong side of this one; as the other long-term commenters have said clearly.

    It's just another case of AK taking the Polices' back, as per usual.

    You seem even to have gotten the video wrong. I took a CLOSE look; multiple times; and I CAN'T find any serious hand movements! Moving an arm is NOT resisting!

    BTW, what happened to our Gang wars on this blog?

    1. “It's just another case of AK taking the Polices' back, as per usual.” Get a grip. I was the one that brought the issue up. In the same breath I listed numerous other cases that I think are far more serious. That doesn’t mean I always take the police’s back. Far from it. That’s just nonsense. I expressed my opinion and that opinion stands. You disagree with it which is fine. The sky will not fall. Life will continue as per usual.

  3. It is extremely rare that the police actually save anyone. This is where they saying, "When seconds count, we're only minutes away" comes from.

    The police respond, take reports/gather information, and attempt to identify/arrest guilty parties after the fact. There is not a police officer on the planet that can save you from a predator who decides to strike unless he's standing right there, and guess what, predators don't choose that time to strike unless they have a massively flawed victim selection process.

    Care about you? Really? Like they cared about all the women disappearing out of the East End? That kind of caring? Wake up, they DON'T really care about you. Otherwise they'd want you to be able to protect yourself, and they don't. It's more important to them that you NOT be able to, because then you need them more, and they know you can't resist THEM.

    Imagine the outcome if Yao Wei Wu had opened his door at 3 am with a handgun concealed behind the door as he did so, then immediately shot his two plainclothes assailants in the face when
    they attacked him. In Canada, he goes to jail for a long time. In the USA, he is going to get arrested, but he's not going to be in custody for long. Terrible and tragic that 2 officers died, but once it comes out that they were at the wrong address and just attacked him right away and he not knowing who they were defended himself, it's over.

    I know of a case where a guy shot 3 officers who were trying to kick his door in (none fatally, all in the legs or vest hits, good thing he wasn't using a rifle) while his wife was on the phone to 911 reporting a home invasion robbery. Eventually they were told it was the police. When the guy stripped naked (to avoid them trying to say they thought he had a weapon and shooting him when he tried to surrender) and walked outside with his hands in the air, they still slammed his face into the ground a few times while they were putting the cuffs on. Dude looked like a raccoon in his booking photo.

    Police had a warrant saying the guy was a major drug dealer, that his wife was in on it, some other allegations I don't recall at the moment. Guess what, no drugs. No paraphernalia. No large amounts of cash. Nothing. They take the wife's kid, threaten her that she'll never get him back unless she signs a statement that her husband was doing all kinds of stuff. Made her take a urinalysis which she passed. Him too. He was booked on three counts of attempted murder of a police officer. No bail allowed. He's in a pretty bad situation, right?

    Not really. After the circumstances start to come out, he was given a signature bond. By the time the whole matter is disposed of in court a year or two later, he pleads to one count of simple assault and one count of delivery of a controlled substance and gets probation. The whole thing started when he was working as a janitor in a hotel and because he was black, an undercover cop assumed he could get him drugs. Turns out he DID know where, even though he had no involvement, he just saw a chance to pick up a quick $20 by hooking the guy up. Janitors are so well paid, don't you know. From THAT, the police got "major drug dealer, human trafficking, that "janitor" thing was just a clever cover for a true mastermind, LOL (I remembered, his wife was an illegal immigrant)etc. and wound getting three of their guys shot for their trouble.

    It's not that there's a complete lack of caring about you, but they care about themselves more. THEY can protect themselves, so what if you can't. "Good for me but not for thee".

    The truth is, most people never have any dealing with the police unless they get pulled over for speeding or a moving violation. They don't do anything for most people that most people can't do for themselves, as they have a God-given right to do.

  4. TIERRA COLORADA - "Hundreds of armed vigilantes have occupied a town in south-western Mexico after one of their leaders was killed. Armed with shotguns, the self-styled "community police" marched into Tierra Colorada in Guerrero state. They detained the local police chief, accusing him of involvement in the killing and working with drugs gangs. Guerrero has seen a growing movement of self-defence groups in response to violent criminal gangs and the failure of police to guarantee security." (BBC)

    Is AK going to tell us the Mexican Police are protecting their citizens...?

    The sovereign people have MADE that decision, by the thousands...Mexican people are spontaneously arming; and protecting, their families and homes, something AK says they have NO right to do.

    1. “Is AK going to tell us the Mexican Police are protecting their citizens...?” Oh brother. Can we set aside the drama queen sensationalism? I acknowledge that Mexico has serious problems right now. Some with corrupt police and politicians others with an outrageous amount of brutal drug violence that shows no respect for human life whatsoever. I fully agree the second amendment is also about protecting citizens from corrupt governments not hunting. All I said was I’m concerned about letting angry armed citizens take my rights away and search me without due cause. That is in support of the US Constitution which the founding fathers fought for. They are btw the ones that wrote the second amendment.

    2. "Is AK going to tell us the Mexican Police are protecting their citizens...?"

      Come on freddy, of course he's not. He's the guy who referenced the Battle of Athens,(Tennessee) so he knows about citizens using personally owned firearms to resist government tyranny. But a leaderless mob, or a group with a very loose chain of command is ripe for exploitation by unscrupulous and ambitious folks, and this brings dangers of it's own.

    3. That’s all I’m saying. When you participate in an armed rebellion you better make sure the devil you don’t know is better than the devil you had. Committing the same crimes the previous corrupt officers did doesn’t make the rebellion justified. You have to take the higher rode. If you don’t protect yourself with a constitution guaranteeing human rights and a free republic you could very well end up with Stalin’s Manifesto. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  5. Well, same old shit here, another police department will conduct an "impartial review" of the incident. What idiot believes asking the police to investigate themselves is a situation to inspire trust? Oh wait, that's right they really DGAF about that, "We're the Police. we can do whatever we want". (Unofficial VPD motto)

    I'll bet ol'Ismail Bhabha is just shaking in his boots here, he knows the fix is in. If the police use of force trainer and his buddies can commit assault and armed robbery while off duty and still have a job, all this guy is getting is the paid vacation he's currently enjoying.

    None of this will change until there is true civilian oversight.

  6. This could be linked to organized crime;

    London RCMP officer charged with obstructing justice and breach of trust.

    "John Kowalczyk, 59, has been suspended with pay, a decision that will be reviewed, RCMP Sgt. Richard Rollings said."

    'The investigation is being conducted by Ontario Provincial Police under the direction of Det.-Insp. Paul McCricard of the force’s criminal investigation branch."

    "The OPP said it was contacted by the RCMP last July about the activity of a Mountie and launched a 10-month investigation." (

    There is no other information.

    Organized crime cannot function without corrupt Officials...

    1. Worth looking at. There is ton of stuff on the Toronto PD. We touched a bit on that corrupt drug squad there but no doubt the implications are far reaching.


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