Friday, May 31, 2013

Bacchus and the Syndicate in Fort McMurray

OK this one blows me away and I’m going to have to process it. Someone tells me there’s this Hells Angels puppet club in Fort McMurray called the Syndicate. Only unlike Greg Wooley’s Hells Angels puppet club in Montreal called the Syndicate, these guys are all white. In fact some of them appear to be white pride like the other Hells Angels drug traffickers the Whiteboyz Posse.

Kinda strange how the white guys would pick the name of a black gang in Montreal but hey, stranger things have happened. Just look at what Bacchus named themselves after. Yo bro that ain’t no Spartan. That’s a roman soldier. A pretty famous one at that. A warm brotherhood indeed.

So here we have a Bacchus member from Newfoundland hanging out with the Syndicate in Fort McMurray. A Newfie Bacchus, I’m sure there’s a joke to be told there somewhere. Bacchus in Eastern Canada have quickly attained criminal organization status. So I guess if the Syndicate poses with Buttkiss, that makes them affiliated with a criminal organization. The Fort McMurray today is confirming that the Syndicate does exit there.

After Jeffrey Caines received a 14 year sentence for drug trafficking in Fort McMurray, a member of the Ontario Biker Enforcement Unit said: "The Hells Angels have interest in that area because of the drug market and if one person is out of the picture, they will replace them with someone else." Evidently, Fort McMurray is another small town that is suffering from the Hells Angels drug and prostitution trade. The Hells Angels, bringing drugs and prostitution to a small town near you.

One source claims Cecil (Kristian) MacEachern, the guy with the white Pride shirt is from Glace Bay, Cape Breton and is the one running the Syndicate Mc in Fort Mcmurray. Seemingly Cecil was kicked out in 2009 for being a rat and is now back in charge. They go around town telling everyone that they are the Hells Angels Syndicate and are here to do the HA work.

This is Cecil wearing a 1% Southland Hells Angels hoodie. That’s a Hells Angels chapter in Calgary. Notice the red flag in the back pocket. That’s a very outdated tradition along with the fuzzy troll that the black gangs in LA used to use.

This is a picture of Cecil and his mother. He always was one sorry SOB.

Dion Piercy is a tattooist from Cape Breton and was a big player on the Syndicate coming to Fort Mcmurray. He has since left town and moved to the Edmonton area. He is now on the HA probate program. He too was busted on some fraud charges a few years back and cut a deal with law enforcement to rat out his brother so he could get sent to Poundmaker's Lodge.

This is big Jay aka Jason King with the glasses on his head flipping the bird sporting a Syndicate vest. Jay lives in an apartment with his mom and little brother.

That’s Ron Clark and Bruce Scrivner. Ron Clark is a long time resident of Fort Mcmurray. It says striker on his vest under Fort McKurray. I wonder if they have a dental plan.

Aaron Sweetapple and Mitchell Burry are the Newfies in the very first picture. Mitchell is the one with the Bacchus Newfoundland patch and Aaron is the one with the Syndicate Fort Mcmurray patch. Both are from Glovertown Newfoundland and have both since left Fort Mcmurray.

This is Aaron at the Health Science center in St Johns NL drying off his fingers after some serious nose picking with a broken leg. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Syndicate Forever Forever Syndicate or at least until the next clown comes along. Just like the Zig Zag crew and LHS. Only they shot their LHS guy themselves. No L&R there. Just money and greed.

BC Government says no to Gateway but Alberta says yes

Although the BC Government has said no to the Northern Gateway proposal, Alberta still wants to cram it through by going through the federal channels since Harper took BC out of the equation in the decision. For BC to say no and for Harper to cram it through anyway would be an act of war. Jail would be too good for him.

The Alberta Premier already said our concerns were absurd so there really is nothing left to discuss. An oil spill on land or on sea is a huge concern. Especially when it’s not oil it’s this toxic precursor to oil. The mountain of Petroleum coke refining that crap produces is another concern. It’s not that much money for BC. It’s financially not worth the risk. Especially when they refuse to give us a break at the pumps and insist on screwing us at the pump thanks to their government sponsored monopoly. Enbridge has shown to be irresponsible in pipeline maintenance.

Brian Mulroney’s Barrick gold, the shady gold company founded by an arms dealer, has been fined $16 million by Chile’s environmental regulator for very serious violations of its environmental permit. Here in Canada, Stephen Harper rewards corporations for destroying the environment.

The Environmental Superintendent said all other construction work on Pascua-Lama must stop until Barrick builds the systems it promised to put in place beforehand for containing contaminated water. Instead of building the canals, Barrick’s bulldozers went ahead and moved mountaintops in preparation for a projected 25 years of gold and silver production. Moved mountain tops? Why that’s exactly what Imperial Metals wants to do to Catface Mountain in the middle of a protected biosphere.

Meanwhile, protesters at a Canadian mine in Kyrgyzstan, Russia blocked a road and cut off power to the mine desirous the mine be Nationalized. That means the profits would go to the people not a fat cats pocket like the oil in Mexico. Kyrgyzstan is south of Kazakhstan.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jimmy Cournoye pleads guilty

Jimmy Cournoye pleads guilty as the "Kingpin" of the latest Hells Angels drug trafficking ring to be busted that shipped BC Bud to New York and then to LA in exchange for massive amounts of cocaine. He will receive a mandatory sentence of 20 years in prison and could face life in prison. Yet that huge sentence will not touch the real kingpins and the Hells Angels cross border pot for cocaine ring will continue as the Agency continues making it's cut. Sad news for Cosmo the clown. Sad news for the rest of us too who want to deal with the problem instead of having to watch another circus side show. Just like Manuel Noriega and Freeway Ricky. More scape goats.

Imperial Metals Protest in Vancouver

Friends and residents of Clayoquot Sound in Tofino were protesting today outside Imperial Metals AGM in Vancouver. Imperial Metals wants to blow the top off of Catface Mountain and turn it into an open pit mine. I kid you not. It’s a mountain in a protected biosphere. It is astounding how anyone can be so irresponsible. A lot of people don’t know this insane plan is being proposed.

Raising public awareness is the first step. Shareholders need to know that kind of gross negligence will create a knee jerk reaction from locals and supporters from all over the world who fought to save that pristine ecosystem back in the /80's and in the summer of 1994.

As investors we need to blacklist Imperial Metals. For considering this plan they are a no go – do not invest. That means pensions, stock investments whatever funds are invested in them need to be withdrawn. If they are showing that kind of complete irresponsibility in this project, God knows what they have planned for the rest of the province. We need to boycott Imperial Metals.

Catface and Lonecone Mountains are the centre point of Clayoquot sound. Everyone from all over the world who goes on a whale watching or a Bear watching tour see that wonderful landmark as they go past it. Destroying the ecosystem as well as the local tourist industry is irresponsible.

Recently, over by Ucluelet, Toquaht Bay marina has been closed down because they found arsenic, selenium and cobalt which effects everything in that area including all the shellfish. This is a pristine boat launch for the Broken Islands.

Turns out the poisons were dumped there from a local iron ore mine that shipped iron to Japan in the /60’s. 50 years later the toxic damage to the local ecosystem and tourist industry is just being discovered. We need to wake up and be better stewards of the environment we live in. It’s time to visit Tofino on Vancouver Island and see this wonderful ecosystem before it’s destroyed.

Mountain of Petroleum coke rises in Detroit

Last night Canada was in the news. A mountain of petroleum coke from the Canadian tar sands is rising in Detroit. Locals are rightfully concerned about it’s existence in their city. They claim if provisions aren’t being made for the safe storage of the tar sands byproduct now, what’s going to happen when they increase production through the Keystone Pipeline? A valid question.

Despite all our technological advances we still keep shooting ourselves in the foot with our bizarre attack on the environment. It’s the same with these idiots promoting coal in Surrey. Coal is a step backwards not a step forward. Tar Sands oil is a nightmare.

In the late /80’s back in Ireland everyone heated their homes with coal fires. In the North they had enclosed fireplaces that heated radiators that ran through the house. In the South it was just an open fireplace. Sometimes they would burn peat but mostly it was coal. The coal man would come around to the houses just like the milkman used to here back in the day.

As a result, most small towns like Cork had a huge cloud of coal dust smog that lingered over the city. Air quality was low. I mentioned this to my father at the time and he said when your mother and I were married it was the same thing in West Vancouver. You're kidding I said. That was just one generation ago. Now we have central heating. You turn a switch and a natural gas furnace heats your home or in some cases, an electric radiator. Electricity and natural gas is a step forward from coal. Propane is clean burning. We can make money without being so irresponsible.

Yet many are determined to make a buck off of sending us back in time with regards to environmental responsibility and stewardship. Remember when the rivers in Wales ran black from coal dust? We don't want that here. Oregon doesn't want Coal exports so we bring it to Surrey with welcome arms. I suppose we'll welcome the medical concerns it brings with it.

Leaving a mountain of petroleum coke in Detroit is irresponsible. It doesn’t matter how much money they spend on advertizing telling us it’s good for us. Next they will try and tell us it prevents tooth decay and will start selling it to us for our tooth paste.

So if they put the Enbrige Pipeline in BC and build a refinery in Kitimat, what's their plan for dealing with all the Petroleum coke? Dump it ion the ocean and kill all the food for the migrating Grey and Humpback wales?

A Word on Israel

Although I am very concerned about Mosad’s involvement in Iran contra, denying the Holocaust and hating on Israel is as unpatriotic as is hating on Muslims, Trade Unionists, Environmentalists or any other group. Israeli arms dealers selling arms to their enemy should concern them. Israeli Arms dealers trafficking cocaine or committing investment fraud to raise money for intelligence operations should concern everyone.

Although I will agree there are many corrupt Jews involved in banking and oil that are clearly part of the monolithic conspiracy Kennedy talked about, denying the Holocaust is both ridiculous and offensive. It’s like saying the earth is flat when we know very well it is not. It’s offensive because we fought Hitler for a reason. Denying the enslavement and murder of any group of people is offensive.

Israel, like everyone else, has a right to exist. Historically, Israel never controlled all of Palestine but Israel was very much a part of it. Historically, Israel hasn’t always been right. Yet their rights and their freedom of religion is tied to ours and everyone else’s. Zionism isn’t displacing people from their homes, it’s a quest for a better life for everyone. It’s a higher ideal we can all aspire to.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Word on Free Speech

Yes I do believe in free speech. Anyone is allowed to create their own blog about any topic under the sun. I will not censor them or stop them from doing so. I have chosen to make my blog about the Hells Angels violent control of the drug trade and the Vancouver Gang War which is spreading across the country. God knows there are many Hells Angel support groups all over the Internet. This is not one of them.

If people want to talk about how wonderful the Hells Angels are, they are free to do so on any one of the many dysfunctional support groups. I’m not going to approve comments that rehash the same old nonsense that we have already proven false. The Hells Angels are not just a motorcycle club. They are a criminal organization that uses violence to control the drug trade.

I started making the comments moderated because of all the death threats and threats against my family. It became toxic so I just stopped approving those comments. A couple of people felt that because they spammed the blog they somehow owned it and were free to insult me and control the direction of the content of the blog. Not so. The traffic on the blog has continued despite the fact that those spammers are not longer posting on it. Yet traffic isn’t my concern.

The purpose of this blog is to try and make a difference. God knows what we have been doing in East Vancouver for the past thirty years has failed and needs to change. I don’t support needle exchanges. Many do. Any time you say you oppose needle exchanges you will surely hear from them. They are free to set up their own blogs and codependent lovefests elsewhere on the Internet. Just not on my blog. That doesn’t mean I don’t support free speech. It means I’m tired of arguing with idiots. It’s pointless.

Harm reduction is only one of the Four Pillars. We can’t blindly promote one pillar and totally ignore the other four pillars but that is exactly what they are doing. Needle exchanges are supposed to be exchanges. You hand in a dirty used needle and you get back a new clean needle. Changing that practice to simply handing out free needles is a health hazard. It results in used dirty needles thrown all over the city.

My main beef with needle exchanges and this ridiculous safe to inject poison site is the fact that police let drug dealers sell crack around these facilities when there is no such provision in the criminal code to let them do so. It creates a forest fire of addiction that consumes everything in it’s path. Addicts steal from real businesses to pay for their drugs. That is the tapeworm economy these money launders live off of.

One person kept saying I had to stop talking about Operation Northwoods. Yet that same person admitted they hadn't heard about Operation Northwoods until they read my blog. That is exactly why we have to talk about it. Most people don’t know what it is. I only found out about it myself a few years ago. We need to talk about Operation Northwoods because it was such a huge case of treason proposed by the Director of the CIA and signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. How that plan got so far needs to be discussed. If Kennedy didn’t veto it, they would have implemented it.

The ATFs drug trafficking in Operation Fast and Furious is important because it was the same as Operation Blade Runner. It was the same thing the CIA had been doing out of Mena Arkansas for years with Barry Seal and many others. Gary Webb claimed the CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the 1980’s. He was right. He documented everything. Catherine Austin Fitts believes the Gary Webb story and so do I.

Iran Contra wasn’t just selling Iran arms to free some hostages. They paid Iran to keep the hostages until after the election. Iran Contra was selling Iran arms to raise money for the contra rebels in Nicaragua. Iran Contra was about selling cocaine and committing investment fraud to raise money for the contra rebels in Nicaragua. That is what Iran contra was. If we want to stop the cocaine that’s coming into Canada and fueling the gang war we need to cut off the CIA’s drug trafficking network. It's that simple.

We need to realize that it was George Bush Sr. that got the agency addicted to trafficking drugs to fund their off the book operations. Back then it was heroin out of Vietnam. Just ask Bo Grits or Terry Reed. That’s why it’s called the George Bush Center for Intelligence. Drug trafficking is their primary source of revenue. They are untrustworthy. In the words of Thomas Paine, I think it fine time we asked for independence from the CIA and MI6. It’s only common sense.

A blog reader just sent me this picture of Kennedy referencing his Secret Society Speech and I think it is very relevant. I will add that I don’t think he was talking about the Free Masons. I think he was talking about the CIA. That’s why they killed him.

In his secret society speech, Kennedy talked about how secrecy in government should be shunned and that “There is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it’s meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.”

He talked about a monolithic conspiracy that relies on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice. He said it was a system that has recruited a vast amount of human resources that combines military, diplomatic and intelligence. Intelligence organizations are the focal point of this monolithic conspiracy Kennedy talked about. This was the person that vetoed Operation Northwoods. He knew what they were planning on doing to deceive the people and rob them of their liberty.

”Dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed no secret is revealed.” He talked about the freedom of the press which is exactly what big brother has devoted a huge amount of it’s drug trafficking resources to control. Now we can see why. A salute to Kennedy, Thomas Paine and the return of the American Tea Party. Defending the constitution means all areas of government including it’s intelligence agencies are publically accountable. Keeping unlawful secrets is unlawful.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Arthur Porter arrested in Panama

Stephen Harper’s pal, Arthur Porter stepped down as chair of the CSIS watchdog committee November 2011 after his ties to an Israeli Iran contra arms dealer went public. February 2013 an arrest warrant was issued for him as well as Pierre Duhaime, the former CEO of SNC-Lavalin for their alleged involvement in a massive fraud and conspiracy. Today MSN News is reporting Porter has been arrested in Panama.

Porter faces charges of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud against the government, breach of trust, laundering the proceeds of crime, and participating in a secret commission. His wife faces charges of laundering criminal proceeds and conspiracy.

January of this year, SNC-Lavalin was awarded the contract for the Evergreen Sky Train line in Vancouver. That deal was done when Harper and Christy Clark’s advisor, Gwyn Morgan was CEO. As the saga unfolds, SNC-Lavalin is offering amnesty to whistleblowers.

Laundering the proceeds of crime hiding out in Panama. Sounds like an old Van Halen song. That brings back memories of when George Bush Sr. had Noriega working for the Agency in Iran Contra under Operation Watchtower. Explain to me again why they sent Manuel Noriega to jail but made Oliver North a Fox TV News host. That one still baffles me.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prince George brutal sexual assault sets a date for trial

Speaking of sodomizers, that brutal sexual assault in Prince George tied to supporters of the Crew and Boo’s brother, is in court this Tuesday to set a date for trial. 9:30 AM May 28 2013. Sadly they are all out on bail. The Ministry is criminally negligent in that case.

Rick Ciarniello and the Devil’s Butler Parade

I forgot to comment on this at the time. Please forgive me. Readers sent me links to the story about how the Hells Angels refused to pull over for a police roadblock on Vancouver Island earlier this month. I didn’t think much of it since I agree the charter of rights protects everyone from unnecessary searches and seizures.

However, the freedom of association does not include belonging to a criminal organization and lawful assembly does not include the right to assemble as a criminal organization. With all the extensive Hells Angels cocaine convictions since 1997, I’m sure that old case law will not stand up any more. Especially if they were in fact speeding and breaking other laws.

The thing that gets me is that Rainbow Ricky claims he was leading the pack and the police tried the same thing in Calgary back in 1997 and the courts overturned it. What the hell was fat ass Rainbow Ricky doing leading the pack? That means he’s either the president or was riding beside the president. The Sargent at Arms usually rides at the back to keep everything together.

Since Rick Ciarniello is still their spokes “person” and was leading the pack of criminal misfits, we still need to ask him about his involvement with all the gang that was convicted in the case of the Devil’s Butler back when he was a member of the Satan’s Choice. That was the case where they kidnapped a guy and sodomized him with a broomstick after they made him masturbate naked in front of them standing in a bucket. That's some pretty seriously messed up issues. What on earth is a guy like that leading the sorry pack and speaking on their behalf?

The next time he complains about people not wanting to sit beside his smelly fat ass in a restaurant because they don’t want to sit beside a member of a criminal organization, we need to ask him that. How on earth does he rationalize associating with a group that enjoys sodomizing guys with broomsticks? The wiretaps at the time said that wasn’t their first offense and that they had found “another” butler. I guess I was right about Rainbow Ricky all along.

The Outlaws MC in Ontario

We all know that the Outlaws MC do in fact exist in Ontario. Last summer was their 35th Anniversary in Ottawa. It’s interesting to see how many Rock Machine members showed up for the occasion. Recognize anyone?

Why that’s Joseph Strachan on the right. One source claims he just got out of prison for fire bombing the 187 ink but is no longer in good standing. These new Rock Machine guys have a tendency of kicking out their leaders. Well at least they did Sean Brown. The guy who resurrected the group in the first place.

This is a photo inside their clubhouse.

Hey, there’s Critical Jay again on the right and look at that. Steve King on the Left. I’m told Steve King is a member of the Outlaws now not the Rock Machine. Moving up in the world I suppose.

There were even Mongols and RM from Europe there.

I thought Lone Riders patched over a long time ago. I guess some are still around.

I don’t support selling crack but anyone with a brain can see why the Outlaws are so strong in Ontario. Why just look at the Ontario Village Idiots. Who would want to roll with them? That's pretty embarrassing. I guess every parade needs a few clowns.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Harper takes Environment out of Environment Canada

This one isn’t as dramatic as some of the other recent news but to me it’s just as important. We all know that there has been a great surge in public concern about the environment in the last few years. The now old ideas of reduce reuse and recycle have become a part of our education directing us towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In fact, many people go so far as to make the environment a priority in their voting at elections which has resulted in the rise of the Green Party. Elizabeth May has proven to be very competent in more than environmental issues but in preserving the charter of rights as well. Even Preston Manning declares that being environmentally responsible is being fiscally responsible. Yet Stephen Harper continues to defiantly steam roll in the opposite direction.

Stephen Harper has even rebranded Environment Canada. For generations the department in charge of Canada’s weather has been known as Environment Canada. Up until now. Now Environment Canada is called the Weather with no reference to the environment for obvious reasons. Harpers’ propaganda machine wants us to stop thinking about the environment and stop thinking the weather is somehow connected to the environment.

Elizabeth May claims the "Conservatives" (we all know they aren't conservatives) are engaged in what she calls an Orwellian exercise that does not bode well for the future of the federal environment department. No kidding. Harper has removed all previous protections for every lake and stream in the country with one swoop of the pen. He has sent us back to the dark ages with regards to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The sad thing is that it’s all done under the false pretense of economic action. Tourism is an economic source of revenue. So is commercial fishing. The BC Salmon Farms are destroying the commercial fishing industry. The Fish Farms in Clayoquot Sound are foreign ownership. They don’t care about the wild salmon and the commercial fishing industry as long as they make their money.

They even want to create an open pit mine at Catface Mountain in Clayoquot sound. It’s a freaking mountain. They want to blow the top off the mountain with dynamite and turn it into an open pit mind that resembles the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I kid you not. It’s in the centre of a protected biosphere. Lonecone and Catface mountain are the central landmarks within Clayoquot Sound. Everyone from all over the world who goes on a Whale watching or a Bear watching tour will see the devastation to this protected landmark every time they go by. That is the epitome of greed and gluttony.

Harper’s propaganda programmers cannot comprehend that destroying the environment isn’t just irresponsible, it is economically destructive as well. Burning toxic garbage is not a progressive alternative to landfill sights. It is insanity driven by greed.

London soldier decapitated

I had heard the news about a soldier attacked in London recently but didn’t think much of it. Until a blog reader sent me this Youtube video. I didn’t realize the soldier was beheaded and the assailant stayed around to do an interview on a bystander’s iPhone. That’s where the story becomes so absurd it loses it’s believability.

The commentary points out some very real concerns with the video. Like how calm the guy is right after beheading someone and how he only has blood on his hands. There’s no blood splatter anywhere else. Not even on the victim which can be seen in the distance wearing a white shirt. There isn’t even blood on the ground near the victim after his head was supposedly cut off. We’ve seen some pretty gory images of Canadians linked to the drug trade brutally murdered in Mexico. The thing that surprised me about those photos was the amount of blood everywhere. Here there was nothing like that.

Probably the most absurd thing the Youtube video pointed out was that as this guy is calmly giving a live interview on a bystanders iphone holding a kitchen knife and meat cleaver, a woman with a shopping cart of groceries walks right past him which is clearly edited out of the video. You see her approach him and they stopped filming for her to pass, then resumed filming. The whole thing is surreal. She walks right past the scary murderer without even crossing to the other side of the street.

I’m not responsible for what Alex Jones or Glen Beck say. Earlier I simply pointed out that they both think 9/11 was an inside job as well as the Boston Marathon bombing. In fact there is a huge number of people, especially on youtube, that think the Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag attack. We’ve talked about false flag attacks before.

I remember being at the George Bush demonstration at the Sheraton in Surrey. Someone from the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement was standing on the sidewalk with a megaphone shouting straight into the lobby 9/11 was an inside job over and over again. That had to be irritating. Yet if 9/11 really was an inside job, wouldn’t that make you want to scream?

As he’s doing this a cop walks up to him and we all brace ourselves in anticipation thinking he’s gonna pull a Rodney King and we’re all gonna get in a throw down. Instead the cop simply pats him on the back as he walks past and says good job. We were all so shocked we all started laughing. Clearly the cop was trying to embarrass the guy but he let him have his right to free speech and lawful assembly. After all, that is a charter right. That’s what our forefathers fought in war for. Taking that right away is in itself an act of war.

There’s a lot of talk about the Sandy Hook hoax as well. I don’t know much about that one other than the fact that Anderson Cooper, who has worked two summers for the CIA, was caught using a green screen to fake one of his interviews at the Sandy Hook funeral and some people think green screens were used in the actual Sandy Hook footage. It takes big brothers manipulation of the media to a whole new level.

Recently, two members of an elite FBI team that were involved in the shooting of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect have mysteriously died in a training accident. I guess that means they can’t be subpoenaed for an inquiry. This elite FBI team is a huge concern. Centralization in this case is not a good thing. It’s easier for corruption to control.

In Russia when the new KGB were caught red handed trying to set off a false flag attack in Chechnya, two local police officers investigated what locals saw and found the bomb before it was detonated. The new KGB said it was just a training exercise and it was a fake bomb yet local authorities said it was real. This new elite FBI team taking over for local SWAT teams is a huge concern. Especially when we see documents like Operation Northwoods flying around.

A friend of the suspect in the London beheading video claims MI5 tried to recruit the suspect. Although he claims he declined the offer, clearly he accepted it. As a false flag actor.

Body found in burnt van parked in East Vancouver

A body has been found inside a van in East Vancouver. Shortly before 6:00 this morning, the van parked on Victoria Drive near East 12th Avenue was found burning. Fire crews extinguished the flames and a body was discovered inside. The Vancouver Province is reporting that residents in the area told Global News that they heard a bang before the blaze.

New Book about the Pickton Farm

There’s a new book out about the Vancouver drug culture at the time of the Pickton Farm written by someone who was actually involved at the time called Jesus of Vancouver: The Left Coast Memoirs by Michael Goodliffe.

It’s not a religious book. It talks about the young boys involved in the Vancouver sex trade. A very real problem that is seldom discussed. It contradicts the findings of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry that recently publicized the Vancouver City Police's statement that Pickton was not considered a suspect until February, 2002. If he was well known in the street community, the police must have known who he was and what he was doing.

Jim Brown admits in his court application that Grant Wakefield was at one time employed as an agent to do surveillance of the Pickton farm for the VPD August 1999. He claims in his writ that the VPD terminated the whislteblowers contract September 1999 because they no longer considered Robert Pickton to be a suspect in the missing women case. Someone higher up pulled the plug on that investigation again.

It also talks about a steroid called Human Growth Hormone, or, HGH. Prior to its production by recombinant DNA technology, it was extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers (dead human bodies). Goodliffe claims he was told at the time Pickton sold body parts to make the steroid.

Although I support the decriminalization of pot I totally oppose the legalization of all drugs. Legalizing crack or crystal meth is just plain irresponsible. Handing out free crack pipes has absolutely nothing to do with access to medical care. It’s the exact opposite. Nevertheless, the Rabbit hole of the Hells Angels and the Pickton Farm continues to be exposed.

Gang exit program criticized in Denmark

In Denmark, Michael Green, spokesperson for TBM Fresh Start, a group to help gang members leave the gang life without getting killed, is in the news. He found a secret report the Minister of Justice had been hiding which greatly criticized the government’s gang exit program. We don’t even have one. It just shows that there is a real need for the TBM Fresh Start organization here in Canada as well.

Tragically the government recently took a former gang member they had in a safe house and put him in an intuition where he set fire to himself. Again showing the need for the TBM Fresh Start program. Former gang members talk about how the gang life is not a fraternity, it’s brainwashing based on a lie. There are people who were involved with the life saying that.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Fall guy pleads guilty in Hells Angels drug ring

A couple of blog readers sent in this link to a National Post article about that Hells Angels billion dollar pot for cocaine drug ring that was supplying the Big Apple with BC Bud. Turns out they were supplying LA as well. So much for all that California chronic.

Alessandro Taloni pleaded guilty in New York City yesterday to international cocaine trafficking. He was from Montreal and was sent to pick up the money in LA. Plane loads of it.

This time the fall guy for the Hells Angels drug trafficking ring is Cosmo the clown. How fitting. Spin the wheel to find out who the next mule will be that gets busted. Be assured this ring will continue because the Hells Angels still own all the same BC grow ops and control all the same Canadian crack dealers. Just like in the Rob Shannon ring and the Randy Jones ring out of Tbarz. Oops, I said it again. I mean Shakerz.

If these guys were really interested in stopping the drug ring they would put wire taps on the BC Hells Angels since it’s the BC bud that’s driving this international cocaine ring. Somebody like Randy Jones for example. But they won’t do that because the Agency is protecting him. Just like how the RCMP protected Weird Hal in Operation Phoenix and David Giles in the Western Wind.

Why am I so pissed about all this? Because look at what’s happening. The States is getting all the BC bud. Big deal. We’re the ones getting all that crack in return which is destroying lives and communities. Gary Webb said the CIA were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the 1980’s. He was right. He documented everything. Freeway Ricky didn’t know at the time he was selling crack for the CIA and was funding the contra rebels in Nicaragua but he was. Likewise, I submit that the Agency are the ones responsible for the current crack epidemic in Canada. Just ask Michael Riconosciuto. Remember, keeping an unlawful secret is unlawful.

Jay Hall on Crystal Meth

Jay Hall from the Renegades in Prince George is in the news. He was caught in possession of crystal meth while driving the getaway car for a 40 year old shoplifter named Jason Hebert. In court Crown prosecutor Geoffrey McDonald said it appears Hall has hit rock bottom in terms of his addiction and has fallen so far in stature in the criminal drug world that he was severely beaten while in custody after he was arrested. The court heard that Hall's bout with addiction began when a retail clothing business he was operating went under last summer.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Abuse allegations within the RCMP Musical Ride

This next story is an example of the evil from within that still needs to be addressed. Tuesday the Vancouver Province along with several other media outlets reported that Staff-Sgt. Caroline O’Farrell, a former RCMP officer and member of the Musical ride team is suing over more allegations of sexual harassment.

We know that there is a huge class action law suit against the RCMP for ongoing sexual harassment. Although the Harper government is still pursuing the same old response of denial and slander the whistleblowers, there are more than enough documented cases that clearly show sexual harassment in the RCMP was a huge problem and it was tolerated and covered up by senior RCMP management. Case in point, Don Ray who came to BC without being fired. Even the Surrey police Chief Bill Fordy, who was one of the Pickton investigators that has been accused of sexual harassment, has himself been accused of covering up sexual harassment while he was in management.

Court documents claim O'Farrell was repeatedly subjected to a ritual known as horse-troughing - grabbed by the arms and legs, sprayed with cold water, then dragged face-down through riding school shavings mixed with manure and urine. Members then kick the mixture onto the subject's head so it is caked onto their body, face and hair.

Let’s stop right there. Although the court document claims the hazing practice has since stopped it did happen. That needs to be addressed. A man who does that to a woman is not a man. One is tempted to use the word animal yet animals hunt for food. That kind of deranged behavior is below them. Any man who does that to a woman is a shameful excuse for a human being. Since today Google is celebrating the RCMP’s 140th anniversary let’s remember that fact.

These were police officers who claimed to be the country’s finest. In reality, they were far from it. They were simply arrogant criminals who dishonored the nation. The fact that some of the criminal participants still work with the RCMP and some are even in positions of management, does need to be addressed. I’ve heard it said from a distinguished officer in another police force that the RCMP think their sh*t doesn’t stink. Clearly it does.

I’m all for law and order. I’m all for saving the toxic RCMP from the brink of self destruction, but this needs to be addressed. Participating in that kind of activity is shameful. Hiding or covering up that kind of activity is shameful. Which brings us back to the axiom keeping an unlawful secret is unlawful. There is no honour in that.

Bob Paulson called allegations of assault by fellow officers from a former Musical Ride member “old news.” So much for our high hopes in Bob Paulson. I guess that’s why Harper picked him.

Pivot Legal aiding and abetting the Hells Angels

After such a wonderful long weekend I come back to the same old insanity repeat itself here at home. There are still several stories to catch up on but these next two clearly show how real the struggle between good versus evil really is. One conflict is obvious. It’s coming from the outside. The other is even more disappointing. It comes from within. Pivot Legal is suing Abbotsford because they don’t support needle exchanges. Now I know Pivot Legal mean well. I know they are sincere in their beliefs. It’s pretty hard to get lawyers to donate their time for a legal cause. Yet if you pause to connect the dots, this is really the wrong cause.

VANDU has been making noise in Abbotsford trying to get a chapter going out there. We do realize the Bacon Brothers were involved with the drug trafficking in Abbotsford under the direction of the Hells Angels. After Jonathon Bacon was shot and the other two were in prison, the White Rock Hells Angels were still involved in the drug trafficking in Abbotsford. Helping promote the drug trade in Abbotsford is helping the Hells Angels drug trafficking profits and their violent control of the drug trade. Legalizing all drugs won’t stop the Hells Angels. It will just make them unstoppable.

VANDU, the Vancouver Drug User’s Network, is a criminal organization. Their group has absolutely nothing to do with harm reduction. Their mandate is to promote drug use and drug abuse. They throw away the four pillars program and just scream harm reduction over and over so they can promote drug addiction. This clearly supports the Hells Angels drug trade.

The idea behind needle exchanges started off as a sincere attempt at harm reduction. Two changes to that program made it fail miserably and become a major tool for drug promotion. The first change was throwing the idea of a needle exchange out the window where they just started handing out free needles. The original idea was hand in a used dirty needle and get back a new clean needle. I agree needles are cheap but this has caused three huge problems. Changing the program to just handing out free needles created the obvious problem. Drug users would use the new needle and cast it aside knowing they would get another new one. This means the used needles were ending up all over the place including in schools and playgrounds.

The other change which violated the criminal code was to allow drug dealers to sell crack and heroin near the needle exchanges. That policy is illegal and has created the forest fire epidemic we now see that is fueling the gang war. On the cover of Time Magazine is an article about the Me generation. The generation of spoilt brats who feed off misconceptions of entitlement. They think it’s their legal right to sell and use hard drugs in public. They think it’s their legal right to have taxpayers buy them free needles and crack pipes. Ultimately, they think it’s their legal right to have taxpayers buy them drugs which is exactly what is happening at Insite under an extended version of a pilot project gone bad.

Using harmful drugs is not a charter right. Forcing taxpayers to buy needles and drugs for addicts is not a charter right. As passionate as I am about what the Charter of Rights really is, that is not it. Sometimes we see volunteer groups become consumed in political agendas. Abbotsford is known as the Bible belt. Some people take offense at other people’s freedom of religion when they include morals in their beliefs. As a result they passionately fight against anything moral. Which is insane since we have already established all our laws are based on morals.

It is wrong and illegal to steal. It is wrong and illegal to commit murder. It is wrong and legal to commit rape. Everyone has morals so destroying some people’s freedom of religion just because you are uncomfortable with their standards is unconstitutional. That is a violation of the Charter of Rights they so quickly quote and distort. God help us if a judge awards in their favor and further distorts the Charter of Rights into the insane concept of forcing communities to hand out free needles at taxpayers expense if they chose not to. We know their next step will be to try and force tax payers to buy addicts free drugs like they are doing right now at Insite. That would bankrupt our medical system faster than anything. You can’t get an MRI but you can get free heroin at Insite. That kind of insanity has to stop.

Unfortunately it won’t stop because the threat of legal action has Abbotsford City Hall caving in to the spoilt brats who want to bankrupt our scared medical system and feed the Hells Angels drug war. Our real charter rights are once again being thrown out the window in favor of organized crime. This is not the New York Model. It’s not even the Four Pillars Program. It’s the promotion of crime at taxpayers expense. Dirty needles all over town is a health hazard.

Free needles killed that girl at Ocupy Vancovuer who over dosed on heroin with a free needle from the city. Free needles didn’t save Ashley Machiskinic or Janice Shore. It helped cause their death. Helping people use poison has nothing to do with health promotion or access to medical care. It's time to stop perpetuating that same old lie.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Majesty of Clayoquot Sound

My main focus on my trip to Vancouver Island was to go kayaking in Clayoquot Sound. I had heard they started to log it and wanted to check it out. Actually it was revisiting it. I visited Estavan Point when I was very young. You had to take a float plane from Tonfino to get there. I had no idea that whole area is referred to as Clayoquot sound. The place that was the source of all the protests when Macmillan Bloedel wanted to clear cut it.

I stopped off at Cathedral Gove on the way. I remember hearing a concert band play a piece written by a local composer named Robert Buckley that represented an eagle flying over the old growth trees in Cathedral Grove and descending upon them. Cathedral Grove is well worth the visit. You stop the car get out and the old growth trees are right there. No strenuous hiking or paddling to get to them. It is inspiring. Their plan to log it is not. We have to protect that heritage site.

Kayaking in Clayoquot Sound was very enjoyable. It’s a lot like Deep cove but is a maze that is far larger and more complex. I was surprised how shallow the water was at some points. The thing you have to know and plan around here are the tides. The area is well protected from the waves but the currents can be significant if you are paddling a kayak. I saw an heard lots of eagles. It’s nesting season. There are two eagles nest just across the water from Tofino.

On Meares Island there is a big tree trail that you can see some old growth trees. Old growth trees are very impressive. Since I was born in North Vancouver I’m well familiars with forests. Yet the old growth forests are really inspiring.

I had heard there was lot of whales in the area so I joined a whale watching tour on a zodiac. I was amazed at how close we could get to the whales. They showed an short video clip from a documentary about herring spawning in Clayoquot Sound. How ll the other wildlife comes for the influx of food and how the shallow water is blanketed in fish eggs that creates a feeding frenzy under water. That’s what the Humpback Whales come for in March.

The Grey whales don’t have teeth the have baleen. A natural sieve to scoop up the tiny shrimp that is their primary diet source. The sea Otter has returned to Clayoquot sound. That is significant because they eat the sea urchins that become over populated and cut off all the bull kelp. The bull kelp is where the type of shrimp the Grey Whales feed on can be found. Locals talk about a time when the bull kelp forests were so large it held back the ocean swell. The thing I was so overwhelmed with is how everything is so connected. The ecosystem is so intertwined. Protecting it is so essential for out own survival not just some species of fish. After all, we get most of the oxygen we breath from the ocean. We are inter dependent.

Sadly, Clayoquot sound is no longer protected. Some areas are but they call it a biosphere and included development in their definition of the biosphere. Development mean logging. They even wanted to use dynamite to blow off the top of Cat Face mountain for a mine. That is the epitome of corporate greed.

There is a lot I want to saw about my eco epiphany but there are many other gang related issues I need to catch up on. Suffice it to say nothing is protected any more. Just like the “Green Space” protected land in Twassan the BC Liberals rezoned to turn an important bird migration stop into a shopping mall. The BC Liberals just don’t get it. Neither does Stephen Harper. He just unprotected every lake and stream in Canada with one sweep of the pen to ram this oil pipeline through.

Clayoquot Sound had an oil spill in the /80’s. It was horrible. That’s why they don’t want to go through that again. The area is just finally starting to recover. There has to be another way. I stayed an extra day on my trip to go on Bear Watching by zodiac. I didn’t realize bears will turn over rocks at low tide and eat crabs and barnacles. That makes it pretty easy to find them on a tour. As ong as you go at low tide. We was five bears on the tour.

Saw a huge group of Sea lions as well. They have just started to return to the area as well. The reason Calyoquot sound is so important is because it is a main stopping point for the Grey Whales and the Humpback Whales in their migratory journey. They matte and give birth in wam=rmer waters but they come back up the coast to eat. The cold water oceans are where all the food is. Destroying that fiod supply for all the grey and Humpback whales would devastate our ecosystem. You’d think that as we became more technologically advanced we’d also become more environmentally aware. What we do to the environment effects us and future generations directly.

Oh and a word about Fish farms. I am totally against them. There are tons of fish farms in Clayoquot sound and the wild salmon stacks are mysteriously being devastated. Sea lice is a concern as well as Atlantic salmon escapes. The fish farms are full of sea lice and diseases because they are confined in a small area. Wild salmon swim by a fish farm and pick up the sea lice or other disease. Most of the foreign companies that have fish farms in Clayoquot sound use Atlantic Salmon. They tried introducing the species on the west coat but since they weren’t born here the didn’t spawn. They just swam up the rivers and ate all the fry. I spoke with a couple of locals who had worked on fish farms there and they said when the media are told there was 2,100 Atlantic salmon that escaped it is really more like 21,000. That attacks the fry in all the local streams. When they sell Atlantic farmed salmon in the local stores it’s more likely Atlantic salmon farmed in BC. Don’t buy it. Just like buying dolphin friendly tuna don’t buy farmed salon. Period. Oh yeah and there were lots of surfers at Long beach.

They even want to log Cathedral Grove. These people are absolutely insane.

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