Monday, May 6, 2013

Mission Grow Ops tied to the Hells Angels

On Friday May 3, the CFSEU busted four more grow ops in Mission tied to the Hells Angels and arrested a Langley man who was the caretaker of all the grow ops. 10,000 plants and 200 pounds of dried marijuana were seized.

The Vancouver Province is reporting that warrants were executed on homes in the 10000-block Sylvester Road, 14000-block Sylvester Road, 12000-block Dewdney Trunk Road and 13000-block De Graff Road. A 34-year-old Langley man, alleged by police to be the caretaker of all the properties, was arrested in a home in the 4500-block 206 Avenue in Langley on the same day.

Tell me again the Hells Angels aren’t using violence to take over all the grow ops in BC. I could use a good laugh. A grow op at 22043 Lougheed Hwy burnt down last month. I guess a lot of growers are going to be indebted to the Hells Angels now.

One has to wonder why on earth they are going to so much trouble busting these Hells Angels grow ops which keep popping up faster than they can bust them when they let them sell pot out of the Black door and the Bulldog café. It just doesn’t make sense. You’d think if they were concerned about the one, they’d be concerned about the other. As long as they let them sell out of the Black door, new grow ops will keep popping up. It’s supply and demand.

The same with busting all these cocaine rings. Why would they go to all that trouble to bust a cocaine ring then turn around and let them sell crack openly? It just doesn’t make sense. If they really wanted to address the problem, they’d attack it from both angles. Stopping the crack dealer on the street is just as if not more effective than making the big cocaine busts. As long as they let the crack dealers sell it on the street, someone else will be bringing it in for the Hells Angels. Busting the mules won’t touch the Hells Angels or their operation. We have to stop letting the crack dealer sell in public. That is the New York model.


  1. "A smuggling ring has been caught sending cocaine-filled torpedoes bolted to cargo ships from South America to Europe’s largest port, where frogmen waited to pick them out of the water."

    "Three French divers were arrested this month as they prepared to dive under a cargo boat in Rotterdam."

    "Attached to the hull was a missile-shaped container carrying 101kg (222lb) of pure cocaine worth close to pounds 6 million."

    "The chief of Nice’s judicial police, who led the sting operation, described the technique — never seen before in Europe — as “worthy of James Bond...” (Telegraph)

  2. I was talking with a friend today and stated,it used to be that the 1% 'ers looked for the guys who were motorcycle mechanics, so they could fix the bikes. An asset of some sort.Now a days it's, a carpenter/electrician or a retired Soldier?Pretty covert you must admit. NG Generators, now that's think'in.It's the ventilation that usually gives it away, the odour. Mind you these guys must have been watching Hogan's Heroes for the dog house and the fire place is classic. Perhaps the Nanaimo run was a retaliation?

  3. Hogan’s Heroes alright. The odor on 100th Avenue right before King George is quite overpowering as well. This new breed of pot smells like skunk cabbage to me. I’m not sure what to think about that ride on the island. Were they really being pricks and weaving in and out of traffic? Those idiots have done that before but not usually when there’s a group in formation. Usually they don’t want gaps in the line to form. “Running” red lights might just mean the second half of the pack while a blocker is holding back traffic. There’s a line between unnecessary searches and seizures and driving like a**holes.


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