Saturday, May 11, 2013

Montreal’s mob war expands to Sicily

This is an interesting article a blog reader sent in. It involves Vito Rizzuto, Raynald Desjardins and the death of their associate Juan Ramon Fernandez aka Joe Bravo in Sicily. Raynald Desjardins has been charged in the 2011 murder of Salvatore “Sal the Ironworker” Montagna.

Desjardins was at one time aligned with Vito Rizzuto. However, police claim in recent wire taps in Sicily Fernandez claimed Desjardins was leading the rebellion against Vito when he was in prison. Desjardins sponsored Fernandez who wanted to remain loyal to him but also wanted to be loyal to Vito which indeed created a conflict that likely resulted in his death.

His choice to reside in Sicily instead of with the Calabrians might well have been choosing to side with Vito. Desjardins and Vito both have done business with the Hells Angels before. Hells Angel associates were charged along with Desjardins in the murder of Sal. However, the recent cross border pot for cocaine ring tied to the mafia in New York implies the Hells Angels are back working with Vito. Yet while Vito was in prison it’s pretty clear the Hells Angels in Ontario were supporting the Calabrians in Hamilton. Clearly there is no L&R. Only greed and money.


  1. Those who were arrested with Desjardins were not HA associates and one of the reason Joe Bravo was murdered was because he was a non Italian who held too much power and that have upset some big wigs over there.The ones that did him in were Rizutto associates.Ever since Dejardins incarceration he doesn't have much.More so since Vito was freed.His associates are either dead or in jail with him.Just wanted to clear that up bro.

  2. The New York Post reported that those who were arrested with Desjardins had links to the Hells Angles. It makes no sense for Vito to kill Joe Bravo. I do agree that Desjardins's rebellion has lost steam. That is why the Hells Angels have switched back to Vito. It's all about the money:

  3. Here is an article from a french newspaper giving real insight as the reason Joe Bravo was killed.I translate it in english for you.
    I wouldnt be suprised if Vito from the Dominican Republic send his emissaries in florida to meet with the hells mortal enemies the outlaws.There are rumors that they are now using street gangs and puppet clubs to make a power play in Canada.

    La Presse

    His friendship with the guy Raynald Desjardins could have been costly to Juan Ramon Fernandez, alias Joe Bravo, former henchman Vito Rizzuto, whose bullet-riddled body was found charred and last week in Sicily.

    In an interview with La Presse, the commander of a special squad of riflemen, which men have arrested 21 people linked to Cosa Nostra last week, said Fernandez spoke extensively of Raynald Desjardins in Montreal with individuals in conversations Recent collected during the investigation.

    "We have heard the name of Desjardins several times. When he spoke, Joe Bravo was speaking well and compares called [Sponsor], "said Lieutenant Colonel Fabio Bottino, special ROS unit Palermo, specializing in the fight against organized crime.

    In yesterday's issue, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported the words of a repentant witness, Giuseppe Carbone, who would have told the local police that the two brothers Scaduto, accused of killing Fernandez, had acted on the orders Vito Rizzuto and they would have murdered because he had an enemy as compared Rizzuto.

    Quebec police believe Raynald Desjardins and other clan leaders have tried to take the head of the mafia after the fall of the Rizzuto in 2010 - that would not have accepted the Sicilians, back in force since Vito Rizzuto's release in October. The brother-Desjardins, the influential mafioso Joe Di Maulo, and his friend and right arm Gaetan Gosselin have been murdered in recent months.

    An Order of Canada

    The rifle does not exclude that the power struggle in Montreal to be transported to Sicily, where Fernandez was established after being deported from Canada in April 2012. But they refuse, for the moment, to identify a sponsor.

    "On listening, Fernandez said that Desjardins was his friend, but he did not choose sides. It was probably a mistake. Assume that someone on the other side was not happy and decided to eliminate him. "

    "We are confident that the order to kill came from Canada because Fernandez was welcomed here. We believe that the command comes from a person of very high level of the mafia in Canada, "said Lt. Col. Bottino.

    According to our sources, Fernandez has already owned a cafe in the St. Michel district and have been linked to cell Clan Cotroni during the 80s. It would then become the bodyguard of Raynald Desjardins, who allegedly introduced to Vito Rizzuto. In prison, Fernandez, a giant broken karate, protected Mafia members. During the 90s, he was arrested with 4 kg of cocaine found in a Jaguar paid by Desjardins. During the 2000s, he became close to Vito Rizzuto and settled in Toronto. "For being caught this way and having spent many years in prison, he was rather a man hand a man of honor," expressed a source of community, about conversations captured by carabinieri, in which Fernandez said a man of honor of the Mafia.

    No extradition for Rizzuto

    In addition, Lieutenant Colonel Bottino yesterday confirmed to The Press what many already skeptical: the Italian authorities require the extradition of Vito Rizzuto as part of the investigation into the laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars Canadian mafia in the construction of Messina Bridge, linking Sicily to mainland Italy.

    "There is no evidence to justify such a procedure. It might have problems, but not with the Messina Bridge, "said Rifleman leader.


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